Ed Reed’s role for Texans continues to shrink


Among the many disappointing aspects of the Texans season — and they are legion — the money they seem to have wasted on Ed Reed is among the most stark.

Signed to a three-year, $15 million deal this offseason, Reed didn’t even start the last game, and is playing fewer and fewer snaps as the season goes on.

He’s still listed as a starter, but last week, Shiloh Keo and D.J. Swearinger took the first snap, and most of them against the Colts.

Swearinger played all 62 snaps, Keo 48 and Reed 32. Most of Reed’s work came as a third safety in dime packages.

Reed had started the previous game against the Chiefs.

That’s something that’s best for the team and whatever is best for the team that’s what we got to do” Swearinger told Will Grubb of SportsRadio 610. “I would like to see him out there a lot but that’s out of my hands, out of his hands and you know, that’s what is best for the team.”

Since he missed the first two games, he’s yet to be a part of a win with the Texans. He’s also still waiting on his first interception, sack or pass defensed.

That makes it more and more likely he’s a short-term rental for the Texans, who expected more from him and a lot of other people.

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  1. Ed Reed is a first ballot hall of famer and possibly the worst free agent acquisition in franchise history.

    He has been beyond awful. He finally hits someone last week…. in the head with his elbow, (flag 15 yds).

    I wonder what the cap hit is going to be when he gets cut?

  2. Though Ed has put up some pro bowl numbers over the years, he’s proven that he’s either too old to be effective still, or like many former Ravens defensive coordinators, he’s nothing without Ray and the rest of the Ravens defense in front of him.

  3. Don’t know what the Texans were thinking with this signing. I’m a HUGE Ed Reed fan, but during his last 2-3 years in Baltimore it was quite obvious he was not the same player. Each year he made less and less big plays and his tackling became hard to watch. He’s just not healthy anymore. I understand he wanted one more pay day, but I really wish he had retired after the Super Bowl.

  4. There is no question that 2013 was Ed Reed’s last meaningful year of professional football. He tried to trick the Ravens into giving him one last big payday, but Ozzie’s too smart to get fooled like that by a guy with a lengthy injury history who had already threatened to retire at least 3 times over the past 4 years. That is exactly why the Ravens let him play out the last year of his contract and let him go.

    The Texans, on the other hand, gave Reed exactly what he was looking for – one final Albert Haynesworth-esque payday where he doesn’t have to really earn or play out the length of the contract before he quits/retires. Suckas!

  5. You should have seen the arrogance of Texans fans over here… for the last 2 years.. acting as if they had won something other than a division title over

    1. a Manningless Colts team in 2011
    2. a Rookie led Colts team in 2012

    This year I heard several fans say the Texans were going to the Super Bowl, no ifs ands or buts… I kept saying, not with Kubiak, that he would just choke like normal.

    Now with Kubiak getting sick, I don’t think McNair will have the balls to fire him, so the Texans are doomed to being mediocre for another few years.

  6. 8to80texansblog says:
    Nov 7, 2013 3:12 PM
    Ed Reed is a first ballot hall of famer and possibly the worst free agent acquisition in franchise history.

    He has been beyond awful. He finally hits someone last week…. in the head with his elbow, (flag 15 yds).

    I wonder what the cap hit is going to be when he gets cut?

    Sorry, but at least Reed is playing. The worst free agent aquisition in franchise history by far was Ahman Green. But Reed is coming to a close second.

  7. Ravens fans told Texans fans what they were getting, but the Texans did not want to believe.

    Raider fans told Ravens fans what they were getting with Huff, but the Ravens (mostly) did not want to believe.

    Sometimes, fans of a player’s prior team know what they are talking about (unless that prior team is the Redskins).

  8. How many fans of how many teams were kinda drooling at the thought of a revamped Ed Reed on THEIR team? I was a little disappointed the Colts didn’t seem interested, but understood the issues, which have come to full fruition. You can only defy age for so long. Good call by the other 20+ teams that surely considered, then decided against signing Reed. Next stop, Canton.

  9. This is no surprise to anyone with Sunday Ticket. Reed was a great safety in his day but with certain limitations. First, his coverage in man-to-man schemes was adequate at best even in his prime. He excelled when he could roam the middle of the field in a cover 2 zone scheme or one of its variants. It was very obvious that since 2009 his play had started to tail off especially trying to make open field tackles. He just could no longer absorb the punishment that his position exposed him to. A telling indicator of his decline was when Ozzie Newsome, arguably one of the best GM’s in the league, refused to extend his current deal and subsequently let him walk after last season. Reed is a sure-fire first-ballot HOFer but that was in the past. The Texans will have to release him after this season given that he can no longer play on special teams. The way the game is structured now teams simply cannot waste one of 45 active roster spots for any given week one a safety who can no longer cover, tackle or even get to the ball when playing a zone scheme. He should have retired after last season like Ray Lewis and gone out as a champion. It is sad to see him try and hang on when he is so clearly a shell of the player he once was.

  10. Oh Ed. What can I say in response to this story? You’re arguably my favorite athlete to ever watch. So many memories. We would’ve loved to see you hang it up with Ray last year. Regardless of the love Baltimore has for you, one thing has always existed. Ed looks out for Ed…

    Not saying that he wasn’t charitable in the community and a great leader in the locker room. But when it came to the coaching staff and the front office, Ed wanted what was best for Ed. He felt entitled and thought that Ozzie would bow before him. They didn’t even do that for Ray in 2008. Despite being a Reed enthusiast, I made a bet this summer saying that Ed would play less than 10 games this year. He’d cash the check then chill out.

    With all that said, I still love you man. And you will always be… BETTERTHANTROY!

  11. @tsizzle … If you’ve watched Ed Reed closely, you’d know that Ed Reed’s last actual year of impact football was 2010. I agree with the comment before – Ravens fans told Texans fans what they were in for, just as Raiders fans told Ravens fans with Huff.

  12. Ed Reed knew God@%$# well that his hip was injured and hid that “little” fact from the Texans. In my eyes, he’s a greedy, no class liar. I have absolutely no respect for him anymore (he used to be one of my favorite players). He will one day be in the HOF, but he has absolutely no integrity. However, most of my anger and disgust is directed towards our GM Rick Smith, along with whichever Einstein gave Ed his physical and somehow managed to miss a hip injury so serious it required surgery
    Ed is a washed up has been, and a total free agent bust. He’s a drain on our salary cap, and waste of a roster spot. He’s a $15 million cheerleader. I can’t wait till he’s off my team.

  13. I assumed he was near the end of the road when Belichick didn’t make an effort to sign him. His respect for Ed’s game was pretty well known.

  14. Ravens fans have nothing left to worry about with their team this season so they try to cheer up be hating on former ravens.

    Ed Reed is injured. He rushed to come back early and it’s costing them. But he’s still playing better at safety than joe flacco is at qb. And WHO is getting paid more? Yeah… Exactly. Matt Schaub is what crippled the texans this year. Not reeds contract. And then Brian Cushing went down for the season.

    If the texans didn’t start out so badly I have a feeling Reed would be looking a lot healthier out there.

    Seen it before. With the season lost… No point in putting an older veteran through the motions on a lost cause. Hopefully they can salvage something next season.

  15. wearewhowethoughtwewere says:
    Nov 7, 2013 3:13 PM
    And that’s why Ozzie Newsome is one of the best GM’s in the league.

    What is the current record of Ozzie’s team?????

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