Gary Kubiak visits Texans practice


The Texans haven’t said when they expect head coach Gary Kubiak to resume any of his job responsibilities in the wake of the transient ischemic attack that forced him to go to the hospital in the middle of Houston’s Week Nine game against the Colts.

Kubiak seems to be doing well in his recovery, though. We’ve already heard he’s been in frequent contact with defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, who is serving as the interim head coach in Kubiak’s absence, and offensive coordinator Rick Dennison on the phone.

On Thursday, he stepped things up a notch beyond that. Phillips said after practice that Kubiak stopped by the team’s facility and spoke with the players before they were done with Thursday’s session.

“Coach Kub was there at the end of practice. He talked to the players for a bit and everyone was excited to see him,” Phillips said, via the team.

Phillips will be in charge when the team goes to Arizona for their date with the Cardinals this weekend. With Kubiak apparently on the road to recovery, we’ll likely find out in the near future how long that arrangement will be in place.

8 responses to “Gary Kubiak visits Texans practice

  1. This idiot needs to get fired already. He is the main reason we suck. I wish him health and happiness but he is a terrible coach. Him, Joe Marciano, Rick Smith, and now Randy Bullock are the problem with this organization. Bad coaching, bad drafting, the worst special teams over the past 10 years, and now the all time worst kicker in NFL history.

    Too bad we have to endure another year of this BS because good ‘ol Bob has a big heart and an even bigger wallet. He won’t address the problems because he doesn’t care about winning. Just being a nice guy and making money off the people who actually line his pockets.

  2. My heart went out to the Texans during that game. Was thinking early on that Wade looked terrible after the loss of his father, then Kubiak suffered the TIA. And he’d obviously put in a lot of effort to get the team back on track. Praying for Kubiak’s full recovery.

    And though I’m not a Texans’ fan, I know being a head coach in the NFL or Division I football is one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Anyone who actually thinks Kubiak or any other coach is just “being a nice guy and making money off people” but “doesn’t care about winning” is a lunatic. The pressure he was under to turn the team around probably contributed to Kubiak’s illness.

  3. I wonder if Gruden and Cower are rethinking their desires to jump back into this meat grinder of a profession?

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