Packers plan to work out Matt Flynn

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Matt Flynn’s greatest success in the NFL came when he filled in for Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. He may get another chance to do that.

The Packers plan to bring Flynn in for a workout, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

That indicates some level of interest in Flynn from the Packers’ brass, but the reality is if they thought he could step in immediately and play better than Seneca Wallace, Flynn would already be a Packer. Flynn passed through waivers unclaimed on Tuesday, the day after Rodgers broke his collarbone, so the Packers (and 31 other teams) have already passed on the opportunity to bring him in.

There have been reports that the Packers think Flynn may have some injury to his throwing arm, and it’s possible that they’ll sign him if he can show in a workout that there are no injury concerns. Still, the Packers say they have confidence in Wallace as the starter and Scott Tolzien as the backup until Rodgers can return. A workout is probably all Flynn is going to get in Green Bay.

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  1. I think they’d be better off with Wallace behind their awful line. Bears d-line had four sacks in 7 games and they racked up 5 Monday night against two mobile qbs. Green bays o- line resembles something put together by jerry Angelo

  2. Time to dust off the “Bring Back Farve” billboards in Green Bay. You know how he loves the drama… give it to him. One last shot and done. Love him or hate him, he is Green Bays best shot.

  3. The Packers offensive line is so bad but yet they happen to run for over 200 yards against the Bears. just because you dislike the Packers doesn’t mean you can skew statistics.

  4. but the reality is if they thought he could step in immediately and play better than Seneca Wallace, Flynn would already be a Packer.

    Actually the reality is he doesn’t have to play better than Seneca Wallace, he should just be able to play better than Scott Tolzien…

  5. Pack fans turned their back on Favre. Now you want him back. No wonder we know you are a bunch of freakin knuckleheads…

  6. This would be a great idea, however Brett favre was contacted by the Green Bay packers but favre wanted to stay retired and said he is in no shape to play. I also think that TT and MM should bring Vince Young for workouts too. He was outstanding in preseason and was shockingly cut. He would fit our scheme along with Matt Flynn perfectly (for a backup)

  7. My first thought is “Thank God!” but if he has an injury, well my enthusiasm is dampened. I actually think Favre could come in and play pretty well and God, it would be sweet. But that is dreamland. Brett couldn’t just come in for a six weeks and go away. Thanks Brett for saving the season…here’s the bench. Naaah.

  8. Ian Rapoport- Matt Flynn has officially landed at Austin Strabel Airport and should be working out for the packers as soon as tomarrow . Hopefully he succeeds.

  9. I could easily see Brett playing the 4-6 weeks then walking away.

    Teams won’t be calling him much longer. This would be THE chance. And he can mend the bridges he burned at the same time.

    Only problem is I don’t think the Packers have called, or will call.

  10. The Packers o line had allowed 17 sacks in their first 7 games, so Chicago’s 5 sacks are the exception, not the norm. Not to mention that they have 148.6 rushing yards per game, which is second only to San Francisco. So stop blaming the o line, my misinformed fellow Packers fans.

  11. Why is it that just in the past day or so we’re hearing all this about Flynn having a ‘dead arm’? Never heard a word before about that from any of the teams he’s signed with in the past 2 years.

  12. Brett and his buddies are drinking beer watching the Vikings game. Laughing at you guys. Mocking your dreams that he would ever play another down for you ….

  13. Favre was on a radio show (not exactly sure when, but recently) and said he couldn’t remember his daughter’s soccer game and that it scared him. He’s done.

  14. I’m sorry, but after that Bountygate Game – I’m done watching Favre play….

    He’s done everything there is in this game – let him enjoy not getting hit by 300 pounders for now on.

    As for Flynn – just come in and check it down, that’s all we need.

  15. Wallace will be fine with a week to prepare. McCarthy is really good at setting up QBs to be successful, and I think Wallace will do fine for a few weeks. We won’t be any elite level teams with him.. but thankfully we aren’t playing any for awhile.

    If Favre does get an “itch”, he can go help St Louis or Minnesota.. We don’t want anything to do with him anymore in Green Bay. That bridge is burned.

  16. Hah! Why is the 1-7, sorry, soon to be 1-8 Vikings fan talking smack? He doesn’t even realize Harvin is gone:-) I’m glad Favre is watching the Vikings lose, from his home and not in Green Bay. He’s not the answer for any pro team! Our defense let us down against the Bears. Can’t give up 9+ minute drive in 4th qtr and expect to win that game. They let a backup QB shred them! Not a Wallace fan, but a weeks practice and a game plan that fits his skills should be an improvement. Go Pack!

  17. Please stop bringing up favre people he is done!!! Finished!! Look people calm down, if we can’t get through this with what we have then it wasn’t meant to be. Its football and injuries happen, we as packers fans have been blessed to have 3 fulltime starters at qb for the last 22 years! Some of my fellow packer fans are spoiled and either forgot about the forest Gregg days or weren’t around for them. It’ll be OK calm down. Favre is done so stop.

  18. awful lot of qb confusion going on at cheese bay.
    it’s either ShAaron is slower to heal than expected. Or, tt & co.’s master plan of VY…i mean Seneca, has lost all merit.
    Flynn has made a lot of $ as a con man qb. gb means nothing to him anymore but, a desperate team w/an open checkbook.

  19. To say Flynn has no heart would be a major understatement.

    Just look at him play, he’s only in it for the money, nothing else.

  20. Real Packers fans have ZERO interest in bringing Favre back. Trust me on this.

    As for the Bears “vaunted” defense breaking out against the Packers. Numbers don’t like, but after Wallace proved he couldn’t complete a pass more than ten yards downfield, they stacked the box with nine men, as well as bringing their safties up. They brought the heat on almost every play with almost no chance of getting burned by it.

    Kudos to the Bears for making the adjustment, but it wasn’t exactly rocket science.

  21. fordmandalay says:
    Nov 7, 2013 8:32 PM
    Why is it that just in the past day or so we’re hearing all this about Flynn having a ‘dead arm’? Never heard a word before about that from any of the teams he’s signed with in the past 2 years


    He had elbow problems in Seattle going into the final 2 preseason games. He had elbow problems in Oakland going into the same I believe, or maybe just the last one. Seems he gets elbow problems when he knows he is going to lose the starting job. As a Hawk Fan, I don’t care who they bring in as back up. I will say when Holmgren left, and Wallace followed him, there were many very happy Hawk Fans. One of his defining plays was to step out of bounds 15 yards behind the LOS and take us out of FG range, instead of throwing the ball away and taking a hit. I would take Flynn in a heartbeat over Wallace. His game does not fit the NFL mode. He should have listened to the coaches and became a Slot receiver, he would have had a much better career. Even though a back up QB is a pretty good gig.

  22. That’s all he is doing is going around the league collecting big paychecks off of ARods success. That’s the line he used with us, the Raiders. Then he got his start against the Redskins and was cut the next day with 6.5 in his pocket for 1game! This guy is getting filthy rich NOT being a good QB. He sucks so bad!

  23. I still can’t understand why Vince Young was let go, the guy was 30-17 Wallace is 6-15, I know Young had problems but so did Johnny Jolly, TT drafted Jolly so I guess that explains that. So instead TT signs Wallace and leaves MM to gloss over it all by saying” Wallace has played a lot of football” what a shallow excuse for TT’s blunder, on Monday night Wallace looked like the forward pass was just invented, God save us until Rodgers returns, as far as Favre, stop it! The guy said he realized after 20 yrs he didn’t like the hits anymore, is not in football shape and recently admitted he has memory loss, I would like to see Flynn at least get a look but now we may be seeing a backup QB revolving door!

  24. I am not convinced that GB’s defense is all that some people think they are, looking good against teams with LOSING records is not something to hang your hat on. Couldn’t stop S.F. had a 30-14 lead on Cincy in the third quarter and disappeared and couldn’t come through in the Bears game which accounts for all three of their losses, even if they had Rodgers and the playoffs started this week and thank God they don’t, I don’t feel they would go far playing the likes of Seattle, S.F. or New Orleans on the road, which now seems like a likely scenario, just getting to the playoffs is no longer enough for the Packer organization but it now looks like a likely 1 and done, oh well there’s always NEXT YEAR.

  25. Some people just need to get over their fantasies of Brett Favre…Brett Favre is retired and he’s not coming back. Come back to reality and face the fact that we have Seneca Wallace and maybe Scott Tolzien on the active roster to lead the team. Wallace was a disappointment on Monday but let’s just have faith in Mike McCarthy that he will have this guy prepared on Sunday. Wallace is playing and no matter how much anybody bitches about it, he is starting. With more practice time maybe Seneca Wallace will fall right into Green Bay’s complex offensive scheme and make the plays where it matters in games. The coaching staff is good at turning players into stars by exploiting their talents and working around that to make it work for the team. Green Bay fans should have more class than what was seen of in other franchises. Don’t forget that people…Just saying

  26. Fantasy is right, get over the crush some of you still have on Farve, I loved watching him play and what he did to put GB back on the football map but those days are long gone and in case you forget we have a pretty good QB now and it is foolish to think Rodgers would never get hurt, after the 50 plus sacks last year I’m surprised he made it then without getting hurt, the luck ran out

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