Roddy White expects to play Sunday

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The Falcons’ season is rapidly going down the tubes, but there is one piece of positive news heading into Sunday’s battle with the Seahawks.

Atlanta receiver Roddy White, who has missed the last three games with a hamstring injury, expects to play on Sunday. White told the team’s website, “I’m pretty sure I’ll be out there.”

Like his team, White has had a very disappointing season. Even in the five games he has played, he’s been at less than full speed, and he has a total of 14 catches for 129 yards and no touchdowns this year.

With a 2-6 record at the midway point of the season, the Falcons can’t do much more than play spoilers down the stretch. But with White on the field, they’ll have a better chance of doing that on Sunday.

16 responses to “Roddy White expects to play Sunday

  1. Who Dat Nation begs of you…please win on Sunday! Big brother really needs you to finally RISE UP this weekend. After that, you can go back to mediocrity/failure. Thanks in advance.

    -Who Dat Nation

  2. Seattle remembers the game that ended last season and they are tired of the criticisms for not blowing teams away. Seattle gets back on top of stopping the run and easily handles the Falcons. It will be pretty and it won’t be close.

  3. Doesn’t matter, the infamous Dirty Birds don’t have true leadership, and are lacking team identity. This clown returning means nothing. Who Dat!!!!

  4. calicokiller49 says: Nov 7, 2013 12:25 PM

    Atlanta beats Seattle. mark my words.

    News flash “49”: If your Niners win out, they’d have the “strength of victory” tiebreaker required to win the division.

    So really, it’s all in your teams hands. You don’t have to come to message boards begging/threatening for Seattle losses. Just take care of your own business, and you’ll be closing Candlestick with a home playoff game.

    Unless, of course, down deep, you just aren’t that confident your Niners are up to the task, and think that they really need help from other teams to achieve their goals….

  5. *Whodatnation (established in 2009)

    Saints gotta go 12-3 vs ATL with Brees just to cut the Falcons overall LEAD to 5 games in the series.

    Once Brees is gone things should be back to normal little brother.

  6. Still waiting on Failcant nation. Does it really matter what the overall historical record is? I like this one: Super Bowls…Saints 1, Failcants 0.

    As far as QBs…Matt Ryan in a Saints uniform would have won a super bowl by now…

    Cute though wwt…

  7. Not begging for anything just making my prediction, I had the hawks decimating the rams and bucs the past couple weeks. I had the niners winning week 2, and I got em winning dec 8th, if the hawks were as good as hawks fans think they are , every team might as well just forefeit the rest of the season, we might as well just induct russel Wilson into the hall of fame, today…..but that’s clearly not the case. Seahawks were making me nervous the first four games, now…..not so much. We will see troll hammer……starting this weekend.

  8. Well calicokiller49, we have at least established that the Hawks are good enough to beat the 49ers 42-13 and 29-3, so good luck on December 8th.

    You’re going to need it

  9. Seahawks fans act like their two regular season wins over the niners were the greatest wins in nfl history, if they built their team to match up with every nfl team, and not stalk the 49ers , they would probably have more success . Seasons aren’t won by individual games, all I hear is 42-13, do you guys even remember what happened last season, we won the division, and went to Atlanta and did what you guys couldn’t, and almost won the Super Bowl, while Richard Sherman was walking around bourbon street trying to interview every 49er an he saw. Yes you guys have a one game lead, big deal. Season is only halfway over, what are you guys gonna talk about after dec 8, when you guys can’t say we beat you last time. I’m sure you Gus will still be like 42-13 42-13 !

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