Terrelle Pryor: Hats off to Jonathan Martin for being a man


As the story of Jonathan Martin leaving the Dolphins was followed by stories that bullying from teammate Richie Incognito led Martin to leave, many past and present football players have said that Martin should have stood up, been a man and settled things with Incognito physically.

But Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor has a different take: Pryor says that by refusing to allow himself to be bullied — but also refusing to allow things to escalate into a physical fight — Martin was standing up and being a man.

“I hope that we see Martin playing again soon – I’ve watched some tape of him, he’s a good player,” Pryor said. “Hats off to him for standing up and being a man.”

Although Pryor is only 24 years old and in his first year as a starter, he said he wants to be the kind of leader who stops situations from escalating into the kind of problem the Dolphins are dealing with. Pryor said he’s not afraid to step in and tell teammates if what they’re doing is wrong.

“There are some situations where sometimes you have to do that, it’s minor things, but you want to cut things off,” Pryor said. “There are so many situations that pop up – your teammate has one drink or something like that and you want to say, ‘Hey, maybe you should take a cab, come take a cab with me,’ something small like that you just get so much respect from your teammate that you stopped and helped him. It’s just little things like that, it matters and that definitely comes in on a leadership role.”

Pryor sounds like a leader the Raiders are lucky to have in their locker room.

88 responses to “Terrelle Pryor: Hats off to Jonathan Martin for being a man

  1. TP a class act but why the F are you watching film of another teams offensive lineman lol ?

  2. Yes it’s great to leave your team and your teammates on Monday right before a thursday night game.

  3. What film was Pryor watching? Must not have been the Buffalo game when he got torched by Mario Williams for 4.5 sacks.

    Listen the guy had a rough 2012 at RT, so of course the Fins promoted him to LT. He basically failed there, they dealt for McKinnie because this guy didn’t reach his potential. He still might, but who knows – what a mess.

    The real blame lies with management for letting this get out of hand. But Pryor really needs to learn his sh*t before he auto-defends the play of a player who, to be honest, wasn’t all that good and clearly wasn’t playing to the level he was drafted (early 2nd round).

  4. I’m with Martin on this one. Mature adults don’t escalate by just hauling off and getting into a fight as some people have advocated. Two guys over 300 pounds each could do some serious damge to each other. Florida is a stand your ground state and Martin could argue he had every right to shoot Incognito after the threats to his family. Say what you will about what a d-bag Richie is, but no one wants THAT to happen.

    At some point you stand up for yourself, but do it in a mature manner which AVOIDS violence or worse.

  5. Yeah he is a leader AND he busted a 93 yard record td run against the Steelers! Go Terrelle! Hahahahaha Steeler fans your team gets beat more than a rented mule

  6. People don’t understand if you have bullies and don’t speak up like Martin didn’t do how hurtful they can be.

  7. Nothing says “being a man” like leaving your quarterback and coach flat; airing private grievances in public; and checking into a de facto mental hospital, as if you’d done three tours in Iraq.

  8. When the Martin stuff first came out, I posted on here that Tannehill needs to step in and fix this.

    That is leadership.

    I’m a Bills fan so I hope he doesnt. But he does need to for his own team. And for himself.

  9. I’ve been in enough fights in my life to know they don’t make you a man or make you tough.

    After all, kids in the playground can throw a punch.

    I am surprised that some of these “grown ass” men in the NFL advocate fighting as a rite of passage. Yeah, you are playing a kid’s game, but there’s no reason for your behavior to be so Mickey Mouse.

  10. I 100% agree with T.P. Martin goes in there and kicks Incognito’s teeth in everyone would have screamed about “their is always and alternative to violence” and how Martin should have done this and done that and HE would have looked like the bad guy. How is Incognito getting a pass from other black players in Miami. What does that tell you? It wasn’t because Martin wasn’t “black” enough… it’s because Martin wasn’t “Ghetto Punk” enough with tells me their is no leadership in that locker room. Heads better role if ANYONE in Miami management told Martin he needed to fight. I fully support Terrelle Pryor’s support of Martin. T.P. isn’t “Ghetto Punk”.

  11. Figures you write for ProFootball Talk – another example of not waiting for the facts to come out and implying in your article that bullying did take place. HEADLINE – You do not know that!!! BTW – where are your sources (name them!) that NFL players (part & present) said violence was recommended. “Being a man” does not have to mean violence – it could mean bringing it up internally through talking. Vetting it through team channels and not the media. Considering the salient facts of this change daily – for once why don’t you writers search for the truth and stop the sensationalism.

  12. So let’s throw that whole “let’s keep an open mind” thing out the window and salute a guy who has no knowledge of the situation (and is apparently quite poor at viewing OL film) for saying Martin did the right thing by standing up to the bully… but let’s stay open minded, everyone, okay?

    By saluting him for complimenting Martin for standing up to a bully we are not implying that Martin was bullied or that Martin is in the right. Okay.

  13. Nothing says “being a man” like behaving like a professional, going through proper channels instead of committing assault, and then having the courage to walk away when it’s clear that nothing is going to change.

    And it’s funny how so many NFL fans want to stigmatize someone seeing a life coach/counselor/therapist as weak. What’s weak is not doing the work necessary to keep your head on straight when you’re surrounded by mental misfits who won’t be able to function post-football.

  14. There is a way to confront someone without it being physical. Running away from your problems is not the actions of a man. According to Sportscentre, Martin had problems with numerous players. So, you think it’s Martin or everyone else?

  15. Yeah Ok Terrelle – you are just such an all around good guy and leader….

    we’ll see how that all holds up when the you know what hits the fan….we’ll see

  16. obviously he hasn’t listened to any of the facts, Howcome now that the full audio is out… the media selected pats of it and ONLY used text in order to mislead? what happens when all the videos of Martin doing the same crap to other players is let out? Looks more and more like Martin is out for a money grab and Incognito is the scapegoat.

  17. Maybe you guys should wait until we know for sure that Martin isn’t a total nut???

    Because right now, he keeps looking worse and worse, as do those who continue to ignore that the narrative has changed.

    Don’t you guys embarrass yourselves enough with the REDSKINS “story”. Just stop digging for once, admit you’re not very smart and completely agenda driven. Or don’t…and continue to look stupid.

  18. Pryor had a rough couple of years, but sometimes adversity brings wisdom. He is turning into a real leader. Maybe he could train the Dolphins coaches on leadership.

  19. Its funny that so many NFL players advocate fighting their way out of a situation. Of course they do. Have you ever seen the idiots on the field in full pads and a helmet throw punches at each other? GENIUS!!

  20. Does Pryor think we all have no memory. Did he say no to all the cars he got to drive for free in Columbus? Or the fact that he traded all his memorabilia for tattoos? C’mon, why would anyone ever listen or look to this guy for leadership? That boat has sailed my friend.

  21. I hope this situation shows what really goes on in the locker rooms and why a gay player will NEVER come out. Theirs Incognitos in every locker room and as you can see, the majority of the players takes those kind of players side.

  22. Man, I wish Miami played Oak this year. They would smash this holier-than-thou QB who thinks he is in a position to judge the Fins’ locker room. His ignorance will end up embarrassing him. But don’t let other probabilities interfere with all of the self-righteous acclaim of Pryor. I’m sure all the Dolphins supporting Incognito despite management requests to say nothing are just bullies, racists and liars.

  23. Hey, smart move to turn the short attention span Raiders fans away from their awful record and another lost season to something Pryor has no personal info or contact on.

    BTW, when did Pryor become the poster boy to speak out on this? And who appointed him? Martin’s dad?

    Lap it up Raider fans because your team fell squarely on its faces with Pryor leading the way right after your HC declared his team was ready to make its move. Too bad the momentous move was a huge jump back and beyond square one.

    With the Chargers showing some fight in them, the Raiders are again destined to be the doormat once again!!!

  24. People should start taking notice of Pryor, He is the future of NFL. Soon all QBs will be like Pryor,Wilson Kapernick. You are starting to see teams get these guys that can beat you with the pass and the legs. Guys like Brady and Manning will be in the past…
    Even a guy like Joe Flacco can run and dos when he has to. You don’t think of Flacco as a running QB but he does run when he can the same with Andrew Luck

  25. Meatheads unite!!! No matter the outcome once all information is out there…I am scared to leave my house with all the street justice support.

  26. Martin is soft a quitter and worst a Rat. He will never be accepted on another team and will never play another down. After this witch hunt investigation. There is going to be the biggest over reaction in the history of the NFL from Rodger PC Goodell. After that Martin is going to be viewed as one of the most disliked players in NFL history. He can’t take the heat so the others will all burn. All while he sits at Mommy’s house working on his law suit…..

  27. A man would have confronted Incognito in a non-aggressive way. Just because Martin chose non-violence does not mean it was the right decision to publicly destroy a guy. You could argue that Martin took an even more childish route than getting physical. Martin might be the victim but he will always be the victim unless he can communicate in a better way.

  28. Martin never spoke up to anybody about his issues until AFTER he left the team last week.

    Martin voted Richie to the leadership council.

    If nobody know what Martin is feeling, how are they going to stop something that they are not aware was a problem.

    Now Martin is saying that he has problems with other players on the team.

    Sounds to me that Martin may be the problem.

  29. College kids trading some of their paraphernalia for free tattoos is TOTALLY analogous to racist hazing, death threats, and extortion.

    You guys nailed it. Pryor has no room to talk. He took FREE TATTOOS!!!

  30. Jonathan Martin is a pampered rich kid who attended a $35,000-a-year high school and grew up in a leafy suburb, where his Harvard-educated parents probably spent all day telling him how great he was.

    Don’t get me wrong: there are many benefits to that lifestyle. But eventually, even kids like Martin have to mix among the unwashed masses, i.e., the other 99 percent of people. Bottom line is, Martin couldn’t do it. For the first time in his life, he was actually facing some real adversity, and he had no coping mechanism.

  31. “He is the future of NFL. Soon all QBs will be like Pryor,Wilson Kapernick. You are starting to see teams get these guys that can beat you with the pass and the legs. Guys like Brady and Manning will be in the past…”

    It’s because these guys are a dime-a-dozen. Luck can scramble with the best of them, but his skill is that he is the smartest player on the field…like Manning and Brady. Those guys you mentioned are good players right now and there will be more like them, but that is only because there is a lot more like them and fewer like Manning and Brady (and Luck).

  32. Lol … Seriously why are players from other teams commenting on the Dolphins locker room when they are not there.
    Who on the Dolphins is coming to the aid of Martin?
    As for Pryor … He’s lucky that AL is not around … he would be on the bench or cut after that comment. If you can’t fight your own battles in the locker room then you sure in the hell can’t be on the field.

  33. Did anyone see Keenan McCardell as a guest analyst on the NFL network a couple of days ago?

    He told the story of a player being picked upon by everyone to bring donuts and towels and carry pads and helmets and what not.

    He then said that one day he was fed up and simply told everyone:

    “No, I am not doing it anymore, I am a part of this locker room, you can count on me guys so stop picking up on me”

    He then said that the whole locker room gave the guy a standing ovation for standing up for himself, without the need for violence,
    and probably everyone was just anxious for that to happen, that the guy simply would say enough is enough.

    Everyone will react different depending the circumstances and background but there are ways to stand up for yourself without being violent.

    Now what was said in his personality profile (posted @ PFT a couple of days ago,) he scored the lowest (7) on personal relationships, and it shows in the way he has reacted.

    Also that profile said all the time “IF he can develop as a player he can be a leader and great presence in the locker room” but it seems he could not develop as a player to a level where he would feel comfortable to step up either.

    Anyone saw it? anyone? Bueller?

  34. I didn’t think Pryor would ever amount to much when the Raiders first picked him up, but seeing his highlights this season and statements like this make him real easy to root for. This is a much classier way of essentially saying nothing than most of the quotes I’ve read.

  35. At least this is taking attention away from the fact that the Dolphins offseason spending spree was a disaster and they’re looking at another season of mediocre football. Man does Mike Wallace stink.

  36. Hey Terrelle, how about you focus on scoring more than 20 points and 0 TDs on the Eagles last ranked defence rather than looking like an idiot discussing the dolphins locker room problems!

  37. I’m a Chiefs fan and I like this kid. Hopefully he helps establish the AFC West as the dominant division it once was, with the Chiefs, Broncos, and Raiders battling it out for supremacy, with San Diego as the doormat. Craig Whelihan, anyone?

  38. Why do people keep making it seem like these guys were calling for Martin to sucker-punch Incognito? How many fights have you seen that were not preceded by any verbal confrontation whatsoever? I think Martin should have stood up for himself if he felt bullied. That means at least letting the other person know you take offense to what is/was happening and telling them to stop. If that confrontation leads to a fight then so be it but that isn’t what most people were advocating right off the bat.

    Martin said nothing. He went to Philbin and mentioned something about being unsure if he wanted to stay in the NFL or if football was truly for him (or something similar) and Philbin let him take a leave of absence to deal with that. Philbin is on record saying that he was never informed of any issues that Martin had with other players. Martin even told Philbin the same thing last week AFTER he left (Philbin went to see Martin and his family) Now all of a sudden Martin wants to play even if it is on another team–after he left his current team two days prior to a crucial game that already had less preparation time.

    Martin is not a true victim. He is a manipulator

  39. I have to agree with the fact that Martin is a soft quitter. If he is never demoted non of this comes out.

    Trying to compare the rules of the corporate world to those of a football locker room is just plain silly.

    This type of stuff has been going on forever please look up the Charles Haley stories and this is tame in comparison. These are grown men trying to knock each others heads off….well know take each others knees out since you’re no longer able to target the head, but you get the idea. Are players going to start getting fined because they are talking bad each other while the line up.

  40. Yeah, right. Pryor is quite the leader. Like quitting OSU after breaking the rules and being treated as a prima donna for his 3 years there. Don’t let the door …

  41. …Said the man who violated NCAA rules by trading autos for tattoos, sold championship rings and team awards for cash. Like a real man.

  42. Pryor’s no saint, but good-for-him for saying what he said. Shows he might be growing up from his college antics.

    And this isn’t your father’s NFL. What was accepted or tolerated ‘back in the day’ is clearly not now, or least it won’t be in the very near future after the league gets done hammering the Dolphins. Pryor’s comments may indicate the new approach that today’s player is going to have to take.

  43. Manning up doesn’t mean you have to get into a fight – manning up can just mean confronting the “bully” and letting them know there is an issue. You’re not being a man by running away without so much as letting anyone know there is an issue. That’s what chicks do.

  44. Being grown, I am not fighting anymore. If someone confronts me at work I am laying down. It isn’t worth it. You defend yourself, you get fired. I have seen fights instigated and the person who was hit/threatened got the police called on them. One guy threatened the other guy’s family saying he was going to go by his house and the other guy and when the guy answered with a threat of his own the guy called the job 911 line.

    You don’t fight fire with fire, you fight it with water. Good job, Martin.

  45. terrelle pryor, the genius who also said “everybody steals, everybody kills people” while at ohio state breaking rules left and right. yes this guy is a real stand up guy.

  46. One of things that bullies love to do is affix blame to the victim, as many of the posters here are doing.

    Martin didn’t disrupt the locker room- Incognito did- as did the other players that just sat and watched- a team is supposed to be a cohesive unit, not one that attacks its own. And when you have a cancer like Incognito in the locker room, he’s the one that needs to be straightened out. Apparently Incognito’s erratic behavior intimidated other players as well and they wouldn’t stop him, and they just followed the bully, as often happens. What a bunch of crappy teammates- not the kind you want to go into battle with.

    If Incognito had walked up and punched Martin, everyone would be upset with Incognito. But it’s OK for him to verbally abuse and intimidate someone over a period of time- then it becomes Martin’s fault. If Incognito doesn’t do what he is doing, there are no problems.

    I love it when people say that Martin needs to “stand up and be a man”, when it’s Incognito who’s acting like a stupid adolescent.

    Heck, athletes as a whole are a bunch of children, playing kids games. Just because they play a physical game doesn’t make them men- that comes from your actions off of the field, not on it. A lot of these guys were “stars” starting in high school- they were worshipped, pampered, and pursued by colleges, and then handed millions of dollars for playing a game. But at some point, they suddenly became men? The same guys who are running around pulling pranks, carrying guns, banging everything in sight, and irresponsibly fathering children with multiple women? This makes you a man? Throwing or catching a ball or tackling someone makes you a man?

    Incognito is hardly a man. He’s a 300+ pound baby. That’s not how a man treats another man.

    Bullying doesn’t necessarily have a whole lot to do with physical stature. It’s good that this is a high visibility issue. Hopefully, this helps educate some people, because if this thread is any indication, there are still a lot of ignorant people out there.

  47. I was wondering when SOMEONE from SOME team would make a comment that sounded as though an adult and not a Jr. HS kid uttered it.

  48. I love Pryor. Thats a true leader, right there. A real man tactfully squashes a beef between friends/teammates when he sees one. He’s just going to continue to get better…

  49. Terrelle Pryor talking about “being a man” and doing the right thing is kinda like hearing Antonio Cromartie tell people to use birth control. TP had a chance at one point to come clean at OSU and chose not to…until it was too late, of course. Then he made a pact to the team that he would come back for one more year (after his suspension) and then chose to run off to the NFL as soon as he could. No wonder he’s siding with Martin.

  50. Anyone remember the only person defending Pryor’s character on these boards when he was being eviscerated by the mob a couple years back? Kiss my butt, boys.

  51. Leader? The same guy that bailed on OSU and his team mates after getting busted… Great leader!

  52. Too bad that the power cluster that is the OSU alumni had to ruin his prospect status to systematically oust Tressel for Urban Meyer. Squeezed against the sides was Pryor for some tattoos and pants trading. Just like in football, you have to create strong leverage somehow.

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