Trent Richardson misses second straight practice

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The Colts haven’t gotten quite as much production as they might have hoped from running back Trent Richardson since making a trade for him earlier this season and this weekend isn’t shaping up to be his big breakout game.

Richardson missed a second straight practice on Thursday because of an ankle injury. Richardson wasn’t forced out of last Sunday night’s victory over the Texans, but he’s clearly being bothered by something because missing two days in a row usually isn’t a sign that player’s just getting rest.

Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star reports that Richardson is expected to play against the Rams on Sunday, although Holder’s colleague Mike Chappell reports that offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton is at least considering the possibility that Richardson won’t be able to play. Hamilton said the team would keep their playbook intact if Donald Brown had to take over for Richardson.

Richardson has 248 yards on 83 carries in six games since joining the Colts and hasn’t contributed much in the passing game with just four catches. That’s not quite what you’d like to get in exchange for a first-round pick, though there’s no sign that the Colts are souring on the second-year man.

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  1. Oh no, how will the Colts ever replace the production of a man who is averaging 2.98 yards per carry? I’m sure they’ll be able to find someone respectable in the first round of next year’s draft — oh wait, nevermind.

  2. Sooner of later the injuries to skilled players has to catch up: Ballard (season-ending); Allen (season-ending); Heyward-Bey; Wayne (season-ending); Bradshaw (season-ending);Richardson. More and more responsibility on the defense, special teams, and what is left of the offense. It’s incredible they are 6-2 with all of those resume wins (49’ers, Broncos, Seahawks).

  3. Donald Brown was a first rounder too. Too bad it took trading for TRich for Brown to be the RB we thought we drafted in the first place.

  4. Donald Brown is the better runner. The Browns made one of the bets trades in recent history stealing a first rounder. Irsay will need a few (more) drinks to forget about that one.

  5. Please – all this doomsday stuff is hilarious. The tape tells the tale: the line and play-calling are affecting his productivity. He showed vs. the Texans that he’s pretty good at running after catching a ball, too; Pagano and Pep will dial up more of that.

  6. We are getting nothing out of this deal. I know many fans think Grigson walks on water, but the Erik Walden signing and T-Rich trade are starting to show he is wearing lead shoes.

  7. This could turn out to be the biggest swindle in football since the Herschal Walker trade decades ago! Even i learned many years ago that you dont spend a first round pick on a running back. And two genious’s did it on this mediocre player! And dont give me Adrian Peterson and Mark Ingram. How many Super Bowls jave they led their teams to?

  8. matt24bucs says: Nov 7, 2013 4:45 PM

    Even i learned many years ago that you dont spend a first round pick on a running back.
    If Barry Sanders was available, I’d give up 2 first round picks for him.

  9. How does this trade compare to the Herschel Walker deal? One draft pick, who may or may not pan out as opposed to roughly 6 1st/2nd/3rd round picks over the next three years? What if Cleveland drafts, just as they did a year ago, and get the next TRich with that pick? You have to admit they have a track record of doing that just 18 months ago. Then it’s a straight-up equal trade (sub-par back for sub-par back) only the Colts wouldn’t have paid the hefty up-front bonus money, but the Browns would have paid it twice.

    This is not looking great for the Colts, but the Browns still have an uncertainty factor to contend with. Do they pick the next Ryan Leaf? Tony Mandarich? Or Adrian Peterson? Or, most likely, someone in between? Well, good luck with that. But don’t crow until your pick outperforms TRich (which, admittedly, could be by halftime of his first game). Plus, as the season progresses, it looks like that pick will drop out of the high teens and end up in the high 20s, further decreasing the value.

  10. I’m a browns fan and I initially thought it was a bad trade and that the browns were giving up but they ended up doing the right thing… for once, now if they can sucker someone into taking weeden!

  11. Excellent trade by the new front office in Berea. One-by-one they’re taking out the trash from the Holmgren years.

  12. Sorry but I gotta laugh at all the Browns fans on here talking about how they stole one from the Colts. You were all probably the same people who were crying like little babies the day the trade was made. Don’t worry. You guys have a history of wasting draft picks. I’m sure the 2014 draft will be no different.

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