Vic Fangio on Aldon Smith: I’m sure he’ll play some


When 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith was asked earlier this week if he’d play on Sunday after making his return to the team from rehab, Smith said he was taking things one day at a time.

When 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh was asked the same question, he offered up pretty much the same answer.

Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio isn’t one for taking things day by day, however. Fangio met the media this week and he said that we should expect to see Smith on the field against the Panthers.

“I’m sure he’ll play some,” Fangio said, via the team.

How much “some” turns out to be will likely have a lot to do with Smith’s conditioning after six weeks away from the team. It’s a good bet that the Niners won’t put a cap on the snaps he’ll play ahead of time and just let things develop on Sunday so that the door remains open to having Smith on the field as much as possible.

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  1. He completed treatment. This does not mean he is getting better. Treatment helps the alcoholic at the front end. Alcoholism is a progressive disease, and you are not “cured” by going to treatment. You are always an alcoholic, and “not drinking” is not recovery. You have to be actively working a recovery program every day. Problem with most pro athletes is they feel like “that’s OK for everybody else but I am special and I don’t have to do that”. (Case in point: Lawrence Taylor.) If Smith is not attending 12 Step recovery meetings every week and working a daily recovery program, by next fall he will be out of the NFL completely.

  2. When I was 24 I would party a lot as well. As long as he stays away from guns and doesn’t throw parties I’m sure he’ll be able to get well

  3. Back to dominating the league hopefully. Crazy Aldon still leads all 49ers in sacks. Some parrots still sing about Aldon being nothing without Justin, and discredit an injury that usually sideline players.

  4. @hawthornetheheater says:
    Nov 7, 2013 3:34 PM


    Well, none of us know what the niners and NFL management have said to Aldon, I am sure they are much more concerned about their multi million $ investment than you or I, and are putting in safeguards in place (yes, I agree they should have handled this better earlier).
    In any case, professionals are handling this, and if AS screws up, he is gone for sure.
    If that happens, I will not be outraged, rather, sad for Aldon that he could not find his way back even with such tremendous support.
    We shall see, but I am optimistic that Aldon will recover.

  5. Numerous Seahawks fans on every Aldon Smith article with their digs at Aldon, Harbaugh, and the Niners. Meanwhile they cheer for their running back with an impressive resume of law offenses and allegations, their head coach who left college to escape the looming penalties of cheating, and of course the numerous PED violations.

  6. Look who it is assuredmutualdestruction… My little red headed step brother shocker to see you on a 49er post. Man you are so obsessed with our storied franchise here in the bay area and I completely understand why, if I lived in the armpit that is South East Alaska I would want something to smile about on a regular basis as well. I Really hope to see you on the 8th at Candlestick. Go 9ers!

  7. So the Dolphins suspend Incognito for being mean and saying mean words(and yes threatening someone) and this guy has weapons charges and DUI’s pending and gets welcomed back ? Huh..Anyone in their right mind knows this isn’t good for him. Yeah – lets put him right back into the stresses of the NFL. That will do wonders for his addictions. We’ve seen how he has dealt with them before. The best thing he can do is take the rest of year off – try and get really well – and come back next year. But I guess Harbaugh needs his Super Bowl ring more than Aldon needs to be sober and out of jail.

  8. I heard the 49ers have made uniform changes to allow Aldon the ability to carry his gun of choice at his hip and I believe its open bar on the sidelines. dont worry he goes to rehab Monday through Saturday and hes real sorry(he got caught). Look on the bright side, hes nice to his teammates and thinks bullying is bad unless alcohol and firearms are in play. stay classy!

  9. It seems to me that people are asking the wrong questions. Its not “is he OK” it’s “When is he going to play” That applies to the media as much as it does coaches or anybody else

  10. I guess we have to spell this out for our friends in the NW. What Aldon did was really bad yes……but what coach was talking about with the above reproach comments was regarding between the lines.You have multiple players trying to gain a competitive advantage by taking banned substance. Aldon was being self destructive. Not condoning what he did. But there is a diffence as it relates to football

  11. Settle down. Odds are this kid is not an alcoholic. Do you remember being in your early/mid twenties? If you are in any way social and go out in a typical city it’s normal for people to get hammered. Stop talking about 12 step programs. As people grow up they will grow out of it… if not, THEN you’re talking about a problem.

    The problem is, he was an idiot that decided to get behind the wheel and let his roommate (why the hell he has a roommate is beyond me) host a dumb party with allow class crowd.

    The “rehab” is a way of covering him being a moron. Hire a driver & hire a financial adviser. The league should ensure every player has this before they even start their careers.

  12. Well said chi I appreciate that. I was going to say “grow up” but didn’t want to offend. But that IS the case. Come on man, Grow up! We want to watch you impress for many years. Due me a favor SMITH -put some hurt on Seattle for me…..

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