Alleged victim’s silence suggests Incognito reached settlement

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Perhaps the most telling aspect of the report from that Richie Incognito allegedly harassed a volunteer at the Dolphins’ annual golf tournament in 2012 comes from the alleged victim’s refusal to comment on the matter.

Per the report, she can’t comment because she signed a confidentiality agreement.

That’s code, intentional or not, for a financial settlement of any legal claims she made or could have made against Incognito, who allegedly “used his golf club to touch her by rubbing it up against her vagina, then up her stomach then to her chest,” and then “lean[ed] up against her buttocks with his private parts as if dancing.”

There’s no other reason for the woman allegedly victimized by Incognito to sign a settlement agreement, unless of course she was the one who paid money to Incognito to settle claims arising from the contention that the claims she was making against him were false.  (That’s highly unlikely, but still technically possible.)

And to those who wonder why this is only now being reported, it’s the Aaron Hernandez factor.  Once a guy hits the radar screen as a villain, the media starts looking for other incidents that perhaps had been overlooked.  In some cases, people who are aware of those incidents give the media a head’s up.

Regardless, there’s an effort to find Incognito’s skeletons because Incognito finds himself in the middle of what has become one of the biggest NFL scandals in recent years.

In light of the various NFL scandals that have occurred in recent years, that’s saying something.

29 responses to “Alleged victim’s silence suggests Incognito reached settlement

  1. The only reason we know this cannot be true is because Richie’s stomach hangs over his “private parts”, making her claims impossible. #Accessdenied

  2. Or maybe it suggests she was trying to make a buck. Or maybe she has mental health issues. Maybe the media is making all these assumptions to make this story a little more sensational. Incognito did a stupid thing and is probably a bad person. But this witch hunt is getting outrageous. Aren’t there enough real football stories that you don’t have to dredge up everything in this guys past?

  3. The NFL, and football in general at the high school, college, and pro level; has a serious culture problem that most people close to the sport are well aware of. There is a ludicrous train of thought in many football locker rooms across the country that in order to be effective and put it on the line for the team one has to be a little crazy. At all levels players like Incognito are deemed a necessary evil because people believe their nastiness on the field helps teams win. But this rational is ignorant at best as you do not need to have borderline sociopaths on your team to be successful. I think about guys like Shawn Thornton in the NHL; puts his long term health on the line for the Boston Bruins every night and there isn’t a tougher man in professional sports yet he is a normal well adjusted person off the ice.

  4. If all you need to have happen to you to get the $$$ is be touched with a golf club & Dirty Dancing with a meathead then put me in an effing wig & lipstick & tight leather pants and it’s on. Lawyers dude.

  5. In the write up it says “Regardless, there’s an effort to find Incognito’s skeletons because Incognito finds himself in the middle of what has become perhaps the biggest NFL scandals in recent years.”

    Are you kidding me…. Hernandez killed people (maybe 3 or more)… NO coach put bounties on people’s heads… the NFL has implemented rules that are little known and effect game outcomes… there are bad calls every week even with replay…. drugs being dealt by NFL players… Drunk Driving and killing people because of it….

    And picking on a Rookie is the biggest scandal… I don’t agree….

    I know the “bullying” is not to be taken lightly and needs to be dealt with but the biggest scandal… I doubt it

  6. I find it interesting that this story is generating, it seems, more steam that stories of NFL players that have murdered, killed through DUI, assaulting, raping, etc…

  7. Help me understand this. If the victim had a confidentiality clause about the incident, why in the hell did she say anything? It seems as if once she opened her mouth she broke whatever agreement that was enacted. Don’t get me wrong, I am not deflecting blame for what Incognito did but it seems weird she would acknowledge the act when she came to some form of settlement.

  8. No “Hernadez” factor to this story. It was leaked by someone who can benefit. The Martin camp is now working hard under Cornwell to let us know it’s a lot more than this Martin-Incognito story, so I don’t think it’s them. How about the Dolphin’s front office? There is a sophisticated effort to keep the focus on Incognito and to let us know he’s despicable. I’m betting on a certain GM, and I’m also betting that this fact is becoming clear in the locker room in Miami. Philbin seems like a nice guy, but that whole regime is finished in Miami.

  9. A financial settlement isn’t an admission of guilt. Sometimes it’s easier (and cheaper) to pay people to go away than it is to fight to prove your innocence.

  10. @daddyb1gdrawz says:
    Nov 8, 2013 9:28 AM
    Help me understand this. If the victim had a confidentiality clause about the incident, why in the hell did she say anything? It seems as if once she opened her mouth she broke whatever agreement that was enacted. Don’t get me wrong, I am not deflecting blame for what Incognito did but it seems weird she would acknowledge the act when she came to some form of settlement.


    I don’t think she was the one who brought the story to the media. It sounds like someone was digging into Incognito’s past and discovered the police report detailing what had occurred. They probably went to her to ask about it and she told them she cannot speak about the incident due to the confidentiality agreement.

  11. I’m sure she can’t talk about the Porsche she’s driving because of the agreement either.

  12. The coaches, HC Philbin specifically, have allowed depraved male behavior to become the prominent culture in their locker room lead by Mr. Low-Brow himself, Richie Incognito.

    Richie was helping them win games so they didn’t care.

  13. I wonder if the NFL can make Incognito waive the confidentiality agreement as part of a hearing on potential reinstatement.

    In other words: if we can’t know the details, you are not coming back.

  14. Everybody has an opinion and I repsect that. None of us know all of the facts. That leaves us to formulate our opinions based on what we know from the media reporting. The FACTS as we know them; Incognito was kicked off the Nebraska and Oregon football teams. Nebraska and Oregon are fine programs but it is not like they are Annapolis or BYU. If you can play and get kicked out of those programs you obviously have issues with authority. Incognito has been cut 3 times in spite of the fact that he is obviously a good football player, in fact a Pro Bowler. Clearly 3 NFL organizations arrived at the conclusion that his presence on the team was not worth the cancer he brought with him. A woman was involved in a incident that generated a police report. She has signed a confidentiality agreement so she won’t talk about it. The obvious implication being that there was a favorable financial settlement in her favor. Martin was accepted into Harvard but chose to go to Stanford to play big time football. He is obviously a guy who has intellectual as well as atheltic ability. Based on all of the above and since I do my best to be rational and form opinions based on facts as I know them, I am left to believe that Incognito is a scum bag, Martin is probably a little too sensitive and the Dolphins have a major issue that is probably going to impact their organization way more than they ever thought. Contray to what some are saying, “this happens in every NFL team”, no it does not. There vast majority of coaches in the league give their teams speaches in training camp every year about no malicious hazing will be tolerated. Singing your alma mater, carrying helmets, rookies bringing food on the plane for road trips, all good. Physical confrontations of any kind, immediate repercussions. All that said, I can live with a guy being too sensitive, especially if he is doing his job. I can’t live with a guy who is a scum bag regardless of whether or not they do their job.

  15. Leonard Little killed a women while driving drunk. Mike Westbrook, Titus Young & Steve Smith all assaulted their teammates. A.Hernandez, Ray Lewis & Rae Carruth were all involved in the deaths of others….. but Incognito, Suh & Tebow are the biggest controversies in recent NFL history?

  16. The media creates a mob-mentality for the public. Unfortunately, the average person doesn’t have much of a purpose in life so they want to pursue these “villains” and destroy their lives/reputation over misinformation or half-truths.

    Good thing the average American’s attention span only lasts for about 2 weeks. By then, their torches are focused on destroying something or someone else to give their simple lives “purpose” – ex. KONY 2012, Newtown, Boston Marathon, Dorner, Mike Vick, Hernandez, and the soon to be distant memories of the Redskins team name and the Richie Incognito drama.

    Give it two weeks, Richie.

  17. The idea that Incognito is a meathead and an idiot isn’t news. And I’m sure he’d argue that a little bit of sexual assault is just fun and games, playing around.

    But the incident on the golf course wasn’t ordered by his coaches. He’s got no one to hide behind.

  18. uh, Scandal? its only a scandal because media folks need content. The recent comments from dolphins players, both white and black, provide strong, albeit not conclusive, evidence that the alleged behavior was not harassment when viewed under an objective standard. Those comments also highlight the danger of, and our society’s propensity to, quickly and perhaps falsely accuse someone of abhorrent, and possibly criminal, behavior before obtaining all of the facts. That is why we take discovery and present evidence before asking a trier of fact to return a verdict. Regardless of whether Ritchie is exonerated, his reputation has already been irreparably damaged. I’m not saying he did not bully Jonathan. I am saying bullying is a serious and dangerous accusation to make, so before anyone says anything about his guilt or innocence, before anyone sensationalizes the story to increase ratings, perhaps we would be best served to sit tight and keep our opinions to ourselves until all of the evidence is in.

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