Andre Brown can’t believe his (bad) luck

Getty Images

The metal plate was inserted into Andre Brown’s left leg when he broke his fibula last Nov. 25 against the Packers.

He can’t believe the odds someone would hit the exact same spot.

The Giants running back will return this weekend, after a freak preseason injury that cost him the first eight games.

You could have been a millionaire if you played Lotto,” Brown said, via Tom Pedulla of the New York Times. “That’s how it broke the odds.”

When Patriots defensive tackle Marcus Forston hit him, it was at the same place the protective plate was implanted from the first procedure, creating the next injury.

It was also deep in the final preseason game, but Giants coach Tom Coughlin wanted to get Brown some work to sharpen him for the regular season.

“Quite frankly, he was in a position where we needed him to play a little bit better, and that’s why he played 19 plays in the last preseason game,” Coughlin said. “Sometimes you get a feel for a guy — he needs to do more, you want to get him more involved — so that’s what we wanted to do.”

When it didn’t work, they were forced to go through a parade of backs, which they hope slows down now that Brown’s back.