Bernard Pollard fined $10,000 for hit in Titans win


Titans safety Bernard Pollard has a little more fuel for his long-running disagreements with the league about their system of fines for illegal hits doled out by defensive players.

PFT has confirmed with the league that Pollard has been fined $10,000 for hitting Rams quarterback Kellen Clemens late in last Sunday’s 28-21 Titans victory. Pollard was not penalized for the hit during the game, but the league still found the hit worthy of discipline.

Pollard was fined $42,000 earlier this season for a hit that left Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson with a concussion. He was also fined for a hit in the team’s first preseason game, adding to the long list of offenses he’s racked up over the course of his career.

Titans defensive tackle Jurell Casey was also fined $15,750 for a horse collar tackle on Rams running back Zac Stacy.

5 responses to “Bernard Pollard fined $10,000 for hit in Titans win

  1. He did deserve fine for this as qb was sliding feet first but dont get it twisted people the hit on andre johnson was completely clean and complete bs by the league too fine him they just did it becuz hes well andre johnson…tell me what part of his helmet hit andres? Anyone?

  2. This is not a wise-ass post! It just occurred to me to wonder whether NFL fines are tax deductable for the players.
    Anybody know?

  3. It appears the Titans are the NFL’s fine target…Casey gets fined for a horse-collar tackle but I don’t see anything about the Rams player getting fined for horse-collaring Chris Johnson (which was flagged) in the same game. Get ready…it won’t be long until the NFL turns into a flag-football league. These guys can’t tackle high..can’t tackle low..unnessessary roughness called when a QB tucks the ball and runs down the sideline for yardage and gets knocked out of bounds (Titans/Chiefs game). FOOTBALL IS A CONTACT SPORT!! Let’s leave it that way!

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