Cornwell’s statement could be aimed at persuading Dolphins to release Martin

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With Wednesday’s comments from Dolphins players arguably creating the impression that Richie Incognito, not Jonathan Martin, would be welcomed back to the locker room, Thursday’s statement from Martin’s lawyer may have been aimed at expediting the process.

Based on the content of David Cornwell’s explosive remarks, the goal at this point could be to get the Dolphins to release Martin.

After going public with the accusation that Jonathan “endured harassment that went far beyond the traditional locker room hazing,” suffered “a malicious physical attack” by an unnamed teammate, and heard “daily vulgar comments” including the vile quote regarding his sister, it’s clear that Martin can’t return to the Dolphins in 2013, if ever.  With Cornwell also claiming that Martin intends to keep playing football, it’s fair to conclude that Martin has decided, through Cornwell, to burn the bridge back to Miami — and to build a new one to a new team.

The argument could be made that Martin’s teammates already made the bridge unusable.  So why not blow it up and move on?

It’s probably not coincidental that Cornwell’s statement opens with references to Martin’s toughness and drops names like Martin’s former Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh and former Stanford teammate Andrew Luck.  If the Dolphins release Martin, a team like the 49ers (coached by Harbaugh) or the Colts (where Luck is joined by former Stanford offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton) would likely make a claim for him on waivers.

Of course, the 49ers and Colts could lose out to teams owned by men who want to prove that they have coaches and players who wouldn’t ostracize someone who saw fit to stand up and accuse teammates of wrongdoing.

Whether the Dolphins would cut Martin during the 2013 season remains to be seen.  On Thursday, long-time NFL quarterback Sage Rosenfels complained on Twitter that Dolphins G.M. Jeff Ireland squatted on Rosenfels’ rights in order to keep him from joining one of the team’s on Miami’s schedule.  With the trade deadline passed, Ireland wouldn’t be able to direct Martin to a franchise the Dolphins aren’t competing with or playing against.

Cornwell’s decision not to name names publicly also operates as a possible shot across the bow at any current teammates who decide to continue questioning Martin’s motives or minimizing his concerns.  If they keep talking, their names could be revealed publicly as part of the alleged problem.

Of course, Cornwell’s explanation that Martin will cooperate fully with the investigation means that the names of any players who harassed Martin will be revealed privately.  Which gives the players in question even more things to worry about as they try to focus on preparing to play a football game on Monday night.

97 responses to “Cornwell’s statement could be aimed at persuading Dolphins to release Martin

  1. The statement was brilliant, it basically dares the dolphins to keep talking.
    This is going to end with a multi million dollar settlement, Ireland and philbin fired, multiple players suspended and or cut and Martin on a team like the colts or broncos.

  2. And any non-Dolphins door that might have been left at least unlocked for him is now locked, bolted, and welded.

  3. Can’t see Martin going back to the Fins. Miami is poisonous for him now.

    Not sure where else he could settle in but there are easily at least a half dozen teams that could use a starting Olineman.

  4. I don’t think the public is taking Martin that seriously anymore. He’s just a squealer looking to get on new team. He’s humiliated by his own decision to walk out. Scapegoating is what cowards to when things get tough. I’m not defending what Incognito did, but Martin is clearly losing the PR battle by having his money men do the talking for him.

  5. Somewhere, a team of shifty lawyers are rushing to file the first class action suit against the NFL citing physical and emotional suffering from hazing and bullying.

  6. Lol. I love the Rosenfels story. He’s getting his 10 minutes of fame he couldn’t muster as an NFL QB. Shut up loser. You knew Ireland for two weeks and he cut you on a Friday so you wouldn’t sign with the Dolphin’s opponent that week. That’s called smart and fans appreciate it. I’m sure those three extra days of waiting really put a crimp in that career of yours. Go away. You make Martin look like a stand up guy. Cornwell’s clients for which he has vigorously defended as victims include Ryan Braun and A-Roid. His words are empty. Oh Martin will get cut but not until he returns to the job and teammates he left in a bind. Martin, NO ONE on that team is taking up for you. I could care less how tough he was a Stanford. He’s a turnstile at times in the NFL and he’s having trouble dealing with that so now he’s citing the alleged bullying as a rationalization for it. He quit mere days after getting replaced by McKinnie at LT. It’s no coincidence, he’s feeling the pressure of under performing.

  7. In the right locker room, Martin will be fine. I would add teams like the Steelers, New England, Giants, Ravens and Packers to the list.

  8. it is one thing to endure hazing but when someone threatens your family that is beyond crossing the line. Incognito crossed that line with the threats made & the fact that his team mates & other players (current & former) supporting Incognito speaks volumns that they support family violence. Again, if it was just the normal hazing that rookies go through so be it but again threating someones family is crossing that line!!!!

  9. Send him back to Jim Harbaugh the Dolphins don’t want him anymore. He quit on the team, so let the wimp go somewhere else, and probably quit there too. He may never play football again, maybe he’s too pathetic to tough it out with the “big boys”. This is one big mess, but hopefully the truth will come out eventually. Maybe it won’t take two and a half years like the Hurricanes.

  10. Thank you for clarifying who the real bully is here. Let me get this straight:
    Player struggles to maintain his starting job and is the primary reason why the Dolphins are on pace for giving up the most sacks in NFL history.
    Player walks out on the team after having a common prank done to him, which he participated in previously with a different player.
    Player goes home to his mommy and daddy attorneys and begins a witch hunt, revealing text messages from 6 months ago.
    Player starts leaking additional info without naming names.
    Player wants to be released so he can join his buddies in either Indianapolis or San Francisco.

    Who is the real bully here? Martin, a master bully and one that would make all wannabee bullies embarrassed at their lack of focus when it comes to getting things done.

  11. Kinda sick of this…. Its really obvious Martin wants off the team, and wants to be compensated…. The only reason anyone “lawyers up” is for money. The issue that nobody is focusing on is that Martin was a marginal player at best, his job was in jeopardy at the end of the season no matter what…. Im not defending incognito but im really curious of Martins true intentions

  12. It doesn’t matter what happens with him, no player is going to want this guy in their locker room ever again. Fair or not, that’s just the way it is and the player’s reactions make that pretty clear.

  13. At this point, I’m not sure what else the Dolphins could do. The coaching staff, the GM, and the players have all been caught with their pants down with this issue, and it’s increasingly clear that Martin cannot reintegrate into the organization without causing a lot of problems (through no fault of his own). With the trade deadline in the past, and unless they want to pay him for not playing football, releasing Martin makes sense from an organizational and economic standpoint.

    It’s ironic that because the Dolphins turned their backs on Martin, the best course of action for both parties is for the Dolphins to turn their back on him again.

  14. I hope Martin has a long and successful career. He’s a lot more patient with bullies than I would be and should be commended for taking a stand against bullying and intimidation. If someone threatened to do to my sister what Ingonito said he’d do, I’d take the *** out and then I’d be in jail. There’s a difference between normal hazing and bullying. I was hazed on my first deployment in the Navy and it was nothing compared to what this guy had to put up with. Busting balls is one thing but threatening family members is a whole other story.

  15. Unquestionably, Martin’s conduct has been detrimental to the team. Why isn’t he suspended? Let him know he can still have his player participation medal and trophy and he probably won’t care.

  16. Just do we’re on the same page, Martin was rated the 63rd best tackle in all the league, correct? Granted every team needs a couple extra tackles but 63rd out of 64 really isn’t all that great.

    In QB perspective, that would be line someone getting the rights to Blaine Gabbert. While I’m sure someone would pick him up, it’s not like his phone will be ringing off the hook once released.

    Add the fact he seems to be a bit of a softie, especially now, with all this baggage, my guess us the guy could remain unsigned, possibly forever.

  17. This and all other B.S. won’t stop until they completely ruin football. From the new safety rules every year , to making teams change names , to trying to force a team to London.
    A group of Billionaires need to come together and start a new football league and mirror it to the NFL of the 80’s -90’s start with 12 teams keep the drama out and when the NFL finally tips over which they seem head strong in doing , jump in and show fans what football is supposed to be.

  18. Why wouldn’t they release him? He walked out on the team!

    Can’t trade him till the offseason. But frankly, who would take him? This League doesn’t tolerate quitters.

  19. Cut bait. Slap a few wrists. Bring Richie back. Let the crybaby infect another locker room. That is if anyoneis willing to download a known virus into their organization.

  20. Bill Walsh Banned Hazing on the SF 49ers in 1979 when he became head coach

    Jim Harbaugh doesn’t tolerate it, either

  21. “Martin has decided, through Cornwell, to burn the bridge back to Miami — and to build a new one to a new team.”

    I’m feel bad for Martin about what happened to him (or what he perceived happened to him) but I don’t really know what kind of a future he has in the NFL after this. from an objective viewpoint, teams don;t sign people that are or could be a distraction…and I’m pretty sure no NFL Head Coach or GM wants someone on the team that could cost them their own job – even if hypothetically they were not aware of what was going on.

    And also, (and I know people won’t like this) but the comment about the sister pales in comparison to the trash talk these guys get during a game…Maybe the league should ban trash talking? Make it an unsportsmanlike penalty if it goes to far? I don’t know – I do know that I have seen guys like De’Angelo Hall and Pacman get so much in a guy’s head it affects their performance on the field and the commentators even point it out sometimes. Should that be a penalty?

  22. It’s a business not a day care, the Dolphins will do what is best to win game. Doesn’t make it right but just saying.

  23. He lost his job to Bryant McKinnie. Who nobody but Miami wanted. That should give you some idea how big the job market will be for Jonathan Martin’s services.

  24. If Cornwell wants Martin released, it’s to strengthen his claims concerning damages in a lawsuit, not to free him up to sign with another team. No team is going to want to touch Martin. Even if his claims turn out to be 100% true, he’ll still be a divisive figure in any NFL locker room. And if it turns out he’s exaggerated his claims, it’ll be far, far worse.

  25. This was Martin’s endgame from the beginning. He was struggling with the Dolphins and clearly unpopular in the lockerroom so he wanted to start over somewhere else. Sure he could have held out or demanded a release or retired, but that doesn’t help his public image at all. He needs to be the victim, a victim who needs another team to give him a 2nd chance. I’m sure Incognito is a jerk, probably racist, definitely a dirty player, but everything I’ve read about this sounds like regular old workplace harassment. Bullying is something that happens to kids, neither is a kid. Martin didn’t handle his business like an adult. Incognito crossed a line and Martin felt unwelcome and unsafe in his workplace, this is very common in the world of business. It’s not okay, Incognito is in the wrong, but Martin handled it like an immature teenager.

    People are praising Martin for walking away instead of reacting with violence…like those are the only two options. Why didn’t he talk to his union rep, the organization’s HR department, the NFLPA, or the NFL and file a harassment claim against Incognito? Why didn’t he warn Incognito that he felt unwelcome and unsafe with how he was being treated and let him know that if it didn’t stop then he would file a claim and Incognito would be reprimanded? That’s the adult thing to do. Warn your coworker and if he doesn’t back off then you go through the appropriate channels to get it resolved. That’s how adults handle these kinds of issues, maturely and professionally. Martin acted like a baby, leaving his workplace without any attempt at resolution and then airing his dirty laundry to the public to gain sympathy.

    And can we stop with this “bullied Martin into giving him $15,000” bullcrap. Why didn’t Martin just say, “what are you going to do if I don’t pay?” Because you know what Incognito would have done? Nothing. He wasn’t holding a gun to his head. Martin needed to act like a man and a professional and have the balls to say NO. I have no sympathy for Martin.

  26. The Dolphins should want him on a team they’re competing with…he’s a terrible player.

    He didn’t deserve to be bullied for it but that doesn’t change the fact that he simply has not been a good player on the field.

  27. I wouldn’t cut him. I would hold on to him until his contract runs out. Try to trade him. Ultimately, he will go away. May as well try to get something (7th rounder even). Personally, I would trade him for a bag of chips.

  28. It’s now completely clear that anyone with a brain would rather have Richie Incognito on their football team than Jonathan Martin. If I was choosing a babysitter for my kids the answer may be different

  29. Dolphins should release them both and try to move on from this mess. They’ll both get picked up by someone…personally, I’d take Incognito on my team WAY before I’d ever take Martin. That’s just me though.

  30. On a football team offensive linemen are expected to be physically imposing and mentally tough in order to perform their jobs effectively. A meek/passive personality will usually get run over on the field. There is nothing wrong with Martin’s personality. He just doesn’t fit as an offensive lineman. You wouldn’t want Hartline or Welker lining up on the offensive line due to their physical stature; for Martin it’s due to his mental make-up.

    It doesn’t need to be physical but he needs to have the ability to stand up for himself off the field (and his teammates when on the field). His entire job is based on conflict and his personality is one that avoids confrontation. He is viewed as soft. How do you fix that? You either do nothing and live with the sub-optimal results, you get rid of him because he just doesn’t have the traits needed for the position, or you provide opportunities (situations involving confrontation/conflict) for him to handle and hone his physical and mental skills necessary for his job. It really is no different than when fathers try to “toughen up” a “wimpy” son.

    The problem here is that Martin’s mental make-up/personality was not able to handle things like the rest of the guys in similar situations and he didn’t bother to tell anyone to stop or that it was having a negative effect on himself. I doubt it was personal, and I don’t think it was ever intended to demean or ostracize him. It was aimed at getting the most out of him. There is no doubt that lines were crossed but unless the offended person actually says something when that happens, nobody knows that. We do that all the time. When people cross a line we say something. That is usually immediately followed with an apology and the behavior stops. From all accounts Martin never did that. He held everything in and hoped it would stop on its own.

    Maybe the tactics look bad in a “real-world” office environment but this kind of stuff goes on in the military, police departments, fire departments and other occupational settings where similar personalities and physical skills are needed. It’s a shame that Martin couldn’t deal with that but it was in no way the criminal/racist/discriminatory/harassing situation that has been portrayed by the “everybody is special and deserves a trophy” crowd that have a majority in the media.

    Every one of us knows “that guy” that can take things too far. Football teams are full of “that guy(s)”. Blame lies on both sides here but it seems like Martin (or, more likely his surrogates) are content with blowing this stuff out of proportion for a future lawsuit.

    I don’t mean to seem like Martin is solely to blame, but, if he said something (stood up for himself) as some of this stuff was happening, would the rest have followed? Would he have reached his breaking point? Probably not. By not saying anything, this stuff was allowed to continue and compound and, conveniently enough, strengthen a lawsuit.

  31. The slime that is the ‘team’ players and GM (if true) is absolutely remarkable…hopefully this sets the Dolphins back years in their quest for respectability.

  32. Seems like an awful amount of work for the NFL to keep their crappy Monday Night Football schedule relevant to viewers…

    Ireland’s not letting Martin off the hook that easily.

  33. They have him on the NFI list right? Couldn’t they just keep him there until the off season and then trade him? Wouldn’t that be in the teams’s best interest?

    What incentive (other than trying to move on from this) does the team have to cut a second round draft pick?

  34. Fins will inevitably have to remove Jeff Ireland as GM. That means HC Hoe Philbin will be gone as well. Can’t imagine any good team or coach that would want Incognito, but there are several who would welcome Martin.

  35. “With the trade deadline passed, Ireland wouldn’t be able to direct Martin to a franchise the Dolphins aren’t competing with or playing against.”


    Why would he point him to a team not on the Dolphins schedule? Putting all of this circus aside, he is a sieve..a guy who lost his job on a line that has given up the most sacks in the NFL! give him to the Jets, Bills or Patriots.

  36. People need to start considering the possibility that the bullying angle is a ruse to an end.

    No question, imo, Incognito should have been disciplined. What goes on in an NFL locker room isn’t right in the real world.

    But isn’t it just a little bit coincidental that Martin leaves right after losing his job at LT. The media and fans have been beating on him for his poor performance for two years. That pressure had to be far more extreme than this locker room stuff.

    Personally, I think he just had enough of playing football but didn’t want to pay back his bonus or lose his future pay. What if he blames others, then sues the team and league? Beats losing your entitlement.

    If he gets released, then no pay back of bonus and he could sue for much more.

    It would make this story more understandable.

  37. Martin has emotional issues. I don’t fault him for it. But he doesn’t belong in the NFL.
    I wouldn’t want him on my team.

  38. Jonathon Martin will never play for the Dolphins again, this much is clear. If Martin’s main goal of all this is to be released by Miami and picked up by another team, then it shows that his biggest issue in all of this was not the offensive language or the ribbing or his fragile emotional state. It was being moved from LT back to RT. This occurred just days before Martin left the team. There is no other trigger (at least not publicly revealed) to set this all in motion.

    The lunchroom incident? That’s stupid, small and something Martin did to others also. Richie Incognio…yes he’s brass and a meathead, but he has been that way for all 18 months that Martin was with the team, and in 2 short months the season ends and there is a good chance that Richie doesn’t return (Unrestricted FA). Other player’s locker room language and antics………… you’re going to find that on all 32 teams. Now there is an allegation of a malicious physical attack, no details yet, but I hope for Martin’s sake it was quite severe and off the field.

    So, are we dealing with a man who was harassed to his limit and forced to quit? Or are we dealing with a player who was unhappy with a position change and in order to get out of his contract decides to blow up the whole team? A player who thinks he and his lawyers are smarter than the NFL and can make their own rules without regard to what teammates and coaches get dragged through the mud in the process. If its the former, so be it and good luck on your new team. However if what nearly everyone in the Dolphin’s locker room is saying is true, then the latter explanation looks more plausible and Martin will likely be ostracized from the entire NFL.

  39. Ed Hoculli could resolve this dispute.
    If the NFL wants every game to come down to the final drive, then why play 60 minutes of football. Just cut the filler out and play for one quarter instead of four?

  40. Martin is a Grade A chooch. Clearly, all the disgusting remarks to him were made with ONE goal in mind….to see if he had the stones to stand up and tell them to SHUT UP. As someone who played organized football growing up, if Martin stood up, nobody would have fought him. They would have embraced him as one of their own and said, “let’s roll”. That’s all this is. They just wanted to see if he had a backbone. Nobody on the team was interested in assaulting Martin’s relatives.

  41. If Martin wilted under the heat before he went narc, it’ll be way worse now. Martin would melt down Wicked Witch of the West style if he even tries to crack the Dolphin Locker Room – and none of the players would trust him (thinking he’s saving texts, voicemails, other forms of evidence, etc.).

    It’s abundantly clear that Martin is Persona Non Grata extraordinaire in the ‘Fins’ Locker Room.

  42. Martin sucks release him and let Cameron Wake tear him up, no respect for this guy the truth is coming out and Martin just didnt feel comfortable, hes slandering peoples name

  43. Would Dolphin’s trade a Full Release from liability for their team, players and coaches for the release? They would probably have to kick in a waiver of “offset” language meaning they could not recoup salary owed vs. new money received by Martin.

    I would predict Martin would be claimed before reaching the 49ers or the Colts.

  44. Martin does not want to play…Just setting up the Dolphins for a huge settlement. He’ll then move in with his parents and watch soap operas for the rest of his life.

  45. What Martin’s lawyer is doing is setting up for a harrassment lawsuit against Miami. He knows Martin will never play for another team so he gets a big settlement from Miami, goes home to his mother’s womb where he belongs and shares his purple drank with Albert Hanesworth, JaMarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf

  46. Have you seen our offensive line? Weve been bringing guys back off the steeetbecause were so banged up. He hits the waiver wire…..just sayin


  47. I can’t fathom a team that will welcome the media frenzy that comes with signing this guy. It’s not as if he’s a pro bowler in the making now is it.

  48. topseed says:
    Nov 8, 2013 10:32 AM
    At this point I don’t know what else to believe. As a Dolphins’ fan, I hate this happened. Hope this is over soon.

    Good luck with that one, with GODell and his goons getting involved, expect to be made an example of. Coach and gm lost control, suspended for the year, assistant coaches, suspended half a year, multiple player suspensions for conduct detrimental to the shield, and loss of multiple draft picks.

  49. Cornwall drops innuendo ad we are supposed to lap it up.

    Viciously attacked? Okay then why haven’t Jeff Beasley, Armando Salguero or Omar Kelly ever reported this? They are Miami beat writers with the team all year long and it got by them?Really?

    Sorry you can give me 250 thumbs down but something smells here. Martin goes from saying Incognito bullied him, then says no, then says many teammates are involved but no proof, no names, no dates etc.

    The voicemail? No one has heard it publically but Martin played it in the locker room and laughed. We have a transcript but no inflection. Is the whole team lying?

    If the abuse was so long where are the agents saying they comolained to the team. If it was on going why didn’t these agents go to the NFLPA or the league office?

    It might all be truth coming out of the Martin’s camp but all we have is innuendo and incomplete charges at this time. Let’s wait for the rebuttal because it is coming.

    Anyone want to disagree that one hour before kickoff Mnday night Cornwall drops another “bombshell”?

  50. As a dolphin fan I wish JMartin the best. Cognito aside he still ended up in a dysfunctional org. If we didn’t absolutely suck at getting OL talent I think the dynamic might have been different. I don’t think the mckinnie acquisition was a coincidence, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back

  51. As hard as some try to ignore the facts, it appears more and more that Martin’s behavior is the exception while Ingognito’s is the norm. I’d even bet Ritchie gets signed by a team first (if he is not retained by the Fins) and Martin possibly not at all. The NFL locker room is a totally different workplace environment that not even gubmint’ regulations can social engineer to meet the standards of the Nanny types.

  52. If Martin wilted under the heat before he went narc, it’ll be way worse now. Martin would melt down Wicked Witch of the West style if he even tries to crack the Dolphin Locker Room – and none of the players would trust him (thinking he’s saving texts, voicemails, other forms of evidence, etc.).

    It’s abundantly clear that Martin is Persona Non Grata extraordinaire in the ‘Fins’ Locker Room.

  53. Funny all the macho men that think the only way to respond to someone threatening and insulting you and your family is either to suck it up and take it or resort to violence. Guaranteed none of you are taking a swing at Richie Ingocnito, a 315 lbs psycho. That probably wouldn’t work out too well. You are either going to jail, getting suspended, enjoying a nice big can of Whoopass, or all three. Martin is not stupid.
    Have any of you ever had a job you absolutely hate because of a lame boss or co-workers? Kinda makes you want to mail it in from 9-5. Maybe he just came to the conclusion that the team is dysfunctional from the top down and and he’s done with them. They aren’t going anywhere anyway, so might as well find a better organization to work for that has actually won something in the last 4 decades. The fins should just trade him for a low pick & move on before this gets even uglier.

  54. To all the armchair prognosticators…here is my prediction…….Martin gets picked up by another team…Incognito never plays another down in the NFL…and goes broke after the lawsuits….

  55. Hello Jonathan, this is greyhound calling . If football is to much for you, we can use you as a bus driver.

  56. Media has already set up a firestorm with partial evidence. No one knows the full context on all of this. He just wanted out and to start over. He didn’t give a crap who had to be gutted to get this accomplished. Good team mate? Not a chance.

  57. Some of the stuff done to Martin crossed a line. I’m not trying to explain those away. They happened. While I personally don’t condone that type of behavior I am not so naive as to think it does not happen in some circles and in those circles it is not deemed as offensive or racist. What you might consider to be completely harmless “messing around” with your friends would likely be highly offensive to a group of Catholic Nuns. People live in different “worlds” and what is perfectly acceptable in one group would be grounds for fighting in another. Religion is the easiest example of the point I am trying to make here.

    From what I have read, certain things were accepted in that locker room (and many others) as well as by Martin himself. He cannot possibly be so offended by something (messages) and then not say anything to any person of authority and then laugh about them with the guys at work as he shows the “offensive” messages around. Those were 8 months ago. They only came up as “damaging” to Martin after his mental stability came into question.

    If Martin was offended by anything at all he should have said something at that time. That quite often stops the offensive behavior. By all accounts I have seen he never did that. From the player’s perspective, Martin took something they were all ok with and then used it as an excuse to walk out on the team months later.

    Think back in all your dealings with coworkers. All those times that things happened and were laughed off. All the giving and taking and mutual comical half-hearted insults. Now imagine that a person involved never said anything to anybody about feeling uncomfortable or upset. Then that person walks out in the middle of a shift, goes to a mental hospital, claims that you and your other coworkers were racist, discriminatory, abusive, caused him/her mental distress, and management condoned everything (even though that person never said a single word) and then set out to threaten to/actually sue the company for pending wages, damages and whatever additional monetary benefits can be acquired.
    Does that make Martin a true victim or a manipulator?

  58. 3 months before the draft a couple years ago, Martin was being talked about in the top 15, a month later the bottom half of the 1st round, and finally the couple weeks leading up to the draft he fell into the second round. The reason, word was out that he was soft … Jeff Ireland- Are you really surprised?

  59. I don’t understand some of you people. I wouldn’t mind at all if my team picked up Martin if/when he is released.

  60. As a long time BUCS fan, I would like to welcome the Miami Dolphins to the media driven death spiral. Icognito and Ireland are trash so open the dumpster and toss them in. Any GM that thinks violence/assault is a solution for a workplace problem is short a few brain cells. I understand the Gladiator mentality but like everything in life it has to be managed and expended on Sunday only. Just because it is a violent game does not infer or license the actions by Icognito that were done to Martin in the locker room.

  61. They can’t release him; they’ll get sued for wrongful firing. They can’t put him on the NFI list until the investigation is complete. They have to allow him to be paid until the process is completed. They cannot trade him; the deadline is passed. I would hold his rights for the rest of the year. If you want to play, you’re coming right back into this locker room. You’ll never see the field and be inactive every game. In the end of the year, I trade him to the worst team possible, for anything they would give me, even if it’s a dollar. Have fun Johnny.

  62. Has it been confirmed or even brought up whether Martin ever raised any objections to any of this to Incognito, any of the coaches, or any of the other players before his walking out on the team? That to me doesn’t make any sense. How can a problem be solved without the problem ever being made aware of in the first place? It’s like blowing up a house for a plumbing problem — surely you could’ve tried calling an alternate solution first before going extreme with it.

    Also, Martin just wasn’t a very good lineman for the Phins, and I wonder how other players would welcome him in any locker room in the league? I imagine I would be afraid to even say anything to the guy and have to tip-toe around him, just based on his past actions and reputation for saving months-old conversations, etc.

    I’m just ready for this to be over.

  63. The Dolphins are not going to release the rat. Hold the turnstyle RT, and trade him to a team next yr for 6th rd pick. I’m sure there will be half dozen teams that will take the project on….

  64. Mr. Florio, I am not sure Mr. Cornwell’s statement was strategically wise. The recent comments from dolphins players, both white and black, provide strong, albeit not conclusive, evidence that the alleged behavior was not harassment when viewed under an objective standard. Those comments also highlight the danger of, and our society’s propensity to, quickly and perhaps falsely accuse someone of abhorrent, and possibly criminal, behavior before obtaining all of the facts. That is why we take discovery and present evidence before asking a trier of fact to return a verdict. Regardless of whether Ritchie is exonerated, his reputation has already been irreparably damaged. I’m not saying he did not bully Jonathan. I am saying bullying is a serious and dangerous accusation to make, so before anyone says anything about his guilt or innocence, before anyone sensationalizes the story to increase ratings, perhaps we would be best served to sit tight and keep our opinions to ourselves until all of the evidence is in. And let us not lose sight of the fact that Mr. Cornwell’s statement is simply a lawyer trying to argue his case

  65. One of the interesting sidelines to this story is the number of people coming to Incognito’s defense and challenging Martin and his counsel as to burden of proof. Of course, there is plenty of proof but that doesn’t stop them. Those same people are often the law-and-order types who think we are soft on crime.

  66. thegenoatkinsdiet says:
    Nov 8, 2013 12:57 PM
    I don’t understand some of you people. I wouldn’t mind at all if my team picked up Martin if/when he is released.
    Please let that be a division rival 😉 He has talent but he is not a good lineman right now. I was one of the few fans defending this guy and his ability back when the Jake Long signing drama was going on. After this saga and how he has played on the field I’d rather he go quietly somewhere else. Maybe he could thrive but it isn’t looking that way to me at the moment.

  67. raiderrob21 says:
    Nov 8, 2013 12:08 PM
    Have you seen our offensive line? Weve been bringing guys back off the steeetbecause were so banged up. He hits the waiver wire…..just sayin

    Ummm, have you seen OUR offensive line? Coincidentally or not, the Dolphins best game (O-line) came on Thursday against the Bengals (a strong defensive team) AFTER Martin quit and Incognito got a neck injury in the 1st half and sat the rest of the game out.

  68. Cornwell is a terrible choice of attorney for Martin. Cornwell has been fighting with DeMaurice Smith for control of the player’s union. The worst thing for Martin is to have the union siding with the team.

    Cornwell’s statement was full of hyperbole since statements by attorneys to the public don’t have to be backed up by any facts. Given that Incognito is suspended I’d say Martin is in danger of being sanctioned by the team for conduct detrimental to it, ie walking away and not showing up for practice or games. Even if the worst said about Incognito is true, Martin seems to be pretty bad himself.

  69. Martin is a quitter and used Icognito like scapegoat . Almost catch Poncey .I hope that the Jets pick you and the Miami DL mope the floor with you.

  70. LOL at all the flip flopping comments on this site. Last week, most of you were ready to charge to Incognito’s house – torches in hand.

    Now Martin is the goat. I am getting dizzy.


  71. As a Skins fan I definitely hope we reach out to Martin because we damn sure need GOOD Offensive linemen, ours SUCK! Hell, we need a whole new coaching staff!

  72. I have a hard time understanding why so many people want to believe that Martin is a quitter at heart who planned this entire episode as an excuse to quit playing football but would still be “paid” by bringing a lawsuit. I’m sorry, but no rational person would subject themselves to the humiliation that Martin has subjected himself to as part of such a scheme. Further, if nothing happened, how can Martin expect to win such a lawsuit? The whole idea seems ludicrous to me.

  73. Jets have a GOOD offensive line……why would they want Martin? Make a good cheerleader though…..

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