D.J. Hayden injures groin in practice

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The Raiders are crossing the country to face the Giants in Week 10 and they may be doing it without their first-round cornerback.

D.J. Hayden hurt his groin in practice on Wednesday and wasn’t able to go at all on Thursday, casting serious doubt on his ability to be part of the plan to thwart Eli Manning, Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks.

“He was able to finish practice [Wednesday],” Raiders coach Dennis Allen said, via ESPN.com. “I wasn’t really aware of it until after I got done in here with you guys, but he wasn’t able to go today, so we’ll have to evaluate him to see how he’s doing and see how quickly that thing responds.”

Like everyone else in the Raiders secondary, Hayden is coming off a rough game against the Eagles in Week Nine. If he can’t go, Phillip Adams would see an uptick in playing time as Oakland tries to keep this week’s NFC East foe from setting any milestones in the passing game.

Running back Darren McFadden remained out on Thursday after aggravating his hamstring injury against Philadelphia. There’s a good chance Rashad Jennings will be starting in the backfield come Sunday as a result.

7 responses to “D.J. Hayden injures groin in practice

  1. McFadden will probably be gone next year, 5 years and only played around half of it, it seems. And he seems to be pretty unimpressive when he is healthy. Too bad, Raiders had high hopes, but this is his contract year and he is not staying healthy or producing when he is healthy. He just doesn’t have field-vision, and after 5 years the writing is certainly on the wall. Way too much $ vs. production. I certainly hope THIS year’s 1st round pick gets better, so far he’s mediocre at best. He’s SHORT, which had me head-scratching when Reggie picked him. I wonder if we had someone else targeted who got plucked before the pick we traded down for? He already has had injuries and I hope he gets better in health and play.

  2. no offense to DJ but after last week’s thrashing, maybe some time rehabbing and technique tweaking would be better spent. raiders have historically been brutal when they go to the east coast.

  3. I can’t wait to see what Latavius Murray can do next year. Times like this, it really sucks he wasn’t able to play this year.

  4. LOL….All the mcFadden haters.evrybody talks about jennings last week after the eagles were up 49-13, and went into a prevent with three guys on the line. Get to the real fact…the raiders o-line is terrible and has been for the last two years. The second higest paid raider next year right now is Mike Briesiel and he gets 5 million plus next…..never any comments about that.(what a joke, thank Gregg Knapp for that one)…fact is 2010, and 2011 when the raiders had at best a mediocre line, Mc Fadden avg over 5 yards a carry. Plus he has hands……

    Maybe just maybe the guy could stay a little healthy if he didn’t run into a wall every play…hey but next man up lets see what Jennings can do against 9 guys in the box.

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