Dolphins officially scratch Martin for Monday night


The latest development in the Jonathan Martin saga is perhaps the least surprising.  Martin has been ruled out for Monday night’s game against the Buccaneers.

The move comes a day after Martin was listed as missing practice with an illness.

The illness, of course, is whatever condition prompted him to leave the team 11 days ago.  As PFT has confirmed, Martin promptly sought and received treatment for emotional distress before returning to California with his family.

It’s unclear whether Martin currently has an actual illness, whether he simply isn’t ready to return, or whether the team isn’t ready to have him return.

Curiously, the Dolphins still have yet to place him on the non-football illness list, which would create a roster spot that could be used on a different player.  It’s possible that the league has declined a request from the team to place Martin on the NFI list, given that the illness possibly isn’t a non-football illness.

Regardless, Martin currently is a non-football player, and there’s no end in sight to his absence from the team or from the game.

15 responses to “Dolphins officially scratch Martin for Monday night

  1. Why should he play though? They should pay him to take a break and he doesn’t owe anything to this team any longer. Get the money whatever you can get and move on to a better place. Miami wasn’t able to embrace and accept this kind of player and that’s not his fault. Time to pack his bags and get ready for a serious football offer with a team that will appreciate him and respect him as both a person and a player.

  2. One could assume that Martin is depressed, anxious, and completely stressed out or in two words: In Crisis. Since when are mental symptoms this severe not “illness” ? It might be good if we could catch up with the modern world and put such conditions on par with physical symptoms and treat them seriously and with compassion. The fact that people in this situation are stigmitized is why they completely crack and “go postal” and shoot up their place of employment. Kudos for a very courageous man coming foward and getting help before things really spun out of control. The Dolphin management is lucky a PR fiasco is all they are in the headlines for and not something much worse. Put the man on the non-football illness list, pay for his treatment, and help him find a new team Dolphin management

  3. As PFT has confirmed, Martin promptly sought and received treatment for emotional distress before returning to California with his family.

    Promptly sought? If promptly means waiting 7 months after you get the voice mail…

    Martin was a non-football player even when he was there. Please dont consider this bullying.

  4. And Aldon Smith returns – so it’s OK to drive drunk, felony weapons charges, etc.

    But tattooed by the media, you dont play. Good grief.

  5. Somehow Martin, the Stanford educated full grown man never filed a complaint either formal or informal until he lost the job as starting LT. Within a week of being moved back to RT, he was seeking treatment for emotional distress.

  6. Now the Dolphins scratched Martin adding injury to insult.

    David Cornwell will be hearing about this.

  7. It seems like he’s “playing” for his big pay day…I smell a lawsuit. Both parent lawyers 2nd generation Harvard grads…ie very liberal…my son and his teammates should get juice boxes after every game and a participation trophy at the end of the season.

    The last generation of football.

  8. GREAT … best news dolphins fans have heard all year.. Tanny should not be sacked now.. Only if we can hurry and get Richie back.. Sooo happy our weak link is gone. I was hoping he would be cut last year but never happen.. Sorry POS player

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