Greg Little, James Ihedigbo avoid fines for scuffle


Browns wide receiver Greg Little and Ravens safety James Ihedigbo played a little game of “he said, he said” this week in regard to a scuffle between the two of them in Cleveland’s victory last weekend.

Little accused Ihedigbo of choking him as the two men exchanged unpleasantries at the end of a play last Sunday and said that he ripped Ihedigbo’s helmet off in response. Ihedigbo denied doing it, saying his hand was on Little’s chest and that he did nothing wrong.

The NFL agreed and they also ruled that Little didn’t do anything worthy of a fine. PFT has confirmed with the league that neither player has been fined for that skirmish, which was part of a day filled with sniping between the two players. It’s a little strange that neither player was deemed over the line by the league, especially since removing the helmet of another player and dispatching it is generally the kind of thing they really frown upon.

The two teams won’t meet again until next season, which means any animosity will have to be kept on a low simmer for a while.

6 responses to “Greg Little, James Ihedigbo avoid fines for scuffle

  1. Little took flags for his penalties and Ihedigbo’s penalty was getting torched by Little with 7 catches for 122 yards and a TD. end of story.

  2. Wow ihedigbo shouldve got fined even if only a minor fine. Saw a clear picture on twitter of little getting choked. Maybe Goodell is getting soft. Lol either way im just glad little and my browns beat the ravens. Hopefully little can build off this performance, we could use him to take pressure off of Gordon and open the field more for Campbell.
    Go Browns

  3. It wasn’t only Ihedigbo. Flacco and the whole Ratbird team choked. Goodell should fine the entire team for impersonating professionals.

  4. This is typical, If the NFL had a picture of Joe Haden with his hands around Megatrons throat there would be fines and suspensions, but have it happen to a lesser stature player and it is not bad enough for a $5.00 fine. But the NFL cares about player safety…. right??

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