Joe Flacco: It’s impossible to be Superman in the NFL


The Ravens are 3-5 at the midway point of their season and that means quarterback Joe Flacco isn’t hearing the same kind of praise he was hearing back in February when the team won the Super Bowl.

Flacco hasn’t done much to earn that kind of praise. He’s got a lower passer rating than the likes of E.J. Manuel and Mike Glennon and he’s thrown more interceptions than all but five quarterbacks, a level of play that many have pointed out is out of whack with the lavish contract extension that Flacco signed during the offseason.

Those issues have been exacerbated by dismal offensive line play, shortages at receiver and a non-existent running game, creating a situation that Flacco said he can’t overcome all by himself.

“It’s tough in the NFL to go out there and try to be Superman. It’s just impossible to do that,” Flacco said, via Jamison Hensley of “So, I think that kind of keeps you in check and allows you to go out there and just play your game. It’s frustrating when you’re running off the field, and you’re not getting first downs, and you’re not scoring points. And that obviously has something to do with it — not being able to get that going — but we’ve got to be better in other parts of our game in order to help that out and in order to overcome that in certain times. We haven’t been able to get it going enough, and we haven’t been able to overcome it enough when it hasn’t worked for us.”

Being Superman isn’t an option for Flacco, but neither is being a mild-mannered Clark Kent-type who acts as just another cog in the wheel. That’s not the way it works for quarterbacks in the NFL. The success or failure of the Ravens offense is going to reflect on Flacco whether he deserves it or not and, right now, he’s gotta find some way to get things moving in the right direction.

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  1. Where there’s a will there’s a way, but Flacco isn’t about leader-speak right now, he’s about loser talk. And what a surprise, right now he’s a loser. Amazing. You are only at best that what you seek to be.

  2. Joe, you wanted to get paid and you did. And now you can enjoy having fewer, poorer weapons around you as a result. Joe Flacco needs very good talent around him to look like a good QB. Aaron Rodgers can take some guy named Jarrett Boykin and he can make him look very good. Does anyone think Flacco can do the same? I didn’t think so. In terms of the value you get for the deal, its going to be in the top 3 worst contracts in sports history.

  3. Joe Flacco: It’s impossible to be Superman in the NFL……???????

    Whaaaaat? was this his negotiating tool when he wanted a raise after the superbowl? If you are taking the motherload of $$$$$$, You are to produce. Any QB that does not have a killer attitude kills their team and fan base.

  4. Ray Rice crying because people have finally noticed he lost more than a step. And are bold enough now to say it.He always thought he was AD or something when he clearly is not. He only had 5 TD’s last year on a SB team. Impressive Ray.

  5. “ELITE” joe flacco statistics:

    10 td — 9 int — 4 fumbles

    59% completions = 24th in NFL

    79.3 QB rating = 24th in NFL

    6.99 yards per attempt = 20th in NFL

    49.5 QBR = 19th in NFL

  6. This is Flacco clearly trying to justify his ridiculous salary. It was a huge mistake to give a player of his caliber that much money. He isn’t THAT good.

    It’s just one of those examples that you see now and then, where someone overachieves and then is overly rewarded. That mistake is going to haunt the Ravens for a long time.

  7. I applaud Flacco for his “wait till the end of the season” contract strategy, and laugh at the “great” G.M. Newsome for falling for it. You would think that a team that won a Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer would know better.

    That noise you hear is $120 million, and then next 6 years of Raven football being flushed down the commode.

  8. I’ve been pretty realistic about the guy: He is clutch in important games, but he is all too often flat during the regular season. This year he’s been so flat it doesn’t look good for making it to the important games.

    I don’t think they made a mistake giving him the contract– because what was the alternative? Back to the endless string of Kyle Bollers and Seneca Wallace type QBs. He’s infinitely better than that.

    But I do wonder if he is capable of being that put-the-team-on-my-back guy at this point. I hate the “elite” tag, but it’s fair to say he hasn’t distinguished himself to be anything like a Manning or Brady to this point.

  9. Joe Flacco: It’s easy to suck (esp when you’ve just struck it rich)!
    Sorry, but Oz, “the GENIUS” really failed on this one!!! Joe is NOT a 20+ MILLION $ QB!!!! Anyone could have seen that!!

  10. Gotta love jump ball Joe!!! Seems like a nice enough guy but man did everything just fall in place for him last year. Took the money and ran. Good for him. But to say he is elite is ridiculous!

  11. I believe Brady has consistently done “more with less,” as have other QB’s, so these excuses shouldn’t be made by a so-called franchise player. Flacco’s contract extension was ludicrous when he got it, & his play so far this season isn’t all that suprising.

  12. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning stick their heads out of the phone booths where they were busy donning their red capes, “did somebody say impossible?”

  13. I may dislike the Pats, but Brady seems to win without receivers. I respect Brady, don’t like him haha but I respect him. He’s a qb that’s worth the big contract. Flacco on the other hand is not. If it wasn’t for Boldin making huge, contested catches during their playoff run he wouldn’t have looked anywhere near as good. Admit it Joe, you’re just a little above average Joe.

  14. This is what happens when you pay for aberations in performance or appearances of performance instead of actual performance.

    Yes, he played well in the playoffs but his supporters love to gloss over the fact what should have been a game-ending INT turned into a game-tying TD. What would be the view on Flacco if that play turned another way?

    I’m not saying he’s a slouch but he ain’t “elite” either. He’s closer to Neil O’Donnell class than he is to Tom Brady class.

  15. Flacco is like Eli, he is a good QB, and can help you win games. But if you don’t protect him, he can’t take advantage of his skill-set.

    Nothing new here, Football is still a team game, and while Good QBs make everyone better, Flacco, like all others is indeed mortal, and can;t do it without support.

  16. What’s more important? A quarterback that gets stats for your fantasy team or a quarterback that can consistently lead the team to wins?

    The quarterback rating system is flawed as it rewards a quarterback that is on a losing team that gets lots of garbage yardage late in the game (Peyton Manning is an exception and in another league IMO). A quarterback that leads a team all the way down the field but hands off to his RB to score is also penalized.

    It’s like a pitcher in baseball that pitches well in a mopup situation. His ERA looks impressive until you understand the game was never on the line when he pitched.

    I know the media likes to portray NFL games as this QB vs. that QB. But anyone who played the game would know – football is more of a team sport than most other sports. It’s all 22 players on the field and many more on the sidelines.

  17. bucrightoff says:
    Nov 8, 2013 11:37 AM
    Joe, you wanted to get paid and you did. And now you can enjoy having fewer, poorer weapons around you as a result. Joe Flacco needs very good talent around him to look like a good QB. Aaron Rodgers can take some guy named Jarrett Boykin and he can make him look very good. Does anyone think Flacco can do the same? I didn’t think so. In terms of the value you get for the deal, its going to be in the top 3 worst contracts in sports history.
    Jarrett Boykin is hardly a nobody. From what I believe, he still holds the single-season record for receptions at Virginia Tech. But I do agree with your point. Franchises that pay too much for one position hurt the ability to pay for decent talent on other positions. It’s not like in Major League Baseball where the Yankees can just spend as much money as it can to build a team. The salary cap, for good or bad, limits what teams can do financially.

  18. This is the problem with QBs. Only the likes of Brady, Manning & Brees get paid like that & continue to have great production. One even did it with no head coach & the worst D in history. Others are started to get paid that much simply because they are QBs.

  19. You might not be able to be Superman and carry the team, but you sure as hell were able to be Lex Luther with that enormous and inflated contract.

    It is interesting to note that Dallas isn’t having the same problem with Romo. They can’t run either. Is it bc they have better WR’s, or is it bc TR isn’t complacent?

    Note that I am not indicating that one QB is better than the other overall , just simply that two teams, very similar contracts, one QB is playing pretty damn well and not making exucses, the other is….well, clearly not superman 🙂

  20. Since its trendy to hate on Flacco, I’ll play devils advocate:
    1. Look at what “Elite” Matt Ryan’s done the last two games without his weapons & running game: 1TD & 7INT’s.
    2. As mediocre as Flacco has been at times, he HAS made other players better. It’s a credit to Flacco that Torrey Smith is a legit #1 WR and that undrafted free agent rookie Marlon Brown has 5 TD receptions and has become a legit #2.
    3. Rice & Pierce are both averaging an atrocious 2.7 YPG, making play action ineffective and the offense one dimensional/predictable. Even Brady, Manning, Rodgers, & Brees have some of the best running games in the league to lean on.

    So while he certainly needs to step it up, the offensive line & running backs need to step it up from terrible to middle of the pack in order to give Flacco a shot at getting things done.

  21. The Ravens fan base has to feel lucky they won the Super Bowl. They played very poorly until end of season and the Boldin led them to the ring. Flaco got the money but they let go the player that got them the Championship.

  22. If I could rob a Bank and not go to jail I would too..good work Joe. Steelers and the Ratbirds are both in a downward spiral.Both fanbases are in denial ..well 85% atleast. I’ve seen this day comming for the Steelers due to bad contracts.. drafts and the lack of free agency participation. Now we have to rebuild instead of retool..Looks like the Ratbirds are in the same boat. Admit it or not

  23. Can’t be superman? Oh darn… Can’t be Clark Kent either? Shoot… Flacco ain’t no Perry White either. How about Jimmy Olsen, can Flacco be Jimmy Olsen?

  24. Amazing how so many people point at Joe’s contract for the woes of the Ravens. fact is, for the first 3 years, his contract is very cap-friendly. In fact, his cap hit this year is less than some of the ‘stars’ of the team at 6 mil. Maybe we need to look at other reasons why such players like Boldin were gone. 2 things, Boldin didn’t show up really until the post season either last year, with mediocre stats during the regular season and 2, Harbaugh cleaned house of most of the most vocal of the players at once..Boldin gone, Reed gone, Pollard gone. He now, for the most part has people that won’t argue with him about the team and the way practice runs, etc. Well, when you do that, sometimes you get rid of the fire, the spark that pushes a team to be better than it’s parts and pushes it’s performance up to another level.
    People are citing his ints..about 1/2 of those are actually his fault, but some, he actually hit the receivers in the hands and it bounced off, or, a good example is another one where a receiver took a spot and turned and Joe threw it and rather than the receiver taking a step up and going after the ball, he stood there while a safety from a few yards away ran in front of him to snag it.
    I will say he was way off in the last game and I really don’t understrand why the last few years under harbs they can’t get started doing anything until at least the 2nd quarter if not the second half, but you can’t point at Joe for all the problems here.

  25. Hi. I’m one of like three Steelers fans that doesn’t bash the Ravens in online posts. And I will not do so now. I will only say this: Joe Flacco is exactly who we all thought he is. He wins games somehow. But his stats and style points are very average. And he’s inconsistent. He goes from brilliant to suck ass and back. Well Joe, now you can call Ben and tell him you understand what it’s like to throw to less than stellar talent behind a terrible o line.

  26. The Ravens won the superbowl due to a pretty good defense, and a decent offense that simply happened into a perfect storm of inept defensive plays through the playoffs. Flaco in no way what-so-ever deserved the contract he was offered. His excuses now are simply that, nothing but excuses. Look at what Rivers, in S.D., does with names hardly anyone knows, for the most part, and an offensive line that is mostly second and third stringers. Odds are Joe won’t last much longer before he gets cut, or traded.

  27. Here’s a guy that a couple of years ago proclaimed being the best QB in the NFL. I said it last year that when he got this money, he also peaked and the team and the fans will never see the benefits of that raise exept raised ticket prices., Another Tony Romo. He made things worse by coming out and saying the things he said in the article. Just another flop. QBs are dropping like flies and the big difference between last year and this is that he is afraid of getting hurt. Too, just like Eli Manning, the receivers are gone. It’s time for the QBs to admit that they are only as good as the guys they throw to.

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