Reggie Bush looking forward to date with Bears defense

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The play of the Bears defense hasn’t won many admirers in Chicago this season, but a short trip to the north finds some people who are thrilled about their struggles stopping opposing offenses.

Lions running back Reggie Bush is one of those people. Bush was asked Thursday if he’s excited about the prospect of facing a Bears defense he scorched for 139 rushing yards in their first matchup of the season.

“Well, yeah,” Bush said, via the Detroit Free Press. “We have to be able to take advantage of obviously the holes that we see. Obviously they’re going to do their part this week at trying to plug up some of those holes. And it’s our job to try to exploit some of those. We feel like there is some room for us to take advantage of them in the run game. We just have to make sure we go in and play fundamentally sound.”

Things have gotten even worse for the Bears run defense since that first matchup with the Lions as linebacker Lance Briggs’ injury has left the team without much of an answer at all against the run. They’ve given up more than 400 yards on the ground over the last two weeks and similar failure on Sunday will offer the Lions a clear shot to at least partial possession of first place in the NFC North after 10 weeks of the season.

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  1. Bears have 95 wins against the Lions, more than anyone in the NFL against a single opponent. Pure Domination. Garbage Lions, even if they win the division they will screw it up like they always do.

  2. This will probably translate into 18 carries for 47 yds and an early exit for Reggie…

    I like him and don’t care about the Bears but pre game talk about potential opportunities against an opposing team’s weakness rarely ever turns into anything substantial.

  3. The Bears defense is in a lot of trouble in this matchup. Conte and Wright already are among the worst in NFL history at approach angles, and Reggie Bush has the ability to wreck any angle you take with his quickness and straight line speed combined. It is all going to come down to the rookie LBs. If Bostic and Greene can catch up to Bush, the Bears have a chance of taking away the run. Both players are considered speedy linebackers, way faster than Briggs is at this point in his career, but they don’t have anyone on defense that can keep pace with Bush, except maybe Jennings.

    The Bears need to bottle him up quickly, and not let him get into the open field. Not an easy task, because they have to focus on getting to Stafford fast to minimize the impact of Megatron downfield.

    I would almost suggest playing nickel the entire game when Bush is in there, and using Frey as a spy on Bush, so at least you are putting a speed player on him. Reggie’s not going to make plays between the tackles on straight runs, so it’s draws and screens to defend, which makes it easier for a nickel back to spy him. The only problem is when Reggie starts on one side pre-snap, and releases to the other side. Tough to catch up to him and stop a swing pass or screen when you are chasing from the start.

    I am excited to watch, as I think the Bears will need to show dramatic improvement on defense and special teams to be in the game.

  4. Be careful what you ask for Reggie … there’s alot of dog in that defence despite the injuries.
    I think it’s going come down how well the Lions can handle Matt Forte and those big Bear receivers and their ability to get after Cutler if he plays.
    It should be a good game.

  5. And the Bears defense is looking forward to a date with Reggie. It should be another close divisional game, with hopefully the Bears winning this time.

  6. Lions are 65-96 All-Time vs the Bears. Not quite “Pure Domination” at 40.6% but, yes, the Bears have had the upper had in Chicago historically. As have the Packers, Vikings, 49ers and Redskins. “Historically”

    The Lions are 0-4 in Miami and San Diego, now that’s Pure Domination, but I would not bet against the Lions against either of them “THIS YEAR”

    We all know about the Lions history for the last forevers, but this is the 2013 Season and I feel pretty good at this stage of the season to be honest. Been a long time since I could say that the Lions were playing in November and it mattered for something other than next years draft.

    Lions 31 Bears 27

  7. The Lions are 0-4 in Miami and San Diego, now that’s Pure Domination, but I would not bet against the Lions against either of them “THIS YEAR”

    The Lions won at Miami on the last game of the season three years ago.

  8. The Lions offense scored 3 points in the entire second half of the last game. (Defense scored on a Cutler fumble, but the best the offense managed was a 40something yard field goal) Yes the Bears gave up 300 and something yards against Detroit, but Detroit’s defense also gave up 400+ yards and won by a single TD, and that was with Cutler playing his worst game of the entire season. I wouldn’t be so confident if I were the Lions.

  9. The jury’s still out on Mel Tucker, but if he’s even a halfway good coach he should be able to game plan for Bush vs. the last game. Meanwhile, it still needs to be pointed out that Megatron is their biggest offensive weapon, and Peanut Tillman shuts him down better than any player in the NFL.

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