Rob Ryan: I don’t care what people say, I know I’m a great coach

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As Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan prepares to meet the team that fired him when the Cowboys come to town on Sunday night, much has been made bout the reasons for Ryan’s firing. But Ryan says he doesn’t care what the reasons were.

Instead, Ryan says that all that really matters is his own confidence in himself. And, in case you’ve never heard Ryan talk about himself before, his confidence in himself is high.

“Whatever people suggest, it doesn’t make a crap to me because I know I’m a great coach,” Ryan said. “So whatever it is, it is. But I said in Dallas on my way out, there are a couple better coaches than me who have been fired. Not many, but there’s a couple.”

Yes, Ryan said, “make a crap,” which may be an odd thing for an NFL coach to say to the media, but Ryan said he isn’t concerning himself with how he comes across to the media.

“I haven’t been up all night studying what I’m going to say to the media. I just want to coach football and work hard and get it right and help us win,” Ryan said.

Ryan noted that he’s been fired before and that coaches get fired all the time, so he said the Cowboys firing him hasn’t weighed on him this week.

“If I worried about every team that’s fired me, hell, I’d have a grudge every week,” Ryan said. “This is a huge game. It’s a big game for both teams.”

And it’s a big test for Ryan’s defense, which is playing well this season and backing up Ryan’s bravado.