T.O. returns to 49ers (as an honorary captain)

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The man who loves him some him apparently doesn’t hate the idea of returning to the 49ers this week in a capacity other than player.

The team has announced that Terrell Owens will return on Sunday against the Panthers as an honorary game captain to commemorate his game-winning touchdown catch in the 1998 wild-card playoffs against Green Bay.

That moment has been determined the No. 4 Moment in Candlestick Park history.  The 49ers are counting down the top 10 moments throughout the 2013 season.

Owens has said that, if he doesn’t land with a team this year, he’ll retire.  He also has called us the devil.

Which I like to mention whenever I can.

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  1. One of the all time Niner greats, happy for TO and the organization that they are doing this. PS Niners will win BIG on Sunday. It’s not going to be as close as people think, actually this has the feel of a 31-10 blow out. I don’t even know if Carolina will score more than two FGs. They are just playing a bigger,better,badder team with big game experience where this is Carolina’s first big game in 5 years or so.

  2. TO figured this was the only shot he had to talk to NFL people again about getting a job. No one answers his calls, he can’t afford a ticket, this is his hail mary. Bet he’s going to beg harbaugh for a tryout.

  3. To the dude that’s talking about the Jags having a better passing attack and the Niners having the 32nd….the Niners also average the least amount of pass attempts a game and the jags are throwing at a high rate….the Niners are blowing teams out every week so there is no need…step ya game up….BTW Kap has the 4th highest QBR in the league….

  4. T.O. was one of the more significant players for the 49ers in the 90’s and this is a very classy move by the Niners acknowledging him and his contributions he made to the team and organization.

  5. Funny how time cures everything…didn’t see this coming 10 years ago, but enough time has passed to finally give him the props he deserves.

  6. TO throws people under the bus and blames everyone else but himself .. BUT ..

    is a fitness nut, doesn’t do drugs, never gets in trouble off the field .. not one arrest, no DUIs, no fights outside “scripclubs”, not even one speeding ticket.

    by all accounts he is a decent person .. he is just self-centered and not very “team oriented” .. so what .. does not make him a bad guy.

    oh btw, he can play football .. he is really good at it.

  7. Despite his antics, I have always been a fan of TO simply based on his passion for the game and obvious work ethic when out on the field. Classy move by the Niners to bring him back. Disappointing that his career is ending like this, would have been nice to see if he had anything left in the tank. But that’s what happens when your personality and off-field issues exceed your onfield production – and considering his onfield production, that speaks volumes.

  8. For real, that’s like talking about how Manning has the most plays by a quarterback of negative yards….it’s called victory formation.

    Maybe talk about the no TD’s Nick Foles through last week in the 4th quarter while your at it.

  9. Is it just me or is Jim Harbaugh not a dead-ringer for Mel Gibson in “The Conspiracy Theory” when he looks at the retirees like they have two heads? I predict that we will see that look often on Sunday when he can’t understand why his offense can’t move the ball and his defense can’t stop the Panthers.

  10. I must have a very different perspective on life and what makes a good person from a lot of the T.O. fans in here.

  11. golforepar says:
    Nov 8, 2013 1:13 PM
    What moment was the Rice fumble right before that?

    17 45

    What was the moment GB got a call against SF? Oh this won’t be hard. How about the NFC championship the year before. Henderson fumble’s and Plummer has a free walk into the end zone. Whistle blown. No replay in 97 season. How about 2001 season wildcard….Julian Peterson jumps on fumble in chipshot fg range. Whistle blown. No replay. How bout Cobb’s punt return? Obvious clip. Flag thrown then picked up for who knows what reason. Even last years coronation had the refs giving GB a freebie at the end. Big time obvious push off on Jordy Nelson when T Brown picked Rodgers in EZ. Called PI on Brown???? As far as I’m concerned refs still owe SF a few against the cheese sticks.

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