Vick is doubtful for Sunday, even more doubtful to win his job back

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Unofficially, Eagles quarterback Mike Vick remains day to day with an aggravated hamstring injury.  Officially, he’s doubtful for Sunday’s game at Green Bay.

His status reconfirms that the team won’t put Vick back out on the field until he’s fully healthy.  But even if/when he’s fully healthy, chances are he won’t be back on the field — barring injury to Nick Foles.

Per a league source, Vick realizes that the Eagles will now be inclined to give Foles a chance to show that he can be the team’s quarterback beyond 2013.  Vick understands that his role, when healthy, most likely will be to serve as the backup to Foles — especially since rookie Matt Barkley has shown he’s not ready for game action.

It becomes one of the most uneventful benchings in recent memory.  Though Vick won the job before the season with the idea that he’d have the job all year, his hamstring injury and reinjury combined with Foles’ lights-out performance against Oakland necessarily puts Foles in the driver’s seat.   With owner Jeffrey Lurie identifying finding a franchise quarterback as the team’s top priority and essentially omitting Vick from the pool of potential candidates, the presumption now becomes that Vick won’t be back.

Unless, of course, he’s willing to accept his role and a salary that reflects it.  While plenty of former starters who refused to admit that they are former starters essentially ran themselves out of a league that needs backup quarterbacks who are content with that role, Vick could enter a new phase of his career in which he’s paid handsomely to hold a clipboard and be ready to play.

If that’s all he’ll get anywhere else, why not fill that role in Philly?

46 responses to “Vick is doubtful for Sunday, even more doubtful to win his job back

  1. Still looking for the answers to why they didn’t trade him before the deadline, why they didn’t trade him before the season started, why they didn’t trade him when this league year started, why they didn’t trade him at last year’s trade deadline, and other questions unrelated to trading him such as why did they sign him in the first place?

  2. My personal dislike for him aside, his ability to run the ball is his liability: QB’s who run a lot get injured, it’s that simple. He’s not unique in having this issue. As much as someone like Brady get’s made fun of for never so much as TRYING to run for a first down it minimizes his downtime. Vick, and the many others who like to run, should think about that.

  3. If Vick gets his job back, Kelly needs to lose his!! Eagles experiment with Vick is over, time to move on.
    Even though it was against the Raiders, Foles put up 7 TDs on the road. “”7″”. Same as Vicks jersey number.. call it an omen? I call it the start of a new era in Philly.
    Although, with the Lions coming into town in December, I am rooting for Vick!!!!!
    Go Lions!!

  4. Who is to say Foles won’t be traded to a team that better suits his skill set and Kelly drafts a QB better suited to run his Oregon version of the read option. If that happens Vick would be an excellent backup and mentor. If Foles remains an Eagle Barkley will probably be his backup.

  5. Vick was doubtful before he even got drafted, he’s just not smart enough to play QB in the NFL.

  6. Vick is finished. If he was named the starter again by the Eagles, I’d be done with them. I don’t understand why people still think he can win games in this league. He’s a turnover machine who gets hurt whenever he is touched. No thank you.

  7. Career over. One of the most overrated QBs in recent NFL history. Could make the Sportscenter highlight but failed to get it done in clutch moments.

    Time for him to start working on his 30 for 30 special.

  8. He’s done..Foles had that fluke game last week and the NFL is a show me NOW business

  9. Mike Vick continues to out kick his coverage as it relates to being a professional and a teammate. Yes, his best is behind him. He is a better talent going forward as a serviceable backup or a 1 year starter as a rookie is groomed to take over.

    Nick Foles and the Eagles 1st round in 2014 for Marcus Mariota == Super Bowl 2015-2016-2017.


  10. ibottpsgoldpants:

    Sorry I already asked for the clipboard holder job. But I’m not holding that heavy thing, I am going to wear Google glass and have an automated voice relay everything for me. Not sure why they need me at all, but shh don’t tell anybody I’m really doing absolutely nothing!

  11. thestrategyexpert says: Nov 8, 2013 12:57 PM

    Still looking for the answers to why they didn’t trade him before the deadline, why they didn’t trade him before the season started, why they didn’t trade him when this league year started, why they didn’t trade him at last year’s trade deadline, and other questions unrelated to trading him such as why did they sign him in the first place?

    who’d want to trade for his Salary?!? Up to the trade deadline, he was hurt anyway, no one wants to trade for a oft-injured, injured QB and his 13MIL (i think) salary!
    That’s no strategy, expert!

  12. Poor Michael Vick. Everyone was with him at the beginning now no one is with him. I believe Nick Foles can get it done though and win some more “Player of the Week” awards on top of them.

  13. Seriously?

    I am not sold on Foles but the guy did just light it up last week. How do you not give him a week or two to figure out if it was just a fluke or he has the potential to be their guy going forward?

    Funny that the guy least likely to be the Kelly-type of QB looks better in his system.

  14. Nick isnt the answer in Philly either. I think the 7 TDs were an amazing mile stone for Nick, but Nick is not a starting quarterback in this league. Vick’s days are pretty much behind him, he will get a small run somewhere else but he is essentially done. The Eagles better think about getting a quarterback in this year or next years draft because they have a situation there that has a nice band aid on it. Once the puss starts oozing out of the band aid, all hell will break loose.

  15. Lighting up a HORRIBLE faider team is no great feat, but there’s no question that Foles is better than Vick at this point.

    The fact is, no matter who’s playing QB for the Eagles, the system Chip Kelly runs doesn’t work against good defenses in the NFL. Just because it worked against the fade doesn’t mean anything to the average NFL team. All those previous huge losses are the proof.

  16. Vick is getting old. He’s taken a ton of hits during his career. Sooner or later that catches up to all running QB’s. Look at Steve Young, getting clocked in the gourd while running around ended his career prematurely.

    IMO, QB as RB, is a bad idea.

  17. Vick does not have the ability to prepare on and off the field consistently – that’s his biggest problem. Foles is a good decision maker and throws a pretty ball but can’t run this offense at it’s most optimum level: which is being able to run the read option. Find the empirical evidence that shows drop back quarterbacks get hurt less. Especially now with being able to slide, there is no reason why a running quarterback can’t last. The Eagles for 25 years now (and back when they won consecutive championships) have been synonimous for runnig quarterbacks. And back when men were men quarterbacks would leap from behind the five yard line over a saftey’s head and into the endzone. And they had awsome nicknames like “Starship 12”. RG3 couldn’t eat a Randall bar to save his life, let alone the gold tips to his shoe laces. The Eagles – whom have won 3 NFL Championships – two with a running quarterback – must have a running quarterback. Although I like Foles and I do more than I really ever liked Vick, they need to see if they can trade him and 2 firsts for Mariotta, see if they can get a first somewhere else to work on theri defense, and go to the Orgean system, a system dare I say Randall Cunningham would have excelled in with proper coaching, and have a blitz crazy defense – and go back to the Kelly Green – and Randall Bars and rip up the grass field of the link to install the green-spray-painted concrete of the Vet and have this be the funnest team ever and yes they will win a Superbowl.

  18. 23rdusernameused:

    I’m not as certain as you that nobody would have traded for him. But if that’s the case then that’s the question you need to ask yourself about his lack of a potential exit strategy when you sign him. They didn’t sign him as a strategic choice to help them win a Super Bowl and I have a problem with it. My set of questions is to pinpoint the precise spot where things went wrong, which in my opinion is the day they signed him. It was always in their best interest to trade him once they acquired him at future junctures in my opinion, so whether they can trade him or not is irrelevant because we don’t know if he could be traded and even if he couldn’t be traded that still doesn’t answer the question or solve the problem.

    So my strategy is superior to the Eagles’ strategy. That’s the strategy! My idea was better! And I support it with solid logic!

  19. Oh, another thing while talking about running QB’s. The thing thats going to bite the Skins in the ass is what they had to give up to draft RGIII. I have no issue with where he was taken really, but when you add in the kings ransom in high draft picks it took to get him, it looks grim.

    Short career plus no ability to acquire much young talent equals disaster and Shanahan getting his walking papers.

  20. KC would be 2-7 with him at QB. Jamal Charles aside, Philly has more weapons on offense than KC does, Smith does much more with less talent in KC than Michael Vick has done with a ton of talent around him.

    People forget in 2008, the Eagles were in a NFC Championship game — Jan. 18, 2009 Arizona 32, Philadelphia 25. We haven’t won a playoff game since with Vick at QB.

    Vick is the most over-hyped, disappointing player in the last 20 years. Vick cannot even come close to carrying Donovan McNabbs jock.

  21. “Nick isnt the answer in Philly either. I think the 7 TDs were an amazing mile stone for Nick, but Nick is not a starting quarterback in this league. Vick’s days are pretty much behind him, he will get a small run somewhere else but he is essentially done. The Eagles better think about getting a quarterback in this year or next years draft because they have a situation there that has a nice band aid on it. Once the puss starts oozing out of the band aid, all hell will break loose.”

    What the hell would a Jacksonville fan know about a franchise QB? And who is to say that any QB from this draft can even play in the NFL? When you find a QB that can play in this league at a high level you do whatever you can to keep him. Look at Flacco in Baltimore… not the best QB in the world, but he can win you games. Foles has already had t he greatest QB performance in the HISTORY of the NFL, and that was only his 9th start. The kid is only 25 years old, and has a very bright future ahead of him.

  22. Funny that the guy least likely to be the Kelly-type of QB looks better in his system.


    I wish people would stop talking about the ‘Kelly-type’ of QB for his ‘system’. Kelly’s system requires a smart, quick thinking QB that gets the ball out quickly, gets guys to the line quickly, can read a defense and adjust the play at the line while not making mistakes. Foles’ has shown he’ll take off if theres NOTHING there. He’ll take the 4-6 yards every time if thats his only option, but he’s not Kaepernick or RG3 or Vick where they look and if their guys aren’t open when they look at them, they take off. Foles can actually anticipate his receivers and get the ball to where they’ll be when they get there, rather than Vick who needs the guy to be already open before he throws the ball.

  23. thestrategyexpert–let me answer a few of your questions–

    1. They brought Vick back because of Kelly’s offense, plain and simple. They didn’t know if Foles could run it.

    2. They didn’t trade him because there would have been no takers for him and his injured hamstring. They didn’t trade him LAST YEAR because Reid thought he brought to them their best shot of winning.

    A few of those of you who thinks Foles is a flash in the pan need to look at the games he played LAST SEASON. In the games he played in last year and this year, he’s thrown 5–FIVE INTs–that’s in over 350 pass attempts. At Arizona in his career, he threw 13 INTs in over 1,000 pass attempts. The thing he worked on in the off season was his deep game. And I have to laugh when a lot of you say, “It was only Oakland”–well, ALL of the national press picked Oakland to win that game because they had an “improved defense”. Well, he shredded it.

    Some of you have still not grasped what Kelly’s offense is all about. It’s about making quick decisions and getting the ball out quickly, which Foles does and Vick does not. If you looked at the games Foles has played this year, he can and has ran the read option–he won’t get 30-40 yards like Vick, but he can pick up enough yardage for a 1st down–and has done so–or to make it 2nd or 3rd and short.

    And if you saw the Giants game that he missed and Barkley played, if they hadn’t been down to a gimpy QB, Barkley could have run the read option–because every time they ran it, he had A LOT of daylight in front of him.

  24. I laugh at the people who say Foles can’t run this offense because Chip Kelly ran the read option in Oregon. Chip Kelly has said countless times that he only cares about scoring points, and it doesn’t matter how he does it.

    What the hell has the read option ever won in the NFL? Absolutely nothing. Show me teams that run a heavy dose of the read option that are successful? Seattle and San Fran, sure, but they are winning because of amazing defenses. Both have scored less points than the Eagles who also went two games without scoring an offensive touchdown.

  25. Bleedgreen. You are right on. Vick doesn’t fit Kelly’s system. Vick has never been an accurate high percentage thrower. He is more of a gun slinger type which is not the QB that is needed to for that offense. Plus the guy just can’t stay healthy. He has become the Danny Amendola of QBs. Like Amendola, Vick is undersized for his position and plays too reckless. Takes too many hits

  26. Still don’t know why Kelly brought Vick back this year except maybe it wasn’t his decision. But, I always thought that this was a throw-away year and we might as well use it to see what Foles could do as the named starter (which hasn’t happened yet). With so many needs on this team, if QB wasn’t one of them, why spend the draft pick. Of course, some folks are worried that this year might be the best and last chance to get a franchise QB in the draft, but last time I checked 1st round QBs don’t often come with a guarantee (except if you are Andrew Luck).

  27. I like Vick as a player, but Foles is better. Vick was actually having a pretty good season this year other than injuries. He kept his turnovers to a minimum and made a lot of big plays. But after those performances in Tampa and Oakland, I’m convinced that Foles has earned at least a chance to prove he’s the guy. People are talking about a back-up role for Vick… I guarantee he could land another starting job after the season since his contract is up anyway. There are several teams like Houston, Tampa and others who need a QB, and may not be able to get one in the draft.

  28. hartlylion said something to the effect of, ” even though it was against the raiders, he still threw 7tds.” Let’s not forget that the raiders were the 9th ranked d in the league going into that game. The more comfortable he gets, the more dangerous he is. He has the smarts and the talent to shed any defense, and we have the weapons.

  29. After that 1st game y’all had no problems with Vick..Foles was terrible after he got y’all back on the bandwagon after one game. Can’t have it both ways. More talent then KC? CHILD PLEASE! Must sting to have a coach y’all wanted gone taken a 2-14 team from last year to a undefeated mid point with “Less Talent” you’ll want Foles gone by next year

  30. It appears to me there enough QB’s in this draft, that people will THINK will succeed, that every team that needs one will be able to draft one. I don’t see many teams finding their solution on another roster. (like Alex Smith).
    I’m also not one to boast on Foles greatest because of the 7 TD game. Flynn, Mitchell, a series of back-Up QB’s from Philly, and many others got big deals based on too small of a sample size. But he if a true talent has many years ahead of him, where Vick (if he is still any good) at best has 3. Injury history makes that best not look promising, makes 3 months more realistic. (which is why Vick to MN or anywhere else to start makes little sense.)
    So count me as baffled as to why Vick won the starting job this year. It only makes sense if they expected Barkley to be the long term solution. They would have had to have determined Foles was not, and that Barkley was not ready (obviously he still is not). Now they find they were wrong about Foles and maybe he can be.
    As for Cunningham…Is this guy supposed to make us forget about Joe Montana? Sure he did some super-athletic feats. But I recall a guy who isn’t known for 4th quarter herorics, I can’t count a list of big game wins, and what’s his title count? To me, on the field he is Vick without the injuries.

  31. Vick would be the perfect backup next year. He’s needs to be on this team next year to continue his rehabilitation. Vick can’t go play in another city at this point or he would be going backwards and opening himself up for hate groups in new cities. If the eagles offer shut up and play your part Mike. Get that money!!!

  32. Anyone who thinks that Vick isn’t one bad Foles game from starting is kidding themselves. Two excellent Foles games in a row will start to close this door, but with the QB disaster scenes happening in so many other teams at the moment, Kelly will keep all his options open and on hand.

    For Kelly, Vick is a good thing. If they do well, Kelly gets credit. If they do poorly, Vick gets the blame, and it’s a holdover problem from the previous regime. In short, Vick is good camouflage for Kelly, for a while at least.

  33. Vick has had a positive second act in the NFL. His flaws on the field remain, but off the field he has been a fantastic leader on the team. He can prolong his career if he accepts the role of a backup. I can’t think of a team that would want him as a starter. The terrible teams either have a young QB on the team or will probably draft one.

  34. It never made any sense why they signed him to that big contract. He had one good comeback year – was still injured and Andy Reid gave him a deal like he was Tom Brady. Dumb. There was no where else he could really go with all his baggage and injury history. The Eagles were bidding against themselves. So no – no one was going to trade for him.

  35. Let’s see how Nick does. If Nick gets hurt we’ll all wish Mike was healthy. Why in the NFL is it a bad thing to have two quality QB’s?

  36. Everyone was with him at the beginning

    Like hell.

    I didn’t like this guy BEFORE the dogfighting.

    Long on hype, short on results. His whole career.

  37. That’s disappointing. He still hasn’t beaten my Packers since the 2002 season. And in both games against them in 2010, Clay Matthews embarrassed him.

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