Warren Sapp doesn’t get the Bucs’ use of Gerald McCoy

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Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp will be inducted into the Buccaneers’ Ring of Honor on Monday night, but that isn’t stopping him from questioning the Bucs’ coaching staff.

Sapp told the Tampa Tribune that Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy should be making a lot more plays, but the Bucs’ defensive schemes aren’t taking advantage of McCoy’s talents.

“He’s not getting the opportunities,” Sapp said of McCoy. “That’s what it is. I mean, I don’t get it. Am I the only one who’s watching tape here? I’m trying to figure out the plan that you have here.”

Sapp said he watched the Bucs’ loss to the Cardinals and grew frustrated when he saw McCoy beat the guard on one side of the line on back-to-back plays, only to move to the other side of the line on the next play.

“I was screaming at the television set – ‘Get back over there,'” Sapp said. “You just beat this guy twice and almost had a sack both times, so now come back for the third down and get us off the field. But the defense says he has to be on that side. And the defense says he has to be on that side because of the threat of a draw. I’m sorry. I just don’t get it sometimes.”

Sapp said his criticism of coach Greg Schiano shouldn’t have any bearing on his Ring of Honor ceremony on Monday night.

“This isn’t personal,” Sapp said. “These are facts.”

The fact is, most Bucs fans would trust Sapp more than they’d trust Schiano.

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  1. I’m not surprised by Tampa Bay.

    What do you expect from a head coach with:

    68 wins – 67 losses at Rutgers

    28 wins – 48 losses in conference games

  2. I guess sapp will never be able to his big trap shut. Probobly the player I disliked the most in the nfl.

  3. Funny how people are complaining about Sapp on here, but not what he said. Say what you will, the man knows defense and talent when he sees it, which is more than I can say for Schiano.

  4. Before it was Suh, now it is McCoy. Next week he’ll be saying that Haloti Ngata can’t tackle anyone.

  5. I have to believe that yes, most Bucs fans LIKE Sapp more tha Schiano….but wouldn’t TRUST Sapp as far as they could throw him. Especially with gravity being what it is.

  6. Actually – going .500 at Rutgers over the long haul is really not bad…

    He definitely does not seem to be a good fit as an NFL coach…and he definitely gives off the impression that he is a dick…but who knows how much of the bad press is actually true?

    On a seperate front…Sapp in no way belongs in the HOF…he had some good years with Tampa and that was it…was he good? sure…HOF? no way

  7. What Warren is trying to say is that the talent in Tampa is being squandered on bad coaching. If the Glazers think they are going to keep Schiano and sell tickets next season, they’re dreaming.

  8. .
    ”The fact is most Bucs fans trust Sapp more than Schiano ”

    Maybe so, I haven’t seen the polling. However, Bill Belichick stated, when asked about an opponent, ” the only ones who know what’s going on over there are the guys in the room. ”

    I’m awaiting an amended statement where he adds ” and Warren Sapp too. ”

  9. Go ahead and get the jabs out of the way. I am one of the biggest Bucs fans around, I did fly to Seattle for the game last week #diehard. So, Is it just me or does it sound like Sapp is lobbying to be the next Head Coach of the Bucs? Starting to sound like a guy who thinks he knows how to do it better and making sure the Glazers hear it. I wouldn’t mind seeing him back on our sideline as the defensive line coach. I say if you think you know how to do it better, Sapp, “Put a headset on!” #GoBucs #HOFer. (Like this post if you get the reference)

  10. The guy who can’t manage his own finances criticizing someone else for how they are managing something (even someone as clueless as Schiano appears to be) is pretty amusing. Why don’t you worry about your own backyard Warren instead of everyone else’s?

  11. Sapp is a legand who played his position as well as anybody, he walked th walk for years so now we will have to listen to his talk for the rest of time. He’s the anti-sean Salisbury

  12. I was hoping Warren would have been a part of TNF, Vikes & Skins, because I know Warren would have at least commented on the home field advantage preferential treatment given to the Vikings, last night.
    Indian Removal Act of 1830.
    Washington Redskins Name Removal Act of 2013, aka the 2013 NFL Season.

  13. Bottom line is….whether you like Warren Sapp or hate him….he knows what he’s talking about. He was a smart player and was able to back it up. He knows the DT position very well and has watched tape for many years. Schiano and his coaches don’t take advantage of many of the players talents. One example also would be Chris Owusu…this receiver has great hands and would be an excellent slot receiver but where does he sit? I have attended practices and games and when Owusu is healthy…he should be utilized!

  14. What I don’t get is why this guy is in the hall of fame. How on earth does this guy go in before a guy like Tim Brown? Tim Brown is the 2nd greatest WR of all time, 100 times better than Cris Carter EVER was

  15. Florida football after Sapp and Marino has sunk to the bottom (Tampa coaches, Miami locker room, and Jacksonville).

  16. Sapp was a beast on the field and a jerk when not playing! He played in a Monte Kiffen defense that won a Superbowl ring for him. So Sapp should know how a defense should work. He has the right to criticize a defense that he knows could be run better.

  17. To say Sapp is wrong, look at the Bucs record.

    Whether Sapp is full of hot air which he is, he’s making a very valid point about a defense he once commanded to success.

    If I’m having to believe one person between Sapp and Schiano, I’m going to believe the one wearing the superbowl ring.

  18. metalman5150 says: Nov 8, 2013 9:23 AM

    I was hoping Warren would have been a part of TNF, Vikes & Skins, because I know Warren would have at least commented on the home field advantage preferential treatment given to the Vikings, last night.
    Indian Removal Act of 1830.
    Washington Redskins Name Removal Act of 2013, aka the 2013 NFL Season.

    Oh, the refs won the game. Such a bummer.

  19. Well you get rid of Freeman and bring your rookie Qb to be a savior, thats says alot about the Bucs HC. He will not be around much longer so Sapp should not worry.

  20. Of all the problems the Bucs have, this is the one he complains about? Seems like small potatoes compared to rampant staph infections, a rigged captain vote, half-empty stadiums, a near mutiny, etc.

  21. If Sappsquatch was flapping his gums about WR’s or QB play, I might be skeptical. He is a HOF DL. He absolutely does know Defensive line play. He was one of the greatest DLs of a generation. He might just know a thing or two about this…

  22. Sapp is spot on and knows the position. He is commenting on what happens on the field and you want input on desease and empty stadiums, please.

  23. I appreciate the 5% of you that bothered to comment on what Sapp said, rather than how fat he is, what a jerk he is, or how he should shut up.

    Personally I am glad they’re misusing their best defensive lineman. The more they do, the more they lose…and the more they lose, the sooner they can get rid of that mini-tyrant of a coach and start over.

  24. If these ex players and journalists (not that Sapp would ever be considered a journalist) are so smart about using players why don’t they become coaches, why because then they’d become accountable for the idiot things they say.

  25. I’m shocked at Sapp’s butchering of the English language. As well as the fact that he gets paid to speak.

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