Incognito considers all options as suspension continues


Plenty of Dolphins players would welcome guard Richie Incognito back to the team.  Team management obviously feels otherwise, as evidenced by its ongoing suspension of Incognito.

Lost in the speculation about a coming legal fight between the Dolphins and tackle Jonathan Martin is the reality that the ball sits on the tee for formal proceedings between Incognito and the Dolphins.

We’ve repeatedly heard that Incognito will challenge his suspension via a grievance.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Incognito currently is considering all options, with multiple angles under consideration to support his position that the suspension was not justified.

The attack could come by challenging the substance of Martin’s complaints, by arguing that Incognito’s conduct toward Martin was no different than the conduct of other teammates, and/or by claiming he was merely “toughening up” Martin at the behest of the coaching staff.

Regardless of Incognito’s potential strategy, the reality is that the suspension can last only four games.  After that, the Dolphins have to either bring Incognito back or cut him.  He can’t be sent home with pay for the rest of the year, and he can’t be suspended again unless and until he gives the team another reason to do so.

On that point, here’s something to keep in mind.  Just as we didn’t know about the golf-course incident until recently, there’s a chance Incognito has done other things that have yet to become public, but that the Dolphins will cite in support of their suspension of Incognito.

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  1. >>>>Incognito considers all options as suspension continues<<<<

    Is one of those options under consideration punching Florio to toughen him up??? Myself I don't want Florio punched by Incognito. But I admit when I watch the games tomorrow and see some of the yellow flying for no reason I will wish Incognito would one punch knock out Goodell………

  2. Local news has more info on the complete voicemail message, that Incognito says, in a softer, normal tone, “ok, call me back” like a friend would. The fact that Martin did call him back, and that Martin was joking about the message. Check Miami area papers.

  3. I hope he sues the Dolphins and NFL for everything they are worth. He did this at the coaches’ urging. He was this guys best bud. Martin was a fragile sole. Not Richie’s fault. The league needs to brush this under the rug and move on.

  4. New NFL rules will need to be developed as this seems to be ano win for everyone……..”Hostile Work Enviroment?” That seems to be the case here……..There are existing case law on this that protects Martin if this is legitimate.

    What a mess.

  5. Just waive Jonathon Martin and let’s forget about him please. He can stay in California and join the 49ers organization. Jim Harbaugh can deal with his “crying”. It’s gotton boring now. Other things are happening in the world.

  6. Go ahead and cut him. Some other NFL team will benefit by getting a good guard on the cheap. This is the same team that brought in Bryant McKinnie………..a model citizen???

  7. Miami is stuck in a position where they almost have to invite Incognito back ASAP. If he files a grievance and implicates coaches as being behind his treatment of Martin, then the entire thing is going to blow up in this franchise’s face. The only viable outcome here is Incognito rejoins the team and IF Martin doesn’t want to return to Miami, the team takes the $1 million hit by releasing Martin. Doing this makes EVERYONE happy and curtails all future damage.

  8. He should win!

    He was suspended for no reason and the Dolphins should re-activate him for Monday night’s game against Tampa.

    Legally, until he checked into a mental health facility, Jonathan Martin looked like he committed conduct detrimental to the team by going AWOL.

  9. hurricanegrabowski says:Nov 9, 2013 7:19 PM

    “Martin was a fragile sole”

    I’m pretty sure he is neither a part of a shoe, or a delicious flat fish.


    “There’s nothing noble about publicly shaming people for grammatical gaffes and typos”

  10. What if it turns out Incognito and Martin planned this all together after the NE loss? The season all but over, the two buddies plan the next chapter in each of their careers. Martin gets out of Miami and Incognito uses the publicity to launch a killer WWE career as heel Richie the Incognito

    That’s the ending I’m routing for.

  11. He CAN be sent home with pay for the rest of the year if they use a roster spot on him. Not saying they would, but saying they CAN’T is a little short sighted.

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