Mike Martz: Rams drafted Richie Incognito because he’s nasty


Former Patriots V.P. of player personnel Scott Pioli and former Colts head coach Tony Dungy are both on the record as saying that in the 2005 NFL draft, they had no interest in Richie Incognito because they questioned his character. Now that Incognito is suspended by the Dolphins for harassing teammate Jonathan Martin, that assessment looks prescient.

But for the Rams, who used a third-round draft pick on Incognito, some meanness was just what they were looking for.

Mike Martz, the Rams’ coach in 2005, told the New York Times that his team wanted players with attitude, and Incognito was just the kind of guy they thought could become part of the tough, physical offensive line they wanted.

“Because that’s the way the game is played in the NFL, obviously,” Martz said. “That nastiness is evident, especially in Incognito.”

There are a lot of people in the NFL who want no part of people like Richie Incognito, but there are also a lot of people in the NFL who think the toughness displayed by Richie Incognito is exactly what a football team needs. There’s a battle playing out in the NFL right now over which side will win out.

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  1. And so ends America. “Bullying” with grown men? In the NFL??? There is no such thing. Report harassment or theirs to the authorities and coaches. Otherwise, be a man.

  2. Pretty soon the NFL will be like square dancing, I can hear the announcer now…

    “The Rams oline doe-see-does to the right and bows to the Seahawks dlinemen, the Seahawks dline bows back and politely asks the oline if it can tackle the QB yet”

  3. I find it sad that a generation of over the top political correctness and extreme child coddling has finally begun to sissify the NFL. We all saw it coming.

  4. Yes, Incognito’s nastiness is evident in the abundant personal fouls he drew, and off the field issues that have followed him (not even counting the Martin situation).

    Does anyone question the toughness of Steve Hutchinson or Alan Faneca? They may both go into the HoF, yet managed to avoid abundant personal fouls and off the field problems. And they managed to be leaders, but I haven’t heard anyone accuse them of laying down racial slurs to ‘motivate’ their teammates.

    Martz is displaying why he wasn’t a good HC.

  5. I can see the over reaction coming…

    No cursing, no trash talk on the filed, no playing jokes in the locker room and everyone must be really really nice at all times or else you’re subject o a $15,000 fine.
    And most importantly no making anyone feel left out. So if you bring in a snack for one teammate you have to bring in enough for everybody.

  6. There is no problem with being tough and nasty on the football field within the rules. Then their is the society we live in and that has a different set of rules. Normal people can differentiate between the two.

  7. draft 5 incognito’s and you will have to drop 1 because he is a “glass bowl” [look it up]. You get the toughness and ferocity but have to watch for the lunacy.

  8. The NFL makes every attempt to have it both ways.

    When it comes to MONEY and the BRAND, it’s a business. And it operates like any Fortune 500 company. We trot out Goodell and Jerry as savvy CEO types.

    When it comes to PLAYERS and SAFETY, it’s a sport played by gladiators where the rules of civilized society don’t apply.

    You want to be a $25 BILLION enterprise? Great, these are the things you need to clean up to get there. You also need to handle the concussion issues. Expanding the scope of the NFL simply requires it.

    You want to be the NHL a decade from now? Great, stick your head in the sand about concussions. Bring back the “Jacked Up” segments. Celebrate guys like RI as throwbacks.

    I’m fine with either. Just stop the BS hypocrisy of trying to be both.

  9. John Riggins … Reggie White … Steve McNair … Mike Singletary … Bruce Matthews … Luke Kuechly … Hines Ward … and on and on … God luck finding tougher, more intimidating players than these beloved “people-persons.”

    Tough does not equal nasty a-hole. Never has. Never will.

  10. I don’t get the whole “we want guys with a mean streak” thing. I’d rather just have 5 guys who can block the guy in front if them regardless of their personality type. Turds like Incognito are the type of guys that retaliate when they get shoved after a play and take you from 3rd and 2 to 3rd and 17. Give me someone that can block and has discipline on the field

  11. Mike Martz crappy drafting is the reason St. Louis has sucked for so long.

    Martz only got two picks right in his six seasons.

  12. These type of guys were all over the NFL years ago; being a straight up maniac was the name of the game…..and quite a few of those “psychos” have busts in Canton. It is what it is. I want my team to win….I want a guy like Incognito on my team. All of you PC clowns need another hobby because football was not designed for you.

  13. Ok let’s just cut to the chase. We all saw it coming, it was inevitable…
    We don’t want anyone feeling left out or getting their feeling hurt…

    No winner or loser anymore but instead mini Lombardi trophies for all players on both teams for ‘participation’ in the Super Bowl.

  14. Nov 9, 2013 9:32 AM
    Looks to me like both sides (Incognito and Martin) loose out…. You either have one or the other.

    “Both sides LOSE out.” “Loose” is not the same thing as “lose”.

  15. How’d that work out Mike? You were fired and Richie got cut by the next coaching staff. Being an idiot has never once lead anyone down the road of success.

  16. .

    For toughest and best leader in the NFL, my vote goes to Tom Brady. His toughness and leadership skills makes both teammates and coaches perform at higher levels.



  17. Nasty is fine. Assault is NOT. Incognito and Suh learned that at Nebraska. What are they teach these guys? Put a stop to it before it starts.

  18. Nastiness is fine. But keep the nastiness on the field, not everywhere else. Some of these NFL players need to learn where the line between the game and life is.

  19. the next battle will be the networks fighting over Sarcastiball’s tv rights. And we can get some of the Huffington Post’s bleeding hearts as sideline reporters. Belch.

    God save America from political correctness.

  20. I hope just because one took it to far that rules do not come out that change this game. In every situation there will always be one that took it too far. Meeting at strip clubs and fines for players who did not attend too far.. The voicemail too far, but on the other hand had he not gone too far with his own ego, probably could have helped Martin and dolphins. Ok he went to far. Do something to him and move on but do not make more rules

  21. This isn’t an ‘either – or’ situation. You can have a tough, hard-nosed player who isn’t an aye-hole. Guys like Matt Birk, Kevin Williams, Jarred Allen, the list can go on and on. For each tough, abusive jerk, I can name a tough player who respects his teammates and other players and treats them accordingly.
    The idea that being tough and an effective leader means you have to be a jerk is fallacious.

  22. @6ball
    For toughest and best leader in the NFL, my vote goes to Tom Brady. His toughness and leadership skills makes both teammates and coaches perform at higher levels.


    I had to suppress a gag reflex but…

    Thanks, needed a good laugh today!

  23. titansfan1950 says:
    Nov 9, 2013 9:46 AM
    Ya there is a battle here.

    It’s called those with super bowl rings and those without.

    Which side is Mike Martz on????

    The same side as Tony Dungy, one ring?

  24. Incognito was never really anything but average, he has lasted as long as he has because of the steroids he pumps into himself. This soap opera isn’t about NFL teams needing “nasty” guys, there are plenty of tough players that actually have respect for thier teammates, profession and coaches. Incognito is not one of them, he’s always been marginal on the field but has always displayed idiocy on and off the field.

    I have nothing to say about Martin, never paid much attention and don’t care if he sucks or not, but it’s great to finally see Incognito come down from his out of control ego trip.

    Problem with the NFL is that it’s a multiple billion dollar machine being driven by a bunch of criminals and meatheads. I love the sport, the hits, the finesse, the strategy, the overpowering of wills but lets face it, most of these guys CTE or not will be broke after being out of the league and most only went to college to play in the NFL.

    This whole situation is stupid, it’s intellectuals vs meatheads, it’s revenge of the nerds 2013 playing out in the most popular sport in the USA. In reality it’s just really about one quiet guy vs one roided out guy, I would guess most locker rooms are not that polarized and this media storm is over playing how prevalent “bullying” is.

    Bottom line is that it’s a tough game where the goal is winning, just like a corporation is about profits…you have to perform and play at a high level to win. The Dolphins were not winning too many games with either guy so can them both and find guys that have the ability to help the TEAM win games without being dbags about it.

    I’m a Browns fan and our leader on the line is 7 time Pro Bowler Joe Thomas, who’s dedication to the game was criticized when he went fishing instead of to the draft. He has never resorted to such frat boy behaviour to lead his units, he has always displayed class and professionalism. Being a hothead Dbag is not a prerequisite of being a good or great player.

  25. .


    ”I had to suppress a gag reflex ”

    After the Jets named Santonio , the Sunrise Baker as captain, I opened up a nationwide chain of vomitoriums.


  26. There seems to be a misunderstanding about the term “PC.” It doesn’t mean “anything you don’t agree with.” So sick of this pc weather.

  27. arwiv says:
    Nov 9, 2013 9:54 AM
    These type of guys were all over the NFL years ago; being a straight up maniac was the name of the game…..and quite a few of those “psychos” have busts in Canton. It is what it is. I want my team to win….I want a guy like Incognito on my team. All of you PC clowns need another hobby because football was not designed for you.

    80% of the 72 NFL players polled off of 24 teams by ESPN don’t this despicable idiot on their team.

    I guess football wasn’t designed for them either.

  28. not sure if the reporters know this or not but miami has a game to play on national t.v. on monday night, still have yet to see any analysis for the game on any station or blog. reporters to tend to have tunnel vision.

  29. You “BE A MAN!” people are hilarious. Incognito organized walk-outs at cafeteria tables and messed around with people’s facebook pages. Oh, and he sent text messages.

    Is that what manly men do now? Do you know how ridiculous you sound? Personally, the revenge Martin got now is ten times better than getting in a fight. Incognito is losing $235,000 a week. I’d say Martin won.

  30. where is it written that you can’t be “nasty” on the field and decent off it??? you can be a tough, clean, hard-nosed, give no quarter player on the field and a great teammate at the same time….. give me the guys who play to “tear the opponents heads off” ( i know, not pc these days) on the field and who teammates would do anything for off the field.

  31. war27 says:
    Nov 9, 2013 9:30 AM
    I’d take 5 Richie Incognitos before I had 1 Jonathan Martin on my OL.


    Lol!! that’d be dumb as hell

    Cognito is a big part of the reason why Marc Bulger was Rag doll from 05 to 08, and also one of the most, if not theeee most, sacked qb over time. It was like 200x or something ridiculous – and incognito couldn’t stop a pass rush to save his life.

  32. @18-1/6ball
    After the Jets named Santonio , the Sunrise Baker as captain, I opened up a nationwide chain of vomitoriums.


    I’d actually agree with that…

    But is that all you got? Get with the times dude that so 2011 & part of the old regime. We don’t even have captains anymore. Anyways he’s not even gonna be on the team after this season as we continue into the rising Geno/Declining Brady eras…

  33. That is absolutely right. As a head coach you better have guys like, Incognito or a Jon Runyan on your team. The trenches are no place for the weak hearted or minded. And most of us with our coushey office jobs would not survive in the NFL trenches.

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