Reggie Bush: After Saints and Dolphins, Lions’ offense is just right


Reggie Bush had his moments in New Orleans and Miami, but he never found just the right fit until he got to Detroit.

Midway through his first season with the Lions, Bush has 119 carries for 518 yards and 31 catches for 335 yards. That puts him on pace for more rushing yards than he ever had in New Orleans, more catches than he ever had in Miami, and more receiving yards than he’s ever had anywhere. Bush told Albert Breer of NFL Network that he gives the credit for his success this season to the Lions’ offense, which is the first system he’s played in that provides just the right blend of running and receiving.

It’s because of the system, the way I’m used,” Bush told Breer. “It’s pretty even. When I was in New Orleans, it was more passing. When I was in Miami, it was a lot more running and very little passing. Here’s the best of both worlds for me.”

Bush had an outstanding game in Week Four against the Bears, with 18 carries for 139 yards and four catches for 34 yards. The Lions would love to see Bush have that kind of impact against Chicago again on Sunday.

17 responses to “Reggie Bush: After Saints and Dolphins, Lions’ offense is just right

  1. Not too soft, not too hard. Reggie “Goldielocks” Bush everybody.

    Guess he’s done after the lions.

  2. After watching the Dallas game, I wish Reggie would secure the ball a little tighter.

    Other than that … he’s going to have a career season. The nay-sayers and haters are all eating crow.

  3. I didn’t realize what great numbers Reggie has been putting up. When you consider how productive Joique Bell has been it’s amazing how the Lions game has turned around. This is easily the best Detroit backfield since Sanders which is amazing considering how Mikel “French Beach” LeShoure has been such a bust.

  4. He worked out okay in New Orleans. Flat tore it up in the ’09 playoff game against Arizona. Definitely had some moments in Black and Gold. Just too inconsistent. I genuinely wish him the best in Detroit or wherever he finds himself.

  5. To his draft position, he’s been less than elite.

    Not a total bust, but he was on the fringe of being one there for a while.

    He’s still a gimmick back, and not close to top 10 as a rusher.

  6. I don’t understand how this signing didn’t make huge waves in the offseason, seemed like a no brainer solid fit… 4 years $16 million, that’s dirt dirt cheap for he’s doing!

  7. Wish him the best as a Saints fan. Thanks for the memories and enjoy that Super Bowl ring you won down here. There’s no telling if you’ll ever get there again.

  8. I always like Reggie and never understood why he jumped around from team to team. He’s a darn good back. I would trade our McFadden for him in a new york minute…and I’d throw in a 5th round draft pick to boot…

  9. Or another way to say it Reggie is that you are finally in one of the weakest divisions in football.

  10. Nice numbers when you project for Reggie having missed a game and a half. Total yards is what Reggie brings to the table.

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