Report: Incognito feels “shocked” and “betrayed”


We haven’t heard much from Dolphins guard Richie Incognito since the team suspended him five days ago.  On Friday night, we heard from an unnamed source regarding Incognito’s mindset.

According to James Walker of, Incognito feels “shocked” and “betrayed” by Jonathan Martin’s claims of harassment.

“It’s probably a combination of totally blindsided and a bit betrayed,” the source told Walker regarding Incognito.  “He’s shocked.  He can’t believe this happened and thinks it probably could have been avoided.”

Incognito reportedly believed he was a “tough-love older brother” to Martin, giving the player a hard time but also protecting him.

Before Incognito was suspended, he lashed out on Twitter at reports that he was the target of Martin’s claims, with Incognito demanding that his name be cleared.  By Sunday night, his name was cleared from the Dolphins’ active roster.

If accurate, the account of Incognito’s mindset suggests that his defense to the suspension, if/when he files a grievance, will consist of an attack on the legitimacy of Martin’s claims.  Incognito also could claim that anything he did with respect to Martin happened at the direction and/or with the knowledge of the coaching staff.

While that approach could put Incognito at odds with his coaches, the stakes could compel a kitchen-sink defense; the suspension will cost Incognito more than $235,000 per week.

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  1. [quote]Before Incognito was suspended, he lashed out on Twitter at reports that he was the target of Martin’s claims, with Incognito demanding that his name be cleared.  By Sunday night, his name was cleared from the Dolphins’ active roster.[/quote]

    It was a funnier the first time you floored us all with this line.

  2. Can we please fast forward to the part where Ireland, Philbin and the rest of those clowns all get fired?

  3. The more the reports come out the more I feel for Richie. He is emotionally disturbed, has battled his demons, and worked his way up to a leadership role where he is respected by his coaches and teammates. He follows orders the only way he knows how and now everyone is throwing him under the bus. The coaching staff and the GM need to be held accountable for ruining 2 careers.

  4. Really dude, you feel shocked and betrayed. Now imagine that about 100 times mores, Martin was trying to become your friend so the harassment would stop but instead you made comments about doing his sister, with some racial slurs thrown in.

    As for the people that said “Martin should of stood up for himself”. No, he did the right thing because if Martin did fight or argue with Incognito, Richie seems like a dude that won’t stop but just bring it up a notch.

  5. Guess the girl at the golf tournament wasn’t a fan of his “tough-love” approach either.

    He’s so misunderstood…….

  6. Sounds more and more like they were friends. Did any of you ever see Boogie Nights, do you know Scotty who was played by Philip Seymour Hoffman? Remember the scene where he’s saying, “I’m an idiot”? Well I think that is what happened here.

  7. Now Martin says he has issues with other players and coaches.

    Yet he never told anyone until after he left the team.

    I dunno, but perhaps the issue is Martin

  8. Here’s Coach Philbin response to questions from the NFL investigator:
    “Son, we live in a world that has quarterbacks, and those quarterbacks have to be guarded by men with helmets and shoulder pads. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, Commissioner Goodell? I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep for Martin and you curse the Miami Dolphins. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know, that Martin’s abrupt departure, while tragic, probably saved many fantasy football teams and our regular season record. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves the remaining men on my roster, bookies and the Vegas line! You don’t want the truth, because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me on that sideline. You need me on that sideline. We use words like “blindside”, “guard”, “tackle”. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very sports entertainment that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it! I would rather you just said “thank you”, and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest pick up a football and take a snap. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to!”

  9. Martins statement today claimed he was pretending to be his teammates friend. If my friend and teammate came out all of a sudden accusing me of career threatening and possibly criminal liable accusations and then says he was pretending to be my friend.. Ya I’d be a little “shocked” to make it PG-13.

  10. QUESTION: Did Richie coin the term “Big Weirdo” to Martin because of his less than adept social skills? It’s a rather inane moniker that’s actually archaic in its origins which maybe was a name big fat boy Richie was called in his youth and in his standard bully fashion reciprocated the pain towards his unwitting victim Mr. Martin.

    Inquiring minds want to know. ❓

  11. It’s pretty clear to me, as much a “jerk” as Incognito is, the NFL players and especially the Dolphins locker room are on his side in this, he’ll still have a career in the NFL, on the other hand, I don’t see the same thing for Martin, he’ll now be toxic, probably just about the exact opposite of how the media and lay fans would react.

  12. At 6’4 and 315 lbs., Jonathan Martin has to be the worlds largest WUSS. This is the NFL, for God’s sake. If you are gonna run away and cry over what a teammate says to you, what are you gonna do when your opponent smacks you in the mouth? Crumble? Toughen up, butter cup.

    Incognito was sent on a mission by his coaches. He’s not the brightest bulb, and of course, he carried out the mission using questionable techniques. But this particular workplace is not a fitting environment for implementation of the normal “office” or “workshop” employment laws. Everyone needs to bounce around and quit listening to the whining of Martin.

  13. James Walker is the Dolphin’s ESPN beat reporter. After learning that many team players were supporting Incognito over Martin, he has become Incognito’s biggest fan and apologist. He never has any original quotes – always from anonymous sources even though many players are speaking freely. FAIL!

  14. Martin is a scumbag who will never ever play another down in the NFL.. He burned all them bridges with this stunt.. If you want to quit football there are much easier ways to do it then trying to bury ur whole team on the way out.. but hey I guess having lawyers in his family he thought why not try to make some money after football for cushion.. #68 I hope to see u out there in our uniform soon… goo phins.

  15. I was disgusted by a report I just saw about Martin on ESPN. In my opinion, he is up against a coordinated effort to change the narrative on this situation because the NFL is more concerned about image than the (victim). I’m not surprised at the recent comments made by guys in that locker room but I am surprised at the way this information is presented to the public and I’m not buying it.

    I think that the pundits are afraid to lose their access to the players and the players (including former players) don’t want to admit this:

    Any man, even big, tough NFL players man can be the subject of abuse and since people keep referencing code reds and A Few Good Men “deep down in places where you talk about parties” these men; football players, have feelings too.

    In my opinion it stands to reason that if the coach really told Incognito to toughen Martin up and the GM really suggested that Martin slug Incognito, then what we have here is a perfect storm no profession sports league ever considered, and the sums of money if true only makes it a bigger problem. And don’t forget this coach has a history of humiliating players. Remember how Chad Johnson was cut on Hard Knocks?

    What I’m suggesting is that the NFL and Dolphins are circling the wagons to the protect it’s brand and a coach because I believe this a text book case of a hostile work environment. Martin could have fought back when the money got excessive but he didn’t, he wasn’t scared of the player or players, he was afraid of getting cut and blackballed. He was afraid of having his reputation and character dragged through mud as it they are trying to do and he was afraid of the one person or persons who had the power over his situation. I think Incognito took things too far but at the end of the day, someone in power had to put this in motion.

  16. $235,000 a week!!…look i get Martins boy hurt feelings and all but at some point you have to weigh intelligence here. Martin clearly seems smarter than the dumb Jock donkey kid who was giving him a hard time..which makes me wonder if this is nothing more than an awesome way to shove it up his…payback for being an idiot. Did Martin fall victim to a bully ..or outclass/outsmart an egotistical dumbass? I bet Richie isn’t beating his chest now…lesson learned. Checkmate Martin.

  17. Richie Incognito is nothing but a playground bully that needs removed from the NFL forever . He has no place in the NFL and serves no purpose whatsoever . This is not hazing , this is simply harassment in one of its worst forms . When you start making death threats and then take it a step further by bringing Martin’s mother and sister into it , thats as bad as it gets . For Martin to feel like he had no one in the organazation he could turn to for help , its obvious that the coaching staff knew exactly what was going on . If that turns out to be true and Im sure it will , anyone involved with knowledge of it needs fired immediately regardless of who they are . If its a coach or all the way up to the general manager they need fired . For people to act like Martin did something wrong , they need to wake up . How would you feel if that were you , in your work place ?

  18. Are you kidding me? “thinks it probably could have been avoided.” Hilarious!!! Yeah! You could have quit being a big d!ck to your team mate. There’s no way Martin DIDN’T say something to someone before this (in my opinion).

  19. I was at a high school football game last night and the group I was with knew I was a Finfan. Not one said Martin did the right thing, everyone had the same impression that this is a set up for a lawsuit. They all thought he should have atleast confronted RI to tell him to back off, he didn’t have to fight him, just tell him to back off.

  20. I would see how he’d be blindsided. A guy hangs out with you everywhere, laughs off stuff, and participates in pranks with you, and then goes home months later and calls a lawyer? Weird.

    IMO it make no sense. They were friends. If Martin actually believed the voicemail was serious, then why would he continue to hang out with him after work? Then, after quiting, why would he tweet Incognito and admit he’s not the real problem? I guess the lawyers weren’t in the house with Martin at the time, or else they would have stopped those tweets.

  21. There is a difference between trying to toughen someone up and humiliating them. Ragging on the guy’s sister? Come on.

    Isn’t toughening up players the coach’s job? How about the guy with the title offensive line coach?

    OL meetings in strip clubs? Dry humping the volunteer at a golf outing? Spazzing out in a bar shirtless? This guy is a creep and has serious head issues.

  22. Situation “could” have been avoided?!! Are you serious?!! Every problem has it’s source. If the NFL wants it’s clean image back which over the years it would stop at nothing to protect it’s shield, ban Incognito from doing it again on another team and kick his ass out of the league. You are the source of the problem Incognito, And you have nobody to blame but yourself. Here’s hoping the owner Mr. Ross pulls a Jeff Fisher and talks to Gruden or Cowher while Philbin is still the coach and gets that whole coaching staff out for next season!!

  23. Based on what’s been leaked … I say Incognito gets a free pass on all of this. The coaches and the GM are the ones who should take the fall. There’s little doubt the Dolphins organization knew *exactly* what was going on – they were pulling the strings.

    Unfortunately Incognito also seems like he really doesn’t get that his idea of “just having fun” borders on criminal behavior – and sometimes even crosses the line. A lot of that confusion is because every college coach and NFL coach he’s ever had has encouraged his anti-social behavior. Star jocks get are allowed to get away with anything and everything. Many lack the intellectual capacity to ever be sitting in a college classroom.

    And it looks like the days of allowing an NFL locker room to function like a motorcycle gang clubhouse are coming to an end.

  24. Bullies often think they are “friends” with their victims because the victims “let” it continue.

  25. Incognito can legitimately claim ignorance on this one.

    If someone had simply told him that it was NOT ok to call his teammate the N word and describe graphically how he wanted to F said teammate’s sister without a condom, I’m sure he would have refrained.

    This is just a “my bad” on the Dolphins for not making the rules clear.

  26. This country has really gone soft.. next we’ll be telling drill sargeants that they can’t hurt feelings..

  27. Even turning myself inside-out to give the benefit of a doubt, the kinds of threats and messages he left sound NOTHING like older brother, or even tough-love.

  28. Don’t worry Ritchie you have plenty of supporters.
    It’s Jonathon Martin who is the “baby” he quit the team and walked away to his parents. He needs to do another job because he’s not an NFL player that’s obvious. Maybe Andrew Luck or Jim Harbaugh would like you back if you want to play again call them.

  29. So Incognito’s teammates all have defended him.

    Before Martin left, he treated incognito like they were friends.

    Obviously Incognito isn’t the classiest individual but I think it’s ridiculous that the media jumped on him and that he’s even suspended.

  30. Shocked at what? The fact hes been a roid soaked butt his whole life, or the fact someone finally has the fortitude to not put up with his crap any longer?

  31. The NFL loves their fines and they will collect from his team mates their two cents worth for their un-authorized opinions.

  32. Report: person of low intelligence doesn’t understand that there are consequences to acting stupid.

  33. meanwhile Jonathan was at this parents house last night watching movies and ordering pizza.
    Martin is a snitch, Incognito is a jerk don’t get me wrong, but in this case he did nothing wrong.
    martin didn’t want to play and now trying to find a way to get paid while he is at home eating bon bons and watching Days of our Lives all day.

  34. What an immature child you are Richie.
    How about forgetting the schoolboy hazing and putting that wasted effort in to making Martin a more sound player.
    You will now pay the steepest of prices for your immaturity, and that’s lifetime security. Time to get a job on a beer truck.
    Buh-Bye NFL.

  35. Incognito should be banned from the NFL. Even if the coaches did tell Incognito to toughen up Martin, toughening up and bullying are completely different.

  36. Jake Long, NFL starting left tackle = $93 million worth of NFL contracts

    Jonathan Martin, lost the left tackle job = $4.7 million worth of NFL contracts

    Do the math. At Stanford, everyone told Martin he would be a star left tackle in the NFL. By failing, Martin may have cost himself in excess of $80 million over the life of his career.

    Of course he’s going to lash out at everyone. Of course he’s going to be depressed and extremely upset.

  37. actually with all the BS I’ve read since this story broke – I think Martin is a big baby and a wuss. as far as I’m concerned, I wouldn’t want Martin on my team.

    Maybe Martin and Manti Teo have something in common.

  38. I have a hard time understanding why Martin, an adult, didn’t do what the rest of us do if we’ve had enough of a co-worker, 1) make the co-worker aware he’s crossed the line, 2) if it persists, elevate it to management, 3) if it still persists, quit & file a lawsuit

    Martin jumped straight to 3 (lawsuit’s coming), so I have no sympathy for him and blame him for this mess that may have been avoided if he followed steps 1&2…something’s afoot

    And the defenders can dispense with the “he was threatened” and called this or that”…I’m sure he hears worse from across the line every game

  39. That’s because psychopath don’t see themselves as others see them. I’m sure in his warped mind he did nothing wrong to Martin. I have more of a problem with Dolphins management and coaches who put this crazed individual in a leadership role. As Alpha dog in the Dolphins locker room nobody is going to stand up to him.
    Richie Icognito is an abusive man with a checkered past, present and future.

  40. I would like to hear for myself just how racist and bullying those voicemails are. Best of my knowledge they haven’t been released in their entirety

  41. Based off the reports regarding the coaches and players I’m starting to get the feeling that Jonathan Martin is full of crap.

    His potential desire for money based on the speculated lawsuit and the fact that he has not been put on the NFI list.

    Richie is just getting accused, but yet he’s been suspended.

    Meanwhile Martin rats out and gets paid.

    Maybe Martin has been hanging out with Incognito’s assault accuser for a little too long.

  42. Based off the reports regarding the coaches and players I’m starting to get the feeling that Jonathan Martin is full of crap.

    His potential desire for money based on the speculated lawsuit and the fact that he has not been put on the NFI list.

    Richie is just getting accused, but yet he’s been suspended.

    Meanwhile Martin rats out and gets paid.

    The Dolphins are full of crap as much as Martin supposedly is for not treating Incognito better.

  43. I hope Incognito’s feelings of shock and betrayal will awaken him to his bullying behavior, and help him transform himself from a pseudo-real man into a real man who is strong and yet sensitive to the needs of others.

  44. Incognito is no boy scout but seeing all the thumbs downs on any post that defends him in any way speaks volumes for the effect the liberal media has on society. Are folks really saying if they had a problem with a co worker they would move straight to walking away and starting a lawsuit without speaking to thet person or management first? That’s really what we have become? I just think the timing of everything Martin is doing is curious.

    1. Leaves team and sends text to Incognito saying it’s nobody’s fault.
    2. Dolphins threaten with NFI list, which means Martin doesn’t get paid and suddenly he’s been bullied by Incognito.
    3. Team mates back Incognito.
    4. Martin now has issues with other team mates as well.

    Martin is no dummy and neither are his folks, this seems curious to me. Also I keep hearing “I can’t believe Martin had to put up with all of the terribe things Incognito did to him. So far this is what we know for sure:

    1. Horrible vile voicemail that ended with “call me back” which the media cuts our for dramatic effect.
    2. The $15,000 for a Vegas trip Martin said he was going to but backed out AFTER IT WAS ALREADY PAID for. If I was throwing a bacholer party and paid up front for my friends I would expect them to pay even if they backed out.
    3. Lunch room prank that has been pulled on like all Dolphins including Ryan Tannehill.
    4. 2nd voice mail about his sister that may not even be from Incognito.

    The media, and many other people, want this story to so badly be that big, bad, mean, racist jerk Richie Incognito is picking on poor Jonathan Martin it’s not even funny. Many pundits were devastaed when the Dolphins backed Incognito and would have been in their glory had they come out and said, “we’re so happy to have that monster Incognito out of our locker room.”

    Why isn’t the media saying, “Incognito shouldn’t
    lose his job, he just needs help” like they usually do?

  45. …ejm845 says:
    Nov 9, 2013 8:03 AM
    the eagles will give him a 2nd chance maybe he can toughen danny watkins

    uhh….hello….Watkins is on the Dolphins roster now.

  46. Mongo only pawn in game of life.
    Dude, thanks for the good laugh this morning. That was funny!

  47. In related news, Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross says he feels shocked and betrayed to learn that the head coach of his team is actually Joe Philbin. Ross was quoted as saying:

    “I was under the impression we’d hired REGIS Philbin, and I feel shocked and betrayed that no one brought this to my attention sooner. JOE Philbin? Who the hell is HE? I’ve never seen HIS show; in fact, I don’t even know who he is. But I’ve ALWAYS like Regis and Kathy. Heads are going to roll!!!”

  48. Its really amusing to read all of these comments from people who aren’t members of the Dolphins. Good Lord you people sound so moronic.

  49. pandaaa69 says:
    Nov 9, 2013 3:14 AM
    I agree with Incognito if Martin really felt that harassed he could have pulled incognito to the side and told him he was going to far.


    Because that worked before at Nebraska, twice. And Oregon. And St. Louis. And….

  50. “Incognito reportedly believed he was a “tough-love older brother” to Martin, giving the player a hard time but also protecting him.”

    Really? Really? Does he really believe this? I can recall numerous times that I called my brother a half-nig and threatened to kill his family and slap his momma….NOT!

  51. The whole organization feels “Shocked”, they underestimated Martins reaction to their way of handling things and backed him in a corner. Martin is taking them all down, which it seems was much more effective than punching Incognito.

    Mess with people like they did you better be prepared for the backlash, and it usually does not happen the way you wanted it to.

    Martin is fighting back, you may not like his tactics but they seem to be hitting them hard.

  52. I know right I can’t imagine how threatened Martin must have felt when he was laughing about the voicemail in the Miami locker room with Brian Hartline. How did Martin even function when he was feeling so threatened. I just hope Martin didn’t pull anything while laughing at the voicemail.

  53. xpensivewinos says:
    Nov 9, 2013 1:46 AM
    Guess the girl at the golf tournament wasn’t a fan of his “tough-love” approach either.

    He’s so misunderstood…….


    Such a good point. With all the new slants on this story, really it comes down to that point. Incognito is the kind of low life who pulls that crap, and apparently the Dolphins locker room is full of people who think Incognito is a “great guy” in spite of it. I can’t feel any sympathy for a guy like that. Nor can I think the likes of Brian Hartline is any better.

  54. But this particular workplace is not a fitting environment for implementation of the normal “office” or “workshop” employment laws.

    show me where on the laws it states: “excludes NFL locker rooms”

  55. krenshaws says: Nov 9, 2013 1:45 AM

    “The more the reports come out the more I feel for Richie. He is emotionally disturbed, has battled his demons, and worked his way up to a leadership role where he is respected by his coaches and teammates. He follows orders the only way he knows how and now everyone is throwing him under the bus. The coaching staff and the GM need to be held accountable for ruining 2 careers.”

    Of all the comments that have been made about this saga, this is the most accurate description of the “big picture” that I’ve read.

    You’d expect the goal of a coaching staff at the professional level would be to allow players to contribute the best they have by creating a scheme and framework for them to function as a team.

    Allowing a person like Richie to give free rein to his low tendencies hasn’t produced any growth or maturity in him or those around him. He still acting like the ignorant and damaged child that he was in middle school.

    From the beginning, I’m faulting the HC and front office with this mess. Was this the culture they wanted for the franchise or did they even care?

  56. Like watching an episode of “Gangs” – the bad guys get caught and they always feel ‘betrayed’ since you know, being bad and doing bad things has nothing at all to do with finally being held accountable for your actions.

  57. Question to Jared Odrick, “Do you feel Jonathan Martin was physically abused by team mates?” Odrick, “no, well maybe a little by Dion Jordan in 1 on 1 drills.” ROFL!

  58. A lot of what you’re seeing from Martin’s detractors is precisely why victims of bullying are often afraid to report what is happening. People affix blame to the victim, make assumptions about ulterior motives, and essentially villainize the victim, which empowers the bully.

    Clearly, Jonathan Martin is the man here. Punching Incognito would have done little- Martin would immediately become the bad guy- additionally, if you’re in the group that wants to escalate violence, then you should be OK with anything that happens after that, whether it’s a gun, a knife, or a group beatdown.

    Richie Incognito is nothing nothing more than an overgrown child- he’s clearly in the wrong here, and it sounds like this wasn’t one or two incidents, but a continuous cycle of bullying starting from when he was a rookie. It’s too bad Richie’s teammates feared Richie enough that they wouldn’t step in when things get out of hand. The weak who fear the bully often join him in his actions, or at least act as bystanders, as is most likely the case here.

    Men, especially teammates, don’t stand idly by when a someone else is threatened.

    Whether or not Martin went to Stanford, is smart, or his parents are lawyers has absolutely nothing to do with his toughness.

    Former Piston Bill Laimbeer grew up in wealthy suburbs with an extremely wealthy family- and he was physically tough, a jerk along the lines of Incognito.

    Martin is a man for telling what happened, and then having to take the criticism because he violated some stupid code of conduct- it takes guts to break ranks when you’re supposed to “fall in line” Incognito is an insecure coward, as any bully is, and his teammates are weak men for allowing it to happen. Incognito is responsible for creating instability- stop blaming the victim- blame the guy who did it- and quit making excuses for a guy whose known to be an overall bad guy- he deserves zero benefit of the doubt; and he’s earned that.

  59. For the above post, I have a really hard time believing the entire Miami Dolphins locker room is/was afraid of Richie Incognito. Randy Starks, Paul Soliai, Jared Odrick, Mike Pouncey to name a few are some big tough dudes I find it hard to believe they’re afraid of Richie.

  60. ripster65 says:
    Nov 9, 2013 6:35 AM
    serious question: As NFL teams are basically big corporations, do the even have HR depts. or anything similar? Again, a serious question.
    The NFLPA is the players HR dept.

    The NFLPA is in a catch 22. How do they support, and defend, two players that are the same problem?

  61. During training camp last season the Dolphins offensive line played a prank on undrafted rookie Josh Samuda. They moved his car on him to make it look like it was stolen. Guess who the driver was, Jonathan Martin. So maybe Samuda should start a lawsuit against Martin?

  62. I suppose many fans think it would be a cleaner situation for them to understand if Martin had just’manned up’ and just shot Incognito rather than walking away from the conflict. More and more NFL players own guns because they believe they need them for protection. Martin needed protection.

  63. I love it, walk away or shoot, that’s the mindset of our society in 2013. Maybe Jonathan Martin just could have listened to Mike Brady and tried calm, coo,l reasoning. Does anyone try to talk out their issues anymore or do we just walk away or turn to violence. It’s been well documented Incognito and Martin often hung out off the field alone (including Heat games). I find it hard to believe they’ve had zero normal conversations. Maybe Martin could have just tried telling Richie he didn’t like the way he was treating him. Seems simple enough to me. Maybe he tried, we don’t know, but if he didn’t come on. Isn’t that how we would handle problems with co workers at work? Oh this is the NFL it’s different but it’s not. Make up your minds people!!!!

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