Richie Incognito interview with Jay Glazer airs Sunday

A week ago Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito was insisting that he wanted his name cleared, but since then he has been oddly silent about the circumstances that led his team to suspend him. Now Incognito is breaking his silence.

Incognito has decided to grant his first interview since the suspension to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports. Their sit-down will air on FOX NFL Sunday at noon Eastern.

Glazer announced the interview on Twitter.

Among the questions that everyone will want to hear Incognito answer are whether it’s true that he left a voicemail to Jonathan Martin calling him a racial slur and threatening to kill him, as well as whether it’s true that the Dolphins told Incognito to toughen Martin up. Much has been said about Incognito in the last week, and now Incognito will give his own side of the story.

54 responses to “Richie Incognito interview with Jay Glazer airs Sunday

  1. I hope Jay asked him “Are you really that stupid, to leave a recording, of you say something that STUPID”?

    Or…”Have you ever thought it might be a good idea to stop drinking, since these things keep happening when you drink”?

  2. Hopefully Miami will cut this meat head before this even airs. If not for the lawyers circling like vultures I’m sure it would have been done already. It is sickening that people support him in any way. Once a classless goon, always a classless goon. This never would have happened in the Shula/Robbie era.

  3. Will be very carefully scripted, with every question reviewed and agreed to upfront as a condition of Glazer getting the interview. In other words, a joke. See Richie spin. Richie the victim. “I thought he was my little brother…..”

    This should be fun to watch. Bad tempered bag of ‘roids trying to be remorseful, hurt and calm. They might award an Emmy for this performance.

    Won’t be good if he lies on national TV…….I’m amazed that he’s being advised to do this one.

  4. Just one giant turd being interviewed by a much smaller turd. I wonder how many times during the interview does Glazer answer the phone he constantly needs to hold on tv.

  5. .

    I’m expecting a puff piece portraying Richie as a wayward alter boy. Most topics of interest will be off limits due to pending litigation / investigations. However, he can’t leave all the allegations to stand totally unchallenged.

    It will be well rehearsed for sure.


  6. Everybody knows Ritchie’s a tool and an idiot.
    He’s been one since college and his whole career.

    The guy I’d like to hear from now is Martin.
    Now that’d be the interview to get.

  7. Get Jim Grey to do the interview and go all Pete Rose on him. Like others have suggested, Glazer will bring the whiffle ball interview while Incongnito sits there lying unchallenged.

  8. “glazer sleeps with these guys or something, he gets a info and important interviews.”

    No, he works for the network that pays the NFL the most for television rights. Thus, he’s gets access and the majority of the inside stuff first.

    Doesn’t hurt, if you’ve ever noticed, Jay just reports, he doesn’t really give his opinions much, or slants the news at all, thus he’s got the trust of the players and organizations. The guy does a great job.

  9. Incognito needs to walk a fine line on any form of interview right now. An investigation that could be criminal in nature is ongoing so why would you set yourself up for more harm? Do the gains-to-losses really make this a worthwhile venture?

    The only method to this madness has to be to paint himself in the culture of the game and the locker room. Some form of “coached to do it” so I’m going to do it.

    Even at the bitter end of the movie, A Few Good Men, Private Downey still didn’t think they did anything wrong. But it doesn’t mean that you get full immunity from (not) knowing right and wrong.

  10. Incognito will be the team player and won’t rat on anyone unlike the soft quitter Martin…..

    I hope Richie tells the real story about the “vicious physical beating” Martin took. The real story was lilely the pepsi machine stole Martin’s money and he couldn’t handle it…..

  11. Well, now we know why Incognito was in LA this week.

    Incognito is a tool. Glazer now has a new MMA fighter in his stable. Anyone denying that & believing this is just an “interview” is beyond naive.

  12. Great, we get to hear something from someone directly involved. I am tired of hearing speculations or reports that could easily be taken out of context.

    One thing you can say about Incognito us that I don’t think he is one to worry what the general public thinks of him. If he is going to paint a picture of his innocents, he is going to do so to protect himself from being sued or going to jail. I don’t see him doing it for a PR reason.

  13. I hope Richie tells the truth we all know about that voicemail: it was a joke. Like Richie was really going to go Jason Voorhees on Martin & called him a bad word that all those locker room players use like a mother to each other. The media has blown this whole thang out of proportion because it was Martin who ran away from his job where only the tough guys survive and he folded like the cheap tent I bought at Target. He even laughed about it! An outrageous situation which can only be rectified by the Dolphins taking him back for their game next week against whoever is better than them.

  14. Jason Pierre-Paul literally body-slams a much smaller teammate while using the “N” word among other verbal assaults on Prince Amukamara all on video with audio yet Richie Incognito is being metaphorically lynch-mobbed for an admittedly unclear set of circumstances backed only by innuendo and a disputably inappropriate VM.

    Meanwhile, other reports of not-niceness come out about a player known for his aggressive attitude and WITHOUT a police record while other players rack up criminal charges, capital murders and DUI’s with barely a mention.

    Nine years Richie Incognito has started in the NFL. He most likely can afford to retire right now, and I wouldn’t blame him if he did, but I personally hope he fights tooth-and-nail to kill this social and NFL double-standard good and dead.

    But that’s just my opinion…

  15. Incognito may be a tool, maybe not, but he will likely clear his name. Death threats, racial slurs, bullying on a phone message have been the mantra pounded by the media. What of the last sentence in the message? In a softer, normal tone Incognito says, “ok, call me back, ” like a pal would say after razing him a bit. Martin did indeed call him back, and was joking with teammates about the message. Armando Salguero has a piece on it in a Miami area paper.

    There is more to this story than the media, this site included, is reporting. Not sure why that is. It would be great if they would report all of the facts so the public can come to an informed opinion. Instead we get skewed details, half truths, and omissions.

  16. When will these stories about this guy end??? Don’t know about anyone else but I’m tired of the 10-15 stories a day with this team. I don’t read any of ’em any more, I just can’t. Sheesh enough already.

  17. wrdtoyrmama says: Nov 9, 2013 8:04 PM >>>Everybody knows Ritchie’s a tool and an idiot. He’s been one since college and his whole career.

    The guy I’d like to hear from now is Martin.
    Now that’d be the interview to get.<<<

    Oprah and the View must really be booked solid….Just another example of how Martin is soft. If he was such a victim like he wants everyone to believe. You would think he would have been the 1st to give an interview. Let's hear about the physical beating he took. But no. Instead of man-ing up. He's hiding at Mommy & Daddy's house who are lawyers and huddling with his legal team…..

  18. Stay tuned folks. When the full story comes out, you’ll all see that from the start, this was primarily about Jonathon Martin getting out of his contract with the Dolphins. Sure there was a bit of hazing and low level harassment that Martin was willing to deal with………………..until Miami signed McKinnie to take over Martin’s spot at LT.

  19. Portions are already ‘leaking’ out. The Brothers Grimm didn’t have half of this idiots imagination or his PR flack’s talent for fairy tales.

  20. If you live on the upper east side of Manhattan, you know that Glazer is just as big a jerk as Incognito.

  21. This is old already they need to get rid of the pansy Martin…its apparent he has no backbone and incognito should be fined and suspended for what he did…its now turned into a waste of airtime

  22. I can see the ESPN breaking news report after the interview airs on FOX.

    FOX Interview at 12:05PM – 12:15PM.
    Incognito tells Glazer he’s not a racist.

    Adam Schefter at 12:16PM:
    Our sources are reporting that Incognito is not a racist.

    The only time I ever hear ESPN giving credit to anybody else for breaking stories is the radio hosts like Mike Greenberg or Colin Cowherd will OCCASIONALLY source PFT. But you NEVER hear anyone from FOX. You will never hear Jay Glazer getting credited. It’s always “sources”, when we all know those sources were your competition.

  23. Oh God!!!!! You mean one guy called another guy and name and threatened him? I don’t know how it goes in the offices across America, but in the construction industry that’s how you say hello!

  24. Ritchie is a caricature. If he didn’t exist, we’d have to invent him.(for entertainment purposes only)

    No offense to all sane people, but Incognito is the type of guy who you would literally have to kill, if you beat him in a fight. After a couple beers, it’s best to vacate the premises.

  25. Gborange – It’s not just the construction industry. I’ve worked in warehouses at both UPS as an hrly worker and currently at Fed Ex as management and it’s common to talk like this. Any manual labor type industry it’s common for. I can’t even type some of the things we said to people when I worked at UPS and other workers werent picking up their slack without PFT probably deleting the post. If it was anyone else I’d say let’s wait to hear intent but Incognito is a l;ong time jerk so he doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt.

  26. if I’m richie, it goes like this: “yeah of course that was me on his voicemail he has left me the same type of voicemail but I knew he was jkn so I wld always delete his vulgar msgs towards me” my story and sticking to it!!! ha!

  27. More Dolphins self destruction please! My fantasy opponent has four guys from Miami starting this week.

  28. Incognito speaks. Lets see if Pinocchio Martin finally mans up and responds. Or will there be another reply from the legal team…..

    From Fox “This isn’t an issue about bullying,” Incognito told Glazer in a preview released Saturday by the network. “This is an issue of my and John’s relationship. You can ask anyone in the Miami Dolphins’ locker room who had Jon Martin’s back the absolute most and they’ll undoubtedly tell you me.

    “All this stuff coming out, it speaks to the culture of our locker room, it speaks to culture of our closeness, it speaks to the culture of our brotherhood. The racism, the bad words, that’s what I regret most, but that’s a product of the environment. That’s something that we use all the time.”

  29. He won’t answer any of the questions we really want to know! I’m sure his agent will be in the background giving him signs as to what to answer and what NOT to answer.

  30. Im just glad he did the interview with fox so you can see the whole interview and not the edited version like you would had saw with espn.

  31. I can’t wait to hear what Incognito says. Of course Martin has to have his lawyers speak, because I guess he can’t right now. Perhaps his parents should speak for the poor darling. It’s time for him to say something.

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