Vikings’ Jerome Simpson arrested on DWI charge


Vikings receiver Jerome Simpson has been arrested on a misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated.

Tom Pelissero of USA Today reports that Simpson was in Hennepin County Jail this morning. A jail spokesperson said Simpson was arrested after he refused a breathalyzer. He was booked at 5:39 a.m.

Simpson was sentenced to three years’ probation in April of 2012 after he pleaded guilty to a felony drug charge. He was also suspended for the first three games of the 2012 season. That past could put him in further trouble both legally and with the league office.

The team released the typical boilerplate statement that teams release when players are suspended.

The Vikings are aware of the matter involving Jerome Simpson. We are continuing to gather information and will have further comment at the appropriate time,” the statement said.

Simpson leads the Vikings with 491 receiving yards this season.

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  1. I still don’t get why so many NFL players get DUI’s. These guys are all certified millionaires and can afford to have a running limo waiting outside for them for the working guy equivalent of about $2.00.

  2. I have an idea:

    Let’s see, I am on Probation (REALLY lucky that is all I got) so I am going to go out and get hammered and drive around.

    It can’t happen to me and I am one of the chosen ones…


  3. NFL players have a car service that will give them a ride home any time they request one. It’s not written into contracts or negotiated for. It’s not just for the stars. And it is completely free. And still, morons get DUIs. Unreal.

  4. Get Andy Dalton a REAL #2 wide receiver.

    In Dalton’s rookie year…. he had Jerome Simpson and Andre Caldwell as his #1 and #2.

    Simpson was TOP TEN in the NFL in dropped passes and Caldwell just plain sucked.

    After not being re-signed by the Bengals….. Caldwell has caught 5 balls the past two years with Peyton Manning and Simpson has taken his poor routing running to Minnesota.

  5. As raw a talent as Patterson is this incident by default will earn him more playing time which should translate to experience and hopefully the accelerated maturation.

  6. In fact what better time for Jerome Simpson to get arrested. Patterson on the field for the remainder of a lost season is great news.

  7. the culture in Minnesota is toxic. from the infamous boat cruise to Randy Moss hitting a female police officer with his car. I guess they will never learn up there.
    or win for that matter!!!

  8. Most NFL teams have a drive program for their players and coaches to utilize when they go out. Even if Minnesota doesn’t have that, dish out the $20-40 bucks for a cab ride. Just really stupid on Simpsons part.

    Our roster is already thin, I don’t think we can keep affording to lose players.

  9. Making this kids money isn’t that much after the govt. takes nearly half of it. Stupid move but don’t agree that this guy should have had some sort of butler driving him around.

  10. I see a lot of people commenting on how talented he is, but it’s such a “waste”.

    He’s really not that talented. He’s fast. That’s about it. He doesn’t have phenomenal hands, he doesn’t “high point” the ball well, and he doesn’t run great routes.

    He’s fast. Needs more than that for me to call him “talented”. Bernard Berrian was also fast. And not talented.

  11. I played against this guy in high school twice while he was at Reidsville, NC both times in the playoffs. He single handedly beat us one year. Dude was a absolute stud. One handed catch in the back of the endzone in double coverage. Still most haunting moment of my football career. What a waste of talent

  12. Not much to do in Minnesota other than drink …

    Gotta celebrate that one-game winning streak, I suppose.

  13. Lots of people quick to judge the guy. How many of you have ever driven home after possibly having too much to drink? A LOT of people do, including highly successful business people that don’t do drugs. He just happened to get caught.

    While I agree it was a stupid decision, it’s not like it’s a decision that most people haven’t made at one point or another during their lives. Hopefully he can learn from this and better himself as a person. He seems like a genuinely nice guy who just makes some bad decisions sometimes. He needs to understand when he’s in the NFL everything you do is under the microscope, so you just can’t take chances average people do, because any mistake he makes is all over the news where if normal people make a mistake most people would never know about it.

  14. Does this surprise anybody? The entire State of Minnesota has a drinking problem, more alcoholics than the other 49 States combined.

  15. Too bad this didn’t happen in Wisconsin…he probably would been allowed to pass as a designated driver since he wasn’t completely passed out, and could actually get behind the wheel.

    Or, all would have been forgiven is he had simply been selling a narcotic-based drank…

  16. @cowboysnation34 Did he do that stupid jump everytime he got to the line of scrimmage back then? And what about when he got a first down, did he have to let everyone else know too?

    Athletically Jerome Simpson is a talent, consistency and reliability is an issue with his career.

    Hope to see more Patterson, the guy plays like a football player with football instincts, I don’t see the knock on him about being raw and inexperienced. He seems pretty aware, ie. batting the interception away from the Steelers game…

  17. When do we hear the first “too many head shots made me drive drunk”? On probation too, the guy is downright stupid.

  18. htowntexan says:Nov 9, 2013 12:44 PM

    Making this kids money isn’t that much after the govt. takes nearly half of it. Stupid move but don’t agree that this guy should have had some sort of butler driving him around
    If he can’t afford a cab, maybe he shouldn’t be out drinking huh?

  19. Yet another in the parade of criminal viking players arrested.

    Whether it is Arctic Blast, the criminal cruise, child abuse, cohabitant abuse, drugs, brandishing weapons, high speed chases or even the whizzinator, the vikings always seem draft losers who cannot function in a civilized society.

    In the last 20 years has there been a year where multiple vikings have not been arrested?? No.

  20. Hi ho, hi ho. It’s off to jail you go…Lucky he didn’t kill anyone aka Josh Brent, Leonard Little, Donte Stallworth. Will they ever learn????

  21. Almost every good player gets resigned so there should be red flags on any Free Agent. The Vikings don’t draft well so they need to take their chances in free agency and their FA signings are even worse than their drafts.

    So why is this a surprise? The guy was no choir boy before he signed with the Vikings and now he’s stuck in a social wasteland like the Trash Cities, no wonder he’s sucking down the drinks.

  22. I hear there are a lot of prisons looking for a good receiver right now. If I’m the judge who put him on prob – I’m givin him jail time baby and not during the off season.

  23. Paging Flash Patterson…Paging Flash Patterson…here’s your shot kid….take that idiots job and never give it back!!!

  24. You have dedicated fans and a great city for support and then you have an owner and a GM that don’t know crap about football… when starting a football team, thats where you must have football smarts…

  25. I’m sure this was the first time he drove drunk while on probation. Heres a way to make the pro bowl exciting. On one side you have the players who live their lives like responsible citizens and on the other side you have the All-Arrest All Stars (they would probably have to have legal representation with them on the sidelines). I would definitely watch that game.

  26. According to the 2007 census. Wisconsin is the 5th drunkest state. Minnesota was middle of the pack.

  27. He’s extremely lucky he didn’t kill or hurt someone.

    I sure can’t feel sorry for these clowns, they’ve always been pampered and never had to grow up and face responsibility. Hopefully, his judge will the backbone to take whatever steps needed to make this happen. (Obviously the NFL won’t do it. Good thing he wasn’t wearing the wrong colored socks or shoes)

    Throw his butt in jail for a few years and take away his license permanently. Someone get him the number to that lawyer that represented Ray Lewis & Stallworth.

    These sad excuses for human beings sicken me.

  28. after simpson got arrested, we understand he made the following statements: “d’oh!” followed up with “aye carumba”

  29. It’s understandable. They did just win the equivalent of a Minnesota SuperBowl last Thursday…

  30. @muskyhunter2542

    It’s not “the people up there.” Sure there have been some boneheads, who play football there do some stoooooooopid crap in MN but, I’m pretty sure they leave once football season ends. My point is don’t blame the Eskimo’s or Minnesotans(?) or whatever they’re called. Blame the idiots that play for the Vikings. FYI, not a fan and live in FL but musky needed dialed in a bit.

  31. 491 yds. in 9 games leads the team? Wow. Well I guess you can still have a circus even if you don’t have a “flying circus.”

  32. skolvikesskol says:

    According to the 2007 census. Wisconsin is the 5th drunkest state. Minnesota was middle of the pack
    That just tells ya that Minnesota doesn’t know football or how to drink.. lol

  33. Do you know how far down the blotter arrest list you’d need to go before you find an active roster San Diego Charger on the list?

    There are none.

  34. I take it no one posting on this article has EVER gotten behind the wheel after having a drink or 2. If you did, do you know for a fact you weren’t over the limit? At .08 that’s only a few beers over a couple hours. Anyone ever going to happy hour or having a glass of wine or 2 with dinner could be guilty of driving while intoxicated too.

    So you must be implying that you never have more than a single drink when you go out, and if you do, you pay for a cab to drive you home?

  35. Arguing which state is drunkest between Minnesota and Wisconsin is like arguing about the differences between kernels of popped popcorn.

    Let’s start with the largest cities; Milwaukee #1. Minneapolis #2. Look it up.

    Would you expect there’s a huge difference? Indistinguishable. People in both states like to drink.

    I’m one of them.

  36. Welcome to the starting lineup, Cordarelle Patterson. Fair enough, Cordarelle has so much more upside than Simpson, anyway. One more guy to cut in the off-season. No worries. The Vikes will be cleaning house, anyway.

  37. What a knucklehead. He’s been playing some outstanding football this season. He’s probably been the most surprising and consistent player on the entire roster this year. He is sure to be facing at least a 4 game suspension as he has priors. Upside is that Cordarrell Patterson, Jarius Wright, and Joe Webb should get more playing time on what is already a lost season.

  38. As most Vikings fans I’ve rooted for the guy to make good on his past mistakes in Cincinnati. He’s just such a head case and seems to always be injured.

    Peterson has 90 TDs as a Vikings, he just flips the ball to the ref and runs back to the sideline to get ready to do it again. Simpson, how about showing some class after a first down catch and getting back to the huddle for the next play. I can’t stand his demonstrative first down gestures; act like you’ve done it before.

  39. As a Packer fan….no need to criticize.
    The entire NFL has its share of problem children like this
    I am at a lose for words….
    These don’t get it and never will

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