Brees is on a roll, leads Saints to 28-10 halftime lead


The Cowboys are rapidly running out of players on defense, at least good ones.

The Saints have Drew Brees, and that’s hard for any fully stocked defense to stop.

Brees is Ginsu-sharp in the first half, hitting 26-of-30 passes for 252 yards and three touchdowns, to pace the Saints to a 28-10 lead over the Cowboys at halftime.

The Saints have rolled up 329 total yards in the first half, against a Cowboys defense that lost linebacker Sean Lee early, and has seen defensive end DeMarcus Ware in and out of the lineup.

Meanwhile, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has 20 passing yards. The Cowboys had a solid drive running the ball early, but they’re running out of time to run now.

18 responses to “Brees is on a roll, leads Saints to 28-10 halftime lead

  1. This is exactly the situation we need. Now can dallas stay patient enough to run the ball? Or will they try and pass it against the 5th ranked pass D in the league and give drew brees more chances? 3 things we need to improve on: Run defense, Running game, and O-line.

  2. nfl4days:

    Dallas needs to work on the GM and Coaching departments first before fooling with that other stuff. Get a support structure and system in place with some good football men and then put out a professional football product. This episode of Footballight Zone is too frightening.

  3. Where is my special friend natnic75 at? The Cowgirls are getting blown out of the city and he is no where to be found. 10 points vs the Saints pathetic.

  4. Nothing more fun than watching this overrated, has-been Cowboy franchise get destroyed. I hope Jerrah lives for another 50 years, then hands off this awful franchise to his moron son…. Can you please add another 3 years to Romo’s deal so the rest of the division can be sure the Cowboys won’t sniff a playoff victory?….

  5. Bet y’all glad you have 100 year old Monte Kiffin as defensive coordinator. Looks like he’s dozing off in the booth.

  6. Jucam1,

    Damn that overated team left your Eagles to 3 points. Now go run up those stairs and worship the only winner in your town, Rocky. Sad that a fictional character has as much S.B. wins as your team. Don’t worry we have you the last game.

  7. Jucam1,

    Please sign Vick, Foles or what ever QB you have for the next 3 years so you remain with 0you S.B. I bet you were oneof the suckers who sold your mobile home for a ticket to the S.B. you lost.

    P.S. How did letting Andy Reid go workout for you?

  8. Natnic it seems your little feelings got hurt over the truth. We lost to your sad team mostly because we were down to our third string qb and Tony still almost found a way to throw the game away. You keep hanging on to the past, but i’m not even speaking just for the Eagles fans but for the other teams in our division. I want start a fund to keep Jerruh alive and healthy for the next 50 years, because at least i KNOW you won’t win another SB in that time frame. And whether its Foles or even you tough guy, at least i have a chance to win an SB in the near future, I think Tony has proven that winning when it counts is just not in his make up. But keep blaming the messenger and getting all tough on the internet, at least I have a realistic view of my team and my division. Last, yes we will see you in Dallas in the last game, I’m glad you feel confident that you won’t choke away this crappy division to us, because nervous Tony and his crypt keeper boss sure don’t look and sound very confident. Good luck champ!

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