Incognito says he had Martin’s back more than any other Dolphin

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The defense of Richie Incognito has commenced.

In an interview with Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, a snippet of which has been released and was aired earlier this morning on NBC’s Today, the suspended offensive lineman addressed for the first time the allegations made by Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin.

“This isn’t an issue about bullying,” Incognito said.  “This is an issue of my and John’s relationship.  You can ask anyone in the Miami Dolphins locker room who had Jon Martin’s back the absolute most and they will undoubtedly tell you me.  All this stuff coming out just, it speaks to, it speaks to the culture of our locker room.  It speaks to the culture of our closeness.  It speaks to the culture of our brotherhood and the racism, the bad word, you know that’s what I regret most.  That is a product of the environment and that is something we use all the time.”

In other words, Incognito says he did nothing wrong, and that if anything he did more to help Martin than anyone else on the team.

Once the full interview plays later today on FOX NFL Sunday, it’ll be interesting to see whether the full scope of Incognito’s comments spark a response from Martin’s lawyer, David Cornwell.

The attorney already has fired a warning shot at teammates who have tried to downplay Martin’s complaints.  Now that Incognito officially has tried to downplay Martin’s complaints, don’t be surprised if Cornwell has more to say.

14 responses to “Incognito says he had Martin’s back more than any other Dolphin

  1. He had Martin’s back by harassing him to the max that no others would cross that line against him.

    So he saved him from being harassed by 52 other players (maybe not the kicker, come on)…

  2. This whole thing has been gradually shifting from Incognito as a lone wolf to the Dolphins (and maybe most NFL teams) allowing, endorsing, etc. the whole locker room culture.

    This won’t wind up a lawsuit vs. RI as much as one vs. the Dolphins (a much deeper pocket defendant).

  3. I can’t believe I’m agreeing with Incognito but he’s right when he says this is an issue about their relationship. The ensuing debate about bullying is useful but this more about a friendship gone wrong than anything else.

  4. richie incognito’s idea of having someone’s back is stabbing a knife into their back.

  5. Martin is a wimp and a phony. This is just about getting money from the NFL without having to play football or go through the pain and sacrifice of playing football to get it. Its obvious that Martin and his lawyer parents have had this planned for sometime. Cue the book deal about bullying in 3, 2, 1…

  6. Remember Martin is under contract and has to repay that bonus, so he needs an excuse for why he quit. His Mommy is a cooperate attorney for Toyota , workplace lawsuits are her specialty.

  7. Nobody outside of their locker room knows what really happened. I find it really funny and amazing how people have immediately jumped to Martin’s side without all of the facts. I guarantee these same people have never been part of a football locker room.

  8. This whole situation seems like a perfect storm, and ONLY bad things were going to happen. History shows that Incognito is a very volatile individual, and obviously Martin has issues, be they mental. emotional, or other. Bad things were just destined to happen between these two personalities.

  9. bullying unacceptable, they’re all grown men and should be setting an example for everyone. these actions are something that high school or elementary children would do. whoever’s involved in This needs to be fired and suspended.

  10. Sure, he had his back. That’s what your brother does (referring to the voice and text messages). And of course the locker room will agree with Incognito. The dolphins are in lock-down mode, trying to not let anybody in. And he’s on their freaking leadership council. If anyone doesn’t agree with him, he’ll fine them, just like his threat about meetings at the strip club.

  11. Richie Incognito has Jon Martin’s back covered about the same way that George Zimmerman covered Trayvon Martin’s back….Guess Richie is now just “Standing His Ground”….

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