Newton off-target early as 49ers take 9-0 lead


Even though the Panthers have been scoring at will, you figured things were going to be a little tighter today.

That’s proven to be the case, as the 49ers have played defense, field position and field goals to take a 9-0 lead in the second quarter.

The Panthers, who have won four straight against some bad competition, have turned it over twice (and dropped an easy interception and may have gotten jobbed on a Vernon Davis fumble which was ruled incomplete), and the 49ers have used them to build the lead.

The 49ers have forced Cam Newton into a bad day, as he’s 2-of-11 passing with an interception in the first half. But the Panthers are also holding the 49ers out of the end zone so far, and are keeping it within arm’s reach.

Davis left the field to be evaluated for a concussion immediately after his fumble, which was ruled incomplete and held up on review.