Peyton Manning says he will have MRI on Monday

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Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning will have an MRI Monday after being hit in the right leg above the knee late in Sunday’s win vs. San Diego, he told the media after the game, according to the Broncos’ official Twitter feed.

“I’m pretty sore. They kind of got me twice in that lower area…get an MRI tomorrow and will know more then,” Manning said, according to the Broncos.

Manning was limping after being hit by Chargers defensive end Corey Liuget on a pass play in the final two minutes of regulation. Manning was attended to by the Broncos’ medical staff, but he stayed in the game.

72 responses to “Peyton Manning says he will have MRI on Monday

  1. Smart move Peyton. Ready made excuse in advance of the KC game. This guy is no dummy. Now if he can only time his next injury before it hits less than 50 degrees for a playoff game, he’s golden.

  2. NFL needs to look into the Chiefs, they have something weird going on. This never happens. Too bad for those frauds, Peyton will be playing next Sunday. #Blowout #BroncosCountry

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    cactusdildo says:
    Nov 10, 2013 8:25 PM
    Chiefs offense is awful and their defense is overrated. We shall see how their “elite” defense does against a truly elite offense.

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    The chiefs D and the a Denver offense may be close to a wash. Problem for Denver is that their D is worse than the Chiefs offense.

  4. No the chiefs and broncos offense is nowhere near a wash. The broncos offense is playing on a record level right now. The chiefs defense got shredded by the bills and their 3rd string qb.

  5. Manning is one hit away from ending up in the IR. wouldn’t surprise me if he gets it within the next 3 weeks

  6. Denver’s defense is worse than the chiefs offense?

    Through 9 games, the chiefs offense has average 10.6 points per game. Their defense and special teams has averaged 13.7!

    That means (for folks living in KC), your team relies on almost 2 touchdowns per week from your D/ST. Alex Smith has 10 total touchdowns on the season. Total.

    Denver is in the top 3 vs the run…. And their pass defense just held Phillip rivers to 220 passing yards. Millers back boys, and so is Denver’s D.

  7. Perhaps Peyton should consider sitting out next week’s game against the Chiefs. Better yet, he may want to consider erring on the side of caution by also sitting out the game after that against the man for whom the “Brady Rule” was named. (Wink. Wink.)

  8. “A defender cannot initiate a roll or lunge and forcibly hit the passer in the knee area or below, even if he is being
    contacted by another player. ”

    Right from the rule book.

  9. Some guy in here actually said the Chiefs D and the Broncos offense is a wash. Wow..just wow. We aren’t talking about the 2002 Bucs or the 85 bears here for christ sake. The Chiefs D isn’t dominant, nor are they are on some sort of earth shattering run here, and I personally like the Panthers front 7 seven FAR better than KC’s.

    Meanwhile – No Team in history has ever scored 600 points in a season. Denver is on pace to score close to 700. But you KC fans keep thinking that they they are somehow on equal ground.

  10. Blood has been spilled in the water. The Chiefs are the sharks salivating to put their teeth into Manning.

    If Manning can’t move…..GAME OVER for Donkeys.

  11. “Through 9 games, the chiefs offense has average 10.6 points per game. Their defense and special teams has averaged 13.7! ”

    13.7 points per game on defense and special teams over 9 games would mean the Chiefs have scored 123.3 points on D/ST this season.

    Do you really believe that to be accurate?

  12. Manning seems to have been playing injured for a month now. He’s not pushing off his right leg on hard throws like usual. Wish he could get to 100%.

  13. Broncos fans never learn their lesson do they? They always celebrate before they win anything, then wallow in their misery after reality sets in. Heres a reality check Bronco Nation: no Payton = season over. Hey but look on the brightside, at least you were #1 in the power rankings for a couple weeks in a row…wah wahh Wahhh

    *The results from the MRI are in* It appears Payton Manning has a severe case of old age and decrepit senior syndrome.

  14. Damn, if Manning is hurt, the Chiefs actually have a slight chance of beating Denver, which will mean the biggest frauds of the decade won’t get exposed for a week or two later.

    That’ll suck.

  15. normswifevera says:
    Nov 10, 2013 8:57 PM
    “Through 9 games, the chiefs offense has average 10.6 points per game. Their defense and special teams has averaged 13.7! ”

    13.7 points per game on defense and special teams over 9 games would mean the Chiefs have scored 123.3 points on D/ST this season.

    Do you really believe that to be accurate?

    Can you do math? 10.6+13.7=24.3 what their team averages. Their offense does not score anywhere near that many points each game. They only have 16 touchdowns on offense.

  16. People who are not Chiefs fans and have not watched a lot of the Chiefs this year and only look at the stats will buy the line of thinking that says the Chiefs have a bad offense. That is not true. The Chief’s offense has been able to move the ball consistently and flip the field allowing their defense to dominate. Alex Smith is playing the best ball of his career.

  17. Game 1: Defense/ST – 6 points
    Game 2: Defense/ST – 3 points
    Game 3: Defense/ST – 19 points
    Game 4: Defense/ST – 9 points
    Game 5: Defense/ST – 18 points
    Game 6: Defense/ST – 9 points
    Game 7: Defense/ST – 3 points
    Game 8: Defense/ST – 9 points
    Game 9: Defense/ST – 21 points

    124 points

    Just because you don’t want to believe it doesn’t mean it isn’t accurate, boy.

  18. Manning is fine. Just watched a video of him standing in locker room smiling in all his game gear giving Pat Bowlen an ovation for his 300th win. Welcome to the Jungle Chefs!!! You’re going to get stomped!!!!!

  19. Hurt or not, all Alex Smith has to do is not make mistakes and i think the Chiefs win.

    The Broncos defense isnt that and KC’s is much better. Coming into today, KC’s defense had given up 117 less points than Denvers…who have given up the most in the division.

    If its a turnover free game, imo KC wins it.

  20. As a Raider fan, I’m excited to watch my least favorite teams, the Broncos and the Cheifs, just absolutely agonize over each other. That said, as much as I hate the Donkeys you never want to see a class act like manning get hurt. Also, those of you saying Cheifs D is overrated are way off base. Yeah, they have faced a plethora of back up QBs, but they’ve got some monsters up front. I wish Poe wasn’t in the AFC west.

  21. joetoronto says:
    Nov 10, 2013 8:23 PM
    The Donkeys would be a horrible team without Manning and NoShow would look normal again.


    Dude, you’re a Cleveland Browns fan. Are you now a Chargers/Chiefs fan this week since leaving the Raider nation for the flavor of the week? Need I remind you? You’ve been EXPOSED.

  22. All this coming from Bronco fans who thought Teblow would be the best QB ever……Hey Denver, the only difference in our schedule is 2 teams, so quit the “easy sched.” crap…..and don’t believe everything Elway tells you. Every player who plays for you IS NOT the best! All sunday night will prove is who is better that day, but be prepared too see some things defensively you haven’t seen the Chiefs do!!!
    Believe it!!!

  23. SD rushed for 131 yards. Whats that about being 3rd in the league against the rush?
    Ever consider it might also be because the other teams are playing catchup and dont run as much?
    Von Miller only had 1 sack.

  24. Can’t we just fast forward to the playoffs so we can watch him pee himself like always? 9-11.

  25. Again, as a Raider fan, I’m entertained by these Cheifs/Broncos fans ripping each other to shreds on this board. Understand, I know where my Raiders stand: we suck. So believe me, I’m not going there. But why do people just talk crap all over these NBC sports talk boards? Does sports discussion just amount mudslinging?

  26. Hairline fracture, Peyton out 4-6 weeks. Chiefs face another B/U QB and win. Haters keep hatin’ book it.

  27. That knee looked like it was toast by the end of the game. No way he makes it through the season upright.

    How much did you pay this dude for 0 playoff wins Denver? Call me when he accomplishes more than Tebow.

  28. As a Broncos fan, there is nothing more flattering than the term ‘Donkeys’. That sort of spite signifies a fan who has endured numerous humiliations courtesy of one of the most consistently competitive franchises in NFL history. Unlike the Chiefs, Raiders Browns/Ravens, Chargers, etc, Denver rarely flat sucks for decades decade plus stretches.

  29. Raiders still have more Superbowls. Just the reality. Also, the Broncos were nothing before the 80’s one of the worst franchises until that point…just saying. And that guy saying the Broncos would be better off with Tebow, that comment is laughable. Seriously, if Tebow is so great he would be on a roster.”

  30. Funny to hear donkey fans worry about KC and try to tell themselves KC is bad. KCs a team that won 2 games last year, they’ve played no one, and they’re only beating backup QB’s… What are you guys afraid of? KC has nothing to lose, they didn’t pay for a 2 year window, they’re doing everything wrong and winning. The donks are in the middle of that window and they’re worried about the lowly Chiefs? Hilarious!

    Are you preparing yourselves for the loss, to those supposed no-body’s?

    And for you good knowledgable spellers out there, it’s Ch”ie”fs, I before E smart guys!

  31. “Game 1: Defense/ST – 6 points
    Game 2: Defense/ST – 3 points
    Game 3: Defense/ST – 19 points
    Game 4: Defense/ST – 9 points
    Game 5: Defense/ST – 18 points
    Game 6: Defense/ST – 9 points
    Game 7: Defense/ST – 3 points
    Game 8: Defense/ST – 9 points
    Game 9: Defense/ST – 21 points

    124 points”

    ROFL. You’re counting FIELD GOALS?

    Earth to “objectivenflfan”: a field goal comes as a result of offensive production. They aren’t like a pick 6 or a punt return TD, which have nothing to do with the team’s offense. Points from a field goal are points scored because of the offense.

    And if you’re actually going to argue this and say “but special teams kicks the ball!”, then explain why you’re not counting extra points. Special teams kicks those too, right?

    In reality, the Chiefs have scored 7 times on defense and special teams. That’s 49 points or an average of about 5.4 points per game.

    Not exactly 13.7, is it?

  32. Scrot… Donkeys = Chefs = Faiders = Dolts.

    Welcome to the AFC West.

    Also, good to know the donkeys rarely suck for decades. Implying that you in fact sucked for a decade at some point. Therefore your just like the rest of the west. Donks in the 70’s and 80’s, Chefs in the 80’s, Dolts in the 80’s, and the Faiders in the teens. Every team sucks at some point and every team has rivalries where name calling us a basic term of endearment. Forget welcome to the AFC west, welcome to sports.

  33. jbaxt says: Nov 10, 2013 10:36 PM

    And for you good knowledgable spellers out there, it’s Ch”ie”fs, I before E smart guys!
    That’s interesting. Everyone else spells it “irrevelant”.
    Everyone that can spell “knowledgeable”, anyway.

  34. Ya manning is really chasing records, they were up by one score and the enemy had 2 times outs, they needed first downs to secure the game.
    It has nothing to do with records, he has sat our more 4th quarters this year then any other QB I would imagine.

  35. Manning is taking way too many hits! It started in the J’ville game and continues. If these were all during the course of a sack I could understand but, the entire NFL is losing QBs at a rapid clip this year to the point where week thirteen starters may be loading trucks for UPS this week. People on this site like to pile on when the good QBs get hurt; wonder what they will say about the product on the field come playoff time has a 40% completion percentage and the games suck!

  36. Denvers offense is stupid good. I’ll give you that but they haven’t had to face a defense like KC is bringing. That being said, tho i don’t think they will dominate KC like they have other teams, i do think that if PM plays they have what it takes to beat them. I think the game in three weeks at arrowhead gives the chiefs a better shot but wouldn’t bet on them in Denver.

    Seattle, Denver, San Fran, New Orleans and maybe Indy i could see these teams fans talking trash cause they are all pretty good. Everybody else should probably just let it go. That’s pretty much the top tier right now and the only real contenders. Sorry GB fans, no Rogers dropped y’all off that list.

  37. I’m a patriots fan but I do hope Peyton would be o.k.– he is a classy guy and it won’t be fun if he can’t play against the pats. Sure he and brady have a lot of mileage in them but it’s a treat to see these real elite qb’s do their craft… It’s a pity that some people take delight when players get hurt. They too have to earn a living like us. Sure you can argue that they have tons of money already but not everything is all about money. Some people simply love their jobs. At any rate, hope you’re o.k. Peyton. Hope to see you grapple with my pats…

  38. I don’t think there has ever been a team in NFL history whose fortunes would be more reversed by the loss of a single player. If Manning were to be lost for the season, the Broncos would lose the majority of their remaining games.

    Actually, I can think of a similar situation: the 2011 Indianapolis Colts.

  39. i think the chiefs defense can stop the broncos offense. i don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the broncos offnese has been slowed down since that dallas game. the key to beating their offense is taking away the running back passes. they sustain drives because of their passes to Moreno. chiefs should be able to stop that.

    i do not think the chiefs offense is good enough to put up enough points to beat the bronocs though.

    also, manning won’t miss one minute. he’s fine.

    until the chiefs prove they can score, i still think they are not much of a threat to the broncos.

    the chargers did something pretty impressive today in the first quarter, and that was controlling the clock by good running attack. they got away from it afterwards, and lost.

    cheifs better run jamaal charles like crazy next week.

  40. The Broncos have the best O-line, their secondary is awesome and their team has many great players without Peyton. Their defense is awesome. Peyton is downhill. I agree with the guy who said Peyton has old age and senior syndrome. John Elway was far better in his day.

  41. For all you broncos fans you may call it luck, but Sunday night you will see who is the best in the NFL and you just might want to think twice about who you cheer for

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