Ravens come back for overtime win over Bengals

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The Ravens tried to squander a game they had well in hand, but were unable to.

After allowing the Bengals to overcome a 17-0 halftime deficit to send it to overtime with a ridiculous Hail Mary with no time left, the Ravens escaped with a 20-17 overtime win. That snapped a three-game losing streak, moving the Ravens to 4-5.

The Bengals were fortunate to get that close, as the Ravens misplayed the desperation pass to end regulation, with James Ihedigbo tipping to straight to A.J. Green.

But in overtime, a day of offensive dysfunction came back to bite them.

Running back Giovani Bernard was dropped for a huge 11-yard loss on a fourth down in overtime, giving the Ravens the ball at their own 44-yard line..

From there, the Ravens were able to plow forward enough to set up Justin Tucker’s 46-yard field goal.

That was an apt ending, as the Ravens defense dominated the day, sacking Andy Dalton five times and picking him off three times.

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  1. OK, I don’t troll threads and make nasty comments about any team, but going for the fourth and two in OT at mid field was about as dumb a play call as I have ever seen.

    I thought much better of Marvin Lewis. What was he thinking?

  2. How does that saying about insanity go where you keep feeding Ray Rice the ball expecting a different result. 30 yards on 18 carries is try something else time. I don’t care how much they’re paying Rice. Not having a tight end option, living in third and long, and giving a full workload to a back who clearly can’t get it done are really hurting this team.

    I’m tired of the offensive line excuse. Adrian Peterson runs on 8-9 man fronts nearly every play and still breaks a run here and there. No Ray Rice isn’t Peterson, but he is the one who declared himself 100%. Anyone with eyes can see he isn’t the same player. Everyone except for stubborn coaches who keep trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

    On a brighter note, Dumervil was pretty awesome today. If the Ravens had lost after that debacle at the end of regulation it would have been an ugly way for the season to be over.

  3. @winorlose6burgh – you must the troll to whom I was speaking of. Didn’t Cincinnati beat us already this year?

    Let’s not talk trash with a 3 and 6 record.

  4. And what gives with Marvin Lewis? I know the Ravens aren’t great this season, but they aren’t so bad that you keep going for it on fourth down. He usually coaches the other way. No guts.

  5. That game just set offensive football back 40 years.

    We now know two things for sure:

    1. Somebody will eventually win the AFC North.
    2. Whoever that is will get their doors blown off in the playoffs

  6. Andy Dalton is a bad quarterback. The Bengals aren’t going anywhere in January with him. Plus without Atkins that defense isn’t nearly as imposing.

    It’s a shame too, if the Bengals had a better quarterback they could very well win the AFC.

  7. I have never seen a game that both sides tried so hard to lose, but Marvin Lewis prevailed with incredibly stupid decisions. Going on 4th in overtime at midfield was only surpassed by going for 4th and 2 at midfield to open the game. Either one of these bonehead plays should have lost it for the Bengals, but in the face of a determined Ravens death wish it took both to seal the defeat.

    If the Ravens defense had any kind of offense to back them up they would be dangerous. Handing off the ball to Ray Rice 18 times for 30 yards is a perfect illustration of the definition of “insane”: To keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time.

  8. Never fails. I turned off RedZone after Pittsburgh’s game ended–which, of course, meant the Bengals came back and made a game of it … and I missed all the excitement. Grrrrr!

    Congrats to the Ravens.

  9. Iwould like to make a suggestion to raven fans. Be sure you have the game won before you start that victory moaning or what ever it is you do in the stadium. BTW big for your team looking forward to the rematch.

  10. Come out, come out wherever you are, Cincy fans! Tell us more about how your AFC Offensive Player of the Month and Pro Bowl QB is so much better than “Joe Elite.”

    Both QBs had bad games, but in Dalton I’ve never seen a weaker-armed QB in my life.

  11. lp0320 says:
    @winorlose6burgh – you must the troll to whom I was speaking of. Didn’t Cincinnati beat us already this year?

    Let’s not talk trash with a 3 and 6 record.


    Bengal fan is always an easy target. You clowns were talking smack and making Super Bowl reservations two weeks ago. Now the Bungles can’t even beat the lowly Ravens who’ve already lost to the Browns and Steelers.

  12. Both offenses looked horrible. I feel bad for the Bengals fans and as a Raven fan this was a cringe worthy performance. Glad its over and hoping something clicks before da Bears game.

  13. Hey Cincinatti,

    That tight feeling ur feeing in your throats, yeah that’s the feeling of a season being choked away. This loss burns. Whats funny is whenever I’m reminded that Joe Flacco is our quarterback, the Bungles remind me that Andy Dalton is there’s! Long live the orange eyebrows! LOL The Bengals will always be the redheaded step child, poor andy

  14. After watching todays games……

    Who is the best QB in the North?

    Big Money Flacco? No Way !

    Little Red Dalton? God No !

    Broken Big Ben? Not Anymore !

    Jason Campbell? Hmmmmm

  15. Andy Dalton didn’t have a good game against my ravens but is everyone’s memory that short? Most of his season has been very good and just a few weeks ago he threw 5 TD’s against an excellent Jets defense.

  16. easy there nofool. you were pretty proud when your steelers beat the ravens a few weeks ago. and a win is a win…we will take it, especially a division game. on a lighter note, happy veterans day my friend. your service is appreciated

  17. scoobies05 | Nov 10, 2013, 5:37 PM EST
    easy there nofool. you were pretty proud when your steelers beat the ravens a few weeks ago. and a win is a win…we will take it, especially a division game. on a lighter note, happy veterans day my friend. your service is appreciated

    Very thoughtful of you scoobie it’s nice to hear because we got crapped on upon our return home.

    Didn’t see much from jump ball Joe or the entire raven offense. Dalton was terrible, but the ravens are very tough at home with the loud morons er loud Baltimorons. Nobody in this conference should be bragging about anything.

  18. agreed my friend. someone will have to win the division but so far it hasnt been pretty. it would be pretty wild if one of our teams did it. maybe that would shut the good dr up. hey doc. flacco 1 dalton 0

  19. Torrey Smith could have sealed the game if he pulls in that nice Flacco bomb, but oh well. Nice victory for a team that’s lost the close games thus far.

    Hey Steeler trolls, why talk? Your team clearly sucks and will get beat down on Thanksgiving.

  20. Congratulations to Baltimore for pulling this one out. The Bengals continue to be the most complete and talented team in the AFCN, but for one of the few times I can remember, Lewis made some bad choices that cost them the game. As a result the AFCN is up for grabs, but as stated earlier, no team in this division shows enought talent to be part of the discussion about who represents the AFC in the Super Bowl. Still, it’s fun to think each of the four teams have a shot at winning this division. At least until next week.

  21. Great game ravens. This win all but assures the steelers will win the afcn, eventually steamrolling some poor saps in the playoffs. Again, great win!

  22. And Bengal fans, hate to say I told you so, but… since Leon Hall went down, you’re descent has officially built momentum.

  23. As a Ravens fan, I can’t believe how pitiful the whole AFCN is this year. Can we just declare a 4-way tie for the division & have all 4 teams sit the playoffs out? No one deserves to go to the playoffs this year in our division. 4 abysmal seasons keep plodding along…..

  24. Hey Steeler trolls, why talk? Your team clearly sucks and will get beat down on Thanksgiving.

    Funny, you probably said the same thing before the game in Pittsburgh and how did that turn out? Was your crow burger tasty? Bet you needed an IC light to wash it down.

  25. My Brownies’ bye week was awful. Couldn’t tell if I had some kind of debilitating illness taking over or it was just my having to root for the Rav . . . I mean against the Bengals today.

    Browns are coming for you, Cinci . . .

  26. First let me start off by saying that the Bengals are the Bengals, so them losing this gm was not something I didn’t see coming, but the Ravens are in serious trouble. The offense is inept, R.Rice is done as a featured back, and the play calling, or more like route combinations are just ineffective. While we did win this gm, I have no real encouragement about the rest of this season. Change needs to come next season. Major changes, from the OLine, to OLine coach, to #1 RB, to O.C., and yes, maybe even H.C.

  27. Haven’t seen the “all 22” but it looks as though the only routes Ravens WR’s run are either 9 routes, drag (crossing) routes, or hitches, how the hell are the Ravens supposed to score on offense? Its such a joke. Harbs and Caldwell need to do……….something. If I’m Biscotti, I’m calling Jon Grudens agent to see what will it take to get him out of the booth, and onto our sideline.

  28. Who knows the outcome if both teams were healthy. But what I do know is that Dalton’s arm strength was less than impressive. Most passes looked like wounded ducks fluttering through the air.

  29. 90% of the commenters on this thread are fans of other teams. Not the Ravens or the Bengals. Get a life. Oh wait, it’s called envy….

    After all, the Ravens are the Super Bowl Champs!

  30. They looked that way because there was 35mph wind gusts. Horrible game all the way around, especially the officials. How was that NOT a fumble by AJ? Even after the replay, they get it wrong…smh.
    Defense finally looked great, except the Hailmary screw up volleyball move to Green.

  31. Wow, steeler trolls are out full force!!! It’s funny that they don’t comment on articles about their team

  32. The one bright spot for Rice is he individually was exactly as productive running it as his entire team last week. So he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

  33. The Ravens O-line is just absolute garbage. Flacco was running for his life half the day and taking monster hits on every other play. The run game just makes me want to throw up. I don’t know if it’s the players or the scheme but something needs to change in that department. The offensive line is currently what’s holding the Ravens back.

  34. What a wild game. Someone will win this division by default. Unless I see major improvement no one is going anywhere in the playoffs. Such a shame.

  35. Never thought that someone with such a meathead screen name would actually have a well thought out post. Nice work fkptsbrg.

  36. It’s funny how doubters put the Denver loss on R. Moore in last years playoff game with the last minute TD bomb. That Flacco pass only TIED the game. That happened in this game. The Ravens won anyway.

  37. Going for 4th and 2 in OT at half field wasn’t the problem. It was time management of the clock that blew it for them!

  38. Had it not been for horrible officiating 8 one sided penalties for 115 yards against the Bengals. The game should have been well in hand Eifert missed a easy TD . Nuge missed a FG one a game at least . O line was horrible , no run game . Andy played bad but like we win as a team we lost as one . The BENGALS fought to the end regardless!

  39. cincinasty87-

    You have got to be joking me…..

    Burfict slams Jones to the ground way after the play and Smith gets flagged for the reaction. Ngata’s roughing the passer was atrocious- he pushed Ginger Spice. Two blown challenges- NO idea how that wasn’t a fumble when it was clear the hand was under the ball and absolutely no forearm contact with the ground. Lastly- talk about missed catches, how about Torrey’s missed catch in the endzone?

    Marvin’s ridiculous play calling killed you guys. Own the loss.

    You may be familiar with this saying- “Child please…”

  40. Whining? Obviously I’m laughing, dude.

    93 passing yards through the entire regulation time. But don’t worry, Joe, we’ll get to that magic 100 yard mark yet! Keep on reaching for that rainbow, buddy!

    Would you say the Ravens won because of Flacco?

  41. Not sure why steeler fans are insulting the Ravens. If they were smart, they were rooting for a Ravens win.

  42. Horrible officiating. I’d noticed the refs letting players play down field and not much PI calls this year. This game began with a BS Interference call for the Ravens and ended with BS A.J. Green getting mugged and no flags being thrown. Interference calls only if they favor the Ravens. Reminds me of this last Super Bowl

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