Report: Roethlisberger frustrated with direction of Steelers

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At a time when the NFL’s attention has been focused almost exclusive on the drama in Miami, a quarterback who knows a thing or two about drama has stepped back into the spotlight.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger isn’t happy with the team’s current direction.  The concerns, per Rapoport, go beyond offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

According to Rapoport, a trade request could be coming in the offseason.  While the Steelers reportedly won’t be inclined to do it unless they can replace Roethlisberger with a franchise quarterback, it’s hard to keep a quarterback on a team if the quarterback doesn’t want to be there.

His concerns aren’t surprising.  In recent years, the Steelers have tried to change the offense to diminish the passing game and return the focus to the running game.

The seeds for a potential conflict were planted not when the Steelers created an oil-and-water relationship between Roethlisberger and Haley but when the Steelers tried to force offensive coordinator Bruce Arians into retirement after the 2011 season.  As we understand it, the Arians-Roethlisberger relationship had become a problem for the organization, with Arians believed to be more concerned about helping the quarterback rack up stats at the risk of helping the team win games.

Some believe that Arians’ desire to help Roethlisberger become the MVP of Super Bowl XLV contributed to the team’s failure to win the game.

Most recently, Roethlisberger has expressed concern about the team’s use of the Wildcat offense.  With teams that have true franchise quarterbacks rarely if ever taking the ball out of the franchise quarterback’s hands, the shift could be viewed as a belief in the ‘Burgh that Roethlisberger no longer occupies a spot at the top of the sport.

Ben’s recent insistence that Tom Brady must be regarded as the best quarterback in the game because he has three Super Bowl wins carries a clear implication that Roethlisberger sees himself as tied for No. 2 with Eli Manning.

The question now becomes whether Roethlisberger is destined to no longer be the No. 1 quarterback in Pittsburgh.  If not, an Arians reunion in Arizona makes the most sense — especially since that could be the best way for the Cardinals to keep Larry Fitzgerald.

Assuming the spotlight in Glendale would be big enough for both of them.

35 responses to “Report: Roethlisberger frustrated with direction of Steelers

  1. I wonder if Roethlisberger realizes that he’s part of the reason for the direction of the Steelers. Let’s be honest here. He’s a below average QB who doesn’t have a defense to bail him out anymore.

  2. Trade Ben for draft picks while you still can. It frees up a tremendous amount of cap space, gets us draft picks and moves us forward faster. Ben still is a very good Qb, but we do not have the players to protect him nor do we have the team to CURRENTLY win. Thanks, but see ya later. It is time to move on. Ps, get rid of Haley, Tomlin and Colbert

  3. “Some believe that Arians’ desire to help Roethlisberger become the MVP of Super Bowl XLV contributed to the team’s failure to win the game.”

    I seem to remember Rashard Mendenhall having the costly fumble late in the game.

  4. This is a really sad day. I don’t recognize the steelers anymore. If Ben does request a trade and he does get traded he will be hated in Pittsburgh.

  5. Say what you want about Todd Haley, but he was doomed from the start because of Ben’s refusal to buy into the offense. When the QB refuses to buy in it sets the tone for everyone else.

  6. Heard a rumor last week TB made an offer before the deadline. The way he’s played this year, I would be surprised he intentionally tanking to force management into either canning Haley, which I hope happens anyway, or make a trade.

  7. I don’t understand why people still believe in this dude. I’m a true Steelers fan that watches pretty much every play, and I can attest that this guy isn’t close to being worth 18 million next season. He’s really a below average QB that can’t sit in the pocket and read coverages. He plays sandlot football, which is terrible if you don’t have a top 3 defense to bail you out, like he’s had his entire career. Get rid of this bum and draft a QB this year. This is the year of the QB’s anyway. Trade him and get good value and turn this team around. We can win with youth! Listen up Colbert!!!!!

  8. I love Ben to death and the fact that he never gives up even though the rest of the team packs it in, part of being a great leader is being able to deal with adversity. However, I think it’s more than just the losses, it’s the fact that he doesn’t feel like the organization respects and gives him the help he needs.

    Theoretically, if the Browns were willing to trade their two first rounders and Josh Gordon for him, they’d probably have to do it and rebuild. I’d like to see Ben around but I want a full scale rebuild.

  9. Sign your next contract with a team that has a good GM and a plan then if it’s that important. But don’t complain about your choice to take the money and the team that you believed in.

  10. Tomlin has allowed this team to lose its identity with picking bad talent and now he has lost the team.

  11. This is why I said the “Arians Must Go” crowd was misguided. Those people had overly simplistic arguments about how we needed to return to the 70’s style of running, how Arians didn’t know what he was doing, how Ben held onto the ball too long, etc.

    They completely overlooked so many things, including team chemistry, an offensive scheme that the entire team was fully up to speed on, including Ben, how the 70’s are soooo different than football of the modern era, etc.

    Anyone who attributed Pittsburgh’s inability to win a Super Bowl every other year – needs to have his football license revoked. Abject morons were behind this – and the fans and the front office deserve full blame. This was obvious back then – no one needed hindsight but the misguided fools responsible for this.

  12. Some believe that Arians’ desire to help Roethlisberger become the MVP of Super Bowl XLV contributed to the team’s failure to win the game.
    I’d say it was his monumental fail pick six and then another pick that gave the Packers a short field easy touchdown and put them up 21-3 …… an all to common occurrence in the Roethlisberger era.

  13. no to him in az. he isn;t healthy any more and is always hurt. besides we don’t want any more steeler castoffs

  14. You are crazy to think the Browns would trade two first rd picks and Gordon for the remnants of Big Ben.

  15. Rapoport needs to held accountable for starting this rumor. He gets paid for starting rumors?! Talk about lazy journalism. He can’t lose because now that the rumor has already been shown to be false, he will just say “it’ was just a rumor”. No, it was just Rapoport making up a lie. Not even a source given. Equally stupid are those who quickly jump on stupid rumors while they hide behind their keyboards.

  16. Big Ben cares about himself, his stats and his legacy instead of doing all the right things that create true legacies. I’m grateful he’s been a part of two SBs (although the first came in spite of him) but I’m not sure he’s what we need at the helm right now.

    Think about it. He might have 3 to 5 years left in him. The Steelers likely need 2 years to retool. By the time they are ready to compete for SBs again Big Ben might be done and were right back to the 1980s again.

    If we package him off now we’d easily get two first rounders, if not more, for him. Furthermore, we’d free up current and future cap room. Those picks and the cap room can help the team reload even faster. Big Ben in Arizona makes a lot of sense. He can continue his “legacy” there and be with a coach who will continue to enable him, with a HOF receiver to feed the ball to,

  17. Two 1rst rnders, maybe more for Roethlisberger??? You wouldn’t even get one. Ariz gave up a 6th and a conditional for CPalmer. BB has more value than that, but not a ton more. A 2nd plus something else, tops.

  18. dirtdawg54 says:
    Nov 10, 2013 1:42 PM

    If we package him off now we’d easily get two first rounders, if not more, for him.
    Only if you package him with Pittsburgh’s next two first round picks.

  19. sfsugator says:
    Nov 10, 2013 11:56 AM
    Ben won two Super Bowls because he had a running game aka the buss and a stiff Defense. Fact.

    The people who spew out this stuff really need to take a look at the stats before they go off. “Fact”?
    Oh really? Maybe you need to look at Bettis’s numbers during the Super Bowl playoffs run of ’05-’06. Then compare with the red-hot numbers Ben posted those three games.

    Then tell us who really did the carrying…

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