Ross “apoplectic” with situation in Miami


“Overcome with anger; extremely indignant.”

That’s what the word apoplectic means.  Per a league source, that’s what Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is.

Ross, whose only comments since tackle Jonathan Martin left the team 13 days ago related to the league’s hiring of Ted Wells to investigate the situation, finds his team getting plenty of national attention for the worst possible reasons.  It’s unclear who will get the blame and, more importantly, the boot when the dust settles, but the final report from Ted Wells could have a major impact on the decisions made by Ross.

There’s a growing belief in league circles that both coach Joe Philbin and G.M. Jeff Ireland will lose their jobs.  If, however, the team rallies and wins games and qualifies for the playoffs, what seems to be a done deal could become harder to do.

Despite the short-term embarrassment, business considerations become critical to the final outcome.  Will fans support the Dolphins through this episode, or abandon them?  Will losing make it worse?  Will winning make it better?

Despite the current anger Ross is experiencing, he wisely has resisted doing anything rash.  His team still has half of its schedule remaining.  The outcome of the next eight games necessarily will become a big part of the final analysis.

Right or wrong, owners want coaching staffs and front offices that can win.  That’s why the Patriots never considered firing Bill Belichick in 2007 after Spygate, and it’s why the Saints gave Sean Payton a big raise in 2012 during Bountygate.

For Ross and Ireland, staying employed could hinge on winning enough games that it becomes impossible for Ross to fire them.

19 responses to “Ross “apoplectic” with situation in Miami

  1. A report just came out that Philbin and Ireland are “unlikely to survive” this incident. Finally, the Parcells cancer is cut from this team! Please hire Eric DeCosta, Mr. Ross.

  2. Ireland the GM(same guy that questioned Dez Bryant’s mom in draft interviews). He He was in charge of personnel, and the most fireable offense had to be telling Martin’s agent that Martin should punch Incognito if he had any problems. Not the ideal representation the Dolphins need.

  3. I have no faith that Ross will do the right thing. He seems totally clueless as to how to be an NFL owner.

  4. I think he should have fired Ireland a LONG time ago for many reasons that have nothing to do with this whole bullying situation. For him to retain Ireland any longer is offensive on a football level and so I think it’s unconscionable for him to continue letting this guy have a job and get paid millions for it. The money isn’t something that can be undone at this point, so all that’s left is the principle as well as the football health of the team.

    I just don’t think Ireland is a healthy choice to retain and have him continue to be near the players and able to effect them or influence them in any way. If this was my team, I’d be really angry, but then again I would never have had this such reason to be angry about, because I would never hire a poor football person like Ireland to have anything to do with making important decisions.

  5. I’ve always been a supporter of Ireland, and even though it’s hard to control a player’s actions and decision making, I think it’s time for a change of management. The BullyGate is a ridiculous event and God only knows Martin’s real intentions for taking the legal approach during duress times in which he was pressure for not performing and for getting demoted for allowing 4.5 sacks to the Bills.

    Nevertheless, I as a fan, hold Ireland responsible for drafting a bad talented football player in Jonathan Martin.

    My philosophy in life is; if you cannot contribute in life, at least do not impact it negatively.

    In Martin’s case, he was not contributing to his team, and was generating too many negative plays at the worst time.

  6. Ross, Ireland, Spain, Portagal, Greece all have the same thing in common, debt up to their ears, stupidy and a knack for going under.

    Hiring Philbin about the third or fourth choice has compounded the Dolphins problems. But it all starts with Ross a true football blunder from when he first got this franchise.

  7. I’m confused. Isn’t this the year that the Dolphins were going to displace the Patriots as the best team and organization in the division?

  8. Allow Incognito’s suspension to last 1-2 games due to past issues and the volatility of the racial epithet. Inform Martin that he needs to get back to work or face the full penalties under the CBA. Let the full investigation complete before determining what/if any action against Ireland/Philbin/Sherman/OL coach. This story is out of control and it is being framed as a catalyst for league-wide scrutiny based on some claims by a disgruntled employee. Martin is being championed as a hero and whistle-blower. I bet the truth is far less flattering.

  9. I feel bad for the Dolphins and that’s coming from a Jets fan. I thought we were supposed to be the circus. No matter how messy our organization has been, this tops anything that has happened with us.

  10. Had Ross fired Ireland with Sporano as he should have, none of this nonsense would be going on now.

  11. tigerlilac says (Nov 10, 2013 1:21 PM)
    “I’m confused. Isn’t this the year that the Dolphins were going to displace the Patriots as the best team and organization in the division?”

    I also thought RG III was supposed to lead the Washington NFL team to the Promised Land, and take them there for several years into the future. Well, that’s what all the experts were saying.

    Just checked, and even if the Cowboys lose tonight, the Washington NFL team will still be last in the NFC East Division. Is last in the division the Promised Land?

  12. He’ll find some way to screw this firing ireland thing up im sure. Just like the harbaugh issue.

    The clowns in this organization all follow the biggest clown (ross)

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