Buccaneers earn first victory over Dolphins

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are winless no longer.

The Buccaneers defense came up big with two sacks and an interception of Ryan Tannehill on the Miami Dolphins final possession to seal a 22-19 victory over the Dolphins.

The Dolphins faced 1st and 10 at their own 33-yard line coming out of the two-minute warning. Tannehill was sacked by William Gholston and Da’Quan Bowers for an 8-yard loss. Gerald McCoy sacked Tannehill for a loss of 10 on second down and Darrelle Revis picked off a desperation pass on 4th and 28 to seal the win.

The Buccaneers had jumped out to a large lead for the second straight week only to see the cushion disappear. Tampa Bay had held a 21-0 lead over the Seattle Seahawks last week before falling 27-24 in overtime. This time, they managed to close the deal.

The Dolphins rallied from a 15-0 deficit to take the lead in the third quarter. Tannehill connected with Rishard Matthews for their second touchdown of the night to give Miami a 16-15 edge after a failed two-point conversion. A 30-yard field goal extended the lead to 19-15 at the end of the third quarter but the Buccaneers bounced back.

Tampa Bay marched on a nine-play, 80-yard scoring drive with Bobby Rainey, playing for an injured Mike James, scored a 1-yard touchdown to retake the lead for good.

The Dolphins were missing two starting linemen in Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito due to their off-field issues and it showed in the running game. Miami finished with just 2 yards rushing and the sacks allowed on the final drive ended the Dolphins’ chances at a game-winning drive.

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  1. This fabric does not meet the specifications of official Robocop-grade galvanization. In theaters February 2014.

    It’s a Detroit made product. Even shot there too, the director insisted that it stay consistent with the culture and be done the right way.

  2. Whew, that last play clearly shows what ROI really means. A $60m overpaid w.o and a pro-bowl corner recovering from an acl injury who will give you his all. That lack of effort or thereof on Wallace part, means that Ireland should be fired for overpaying irrespctive of whats going on now in Miami. Ross was so disgusted that i think he left the stadium on 4th down. I remember quite vividly Miami fans crowing on this site of the free agents they got, thats all well and good but free agency really in the grand scheme of things dont mean much.

  3. It appears to me as if the lasting head injuries from football are more prevalent in the constant contact of RB’s, LB’s and linemen. The league does not care about player safety at all, they only care about protecting high producing fantasy players. I apologize for the not completely coherent though because as it would be I have been drinking a bit. #numbersignfloriaisalittlebitch

  4. Fins better spend at least their first 3 draft choices next year on Olinemen. Revolving door doesn’t even begin to describe how bad they are

  5. I wonder if having Martin and Incognito would have helped the Dolphins .. Martin should be suspended for conduct detrimental to the team.. Incognito should’ve been reinstated yesterday.

  6. Wow, we are learning so much about Philbin; classic, cliché spewing high school coach from Central Casting. No wonder that team is out of control.

  7. Been a season ticket holder for 32 years. The bs continues on and off the field.

    Ross needs to send people like me a message right now. You can’t fire the whole team but you can fire the GM. I am sure that Ireland is a great husband and father but enough is enough.

    This team has no continuity and Ireland hasn’t fixed the o line during his tenure in charge. Dawn Aponte can handle the money for the rest of the year just make sure Grimes gets a contract.

    As for these coaches how do you get 2 yards rushing and in game 9 Wallace is still isn’t integrated enough in the game plan. Their fate will be decided at season’s end.

    Think I’ll play 18 on Sunday, preferably with a T time at 4:15 est.

  8. Congrats to the Bucs!

    Miami has been through a lot lately, but the Bucs have had a lot to overcome too.

    Bucs get their first win, so does Jacksonville. The Rams kick butt on the Colts. The 49rs don’t look like themselves.

    This was definitely the week of Any Given Sunday. And to top it all off the Packers go from starting QB to 3rd string QB in a very short time. Just like Hollywood…

  9. The Miami owner’s “worst nightmare” just got worse. They lost to the dreaded Bucs and are battling hard to win the coveted position of being the most dysfunctional NFL team in Florida (which is the rough equivalent of being the most useless member of Congress – tough competition).

    Fortunately, the drama about players meanness and feelings will get sorted out shortly. Word is that their locker room might be featured on next season’s Soft Knocks show – where all the guys will eventually hug it out and open up about their feelings. Play nice, boys.

  10. “The Dolphins were missing two starting linemen in Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito due to their off-field issues and it showed in the running game.”

    Geeez, was that statement necessary unless you are just arriving in flight 101 from planet Neptune. Anyway, the Dolphins are positioning themselves for their rightful draft positing #15. Sounds about right for an entire new offensive line.

  11. The Dolphins were averaging 97 rushing yards per game WITH incognito and Martin.

    The 26th ranked RUSH OFFENSE in the NFL.

  12. Boy that 3-0 seems like ages ago for the Dolphins.
    They left the superdome nevermore resembling a winner.

  13. I think I see an HBO TV Series coming starring Miami’s 2 ‘resting’ lineman: Football Players by day/Gang Infiltrators by night. And they can’t quit their Under-Cover work because the Govt. has too much on them regarding crimes they have committed against each other.

  14. The media tried to run Schiano out of town but it looks like he was right to go with Glennon over Freeman.

    It also looks like he is weeding out the soft players. The team is still playing hard each week which is pretty impressive for a team with such a bad record.

    This team seems to be buying into what he is coaching. A few good draft picks and the Bucs could have a quick turnaround like the Chiefs.

  15. It seems clear to me that the Martin/Incognito scandal is not just a huge psychological issue for the team, but that the lack of talent on 2/5 of their offensive line is hurting them as well. Their run game was the worst I’ve ever seen and Tannehill was absolutely under siege all night.

  16. There had to be atleast 40 percent Phins fans in Raymond James Stadium. The Miami fans were cheering loud too LOL. #homefanbaseovertaken

  17. The only major upside for Miami right now is Tannehill. He’s handling everything as well as you could hope, considering his line is a Hello, My Name Is slosh pile, his star receiver can’t run a route or catch a cold, and his running game is so bad if it got in a race with a pregnant woman it would come in third.

    If Tannehill escapes this season with a functioning spine and no PTSD issues, he’s a keeper.

  18. The Vikes may win ONE more game this season and I’m almost confident Schiano wouldn’t pass up on Clowney. The Purple is still in the hunt for Bridgewater.. Go Jags. Go Bucs.

    The secondary in Minnesota will get the Vikes a top-two pick. They’re that good at being awful.

  19. Pro football in the state of Florida is not a pretty site.

    Miami 4-5
    Jacksonville 1-8
    Tampa Bay 1-8

  20. Come on dolphin fans. Tell us how great tannehill is and how u stole Wallace off the steelers. And how great he id going to be. Where are all of you at? Crickets… Chirp chirp chirp… Quiet in here!

  21. Ugh. This line was already pretty rough before the losing 40% of the starters.

    Miami is done. Some people will blame Martin for this, but any social or group behavior that’s this destructive to a football team can’t be the fault of the one odd man out. It’s clearly systemic, and someone wasn’t on top of the situation.

    The organization clearly didn’t understand the situation, and didn’t handle it effectively. The meathead solution of advocating Martin punch Incognito was advocating an illegal act, and a solution that would have been effective how? Since when has off-field violence been an effective solution to interpersonal disputes? Hasn’t off-field violence by players been an issue for the NFL the last two decades, and now this GM is advocating that as a solution to an interpersonal problem.

    That’s insane, and I think if this is an institutional attitude, or part of the NFL culture, then we need to stop looking at violent off-field acts by players as examples of individual bad apples when there are GMs and ex-coaches advocating violence as a solution to interpersonal off-field disputes, and look at this culture that actively encourages it.

    Ireland is going to lose his job, and I don’t view him as being scapegoated.

  22. Ross states that he is appalled at the situation with Incognito. He should also be appall at his team performance! As a fan since I was 8 in 1970, I am sick and tired of how much they suck. Owner sucks, GM has always sucked, and the OC sucks! What other team in NFL history had 2 yards rushing in an entire game? Lucky for Reggie Bush he escaped this circus. The Dolphins make the Tebow thing in NY look mild by comparison.

  23. Sincere thanks to Tampa Bay and Jacksonville for each achieving at least one victory this year thus preserving Matt Millen’s legacy as the only architect of a winless season in major professional sports history. His accomplishment must never be duplicated or forgotten.

  24. Now we are only tied for worst team in the NFL. Will that be enough to keep Schiano from getting fired? The 2010 Coach of the Year Raheem Morris won 4 times as many games in 2011 even when the Glazers refused to spend a penny on talent.

  25. If I were you, Mr. Ross, I’d clean house both inside the locker room and in the front office. Maybe you should take the advice of your Mr. Ireland and go punch the head coach and the GM in the head because they are both in way over their heads! Heck, maybe you are too!!!

  26. A pretty good game all in all. These were 2 teams that lost several close games this season and several in the last minute.
    Miami helped Tampa with a gift which I hope kicks starts there season and Tampa help point out to the Dolphins that their off season spending should have at leased allocated a few bucks to protect your QB and be able to have a decent run game.
    The weapons purchased cannot be used properly and makes the whole team look bad.

  27. bloodhawk23 says: Nov 11, 2013 11:49 PM

    Remember when the Dolphins where 3-0 and competing with the Patriots for the AFC east?

    Love it….

  28. With Ireland no longer in Ross’s script and bringing in Shula and Dungy, who feel Incognito is poison, the writing is clearly on the wall.

  29. The Dolphins have a lot of issues right now. However, the one that is getting lost is how terrible the signing of Mike Wallace was. This is not a second guess…I said whoever signed him was getting an unpolished diva that relies solely on his speed. He is a terribly lazy route runner and he is the definition of a body catcher. He may last through next season, but he’ll prove to be the biggest waste of money in the franchise history.

  30. As a coach, Crapano is in a league by himself. We should start a billboard campaign to get him a contract extension!

  31. Hey bigben, dolphins fan here, if you’d kindly look at the records of our teams you’ll see that we are better! AND we get to play in a few weeks! Our line is horrible other than Pouncey, and will be addressed in off-season by someone other than Ireland!

  32. “metrocritical says:
    Nov 12, 2013 7:52 AM
    Sincere thanks to Tampa Bay and Jacksonville for each achieving at least one victory this year thus preserving Matt Millen’s legacy as the only architect of a winless season in major professional sports history. His accomplishment must never be duplicated or forgotten.”

    In 1976, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers went 0-14 to finish a winless season.

  33. bunjy96 says: Nov 12, 2013 9:12 AM

    Where is Tampa finding these RB?

    Martin down, up pops James. James down up pops Rainey.

    Shades of old Denver teams

    Five Words: Running Back Coach Ernest Byner.

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