Cutler has high ankle sprain, Tillman to IR/return with triceps injury

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The health of quarterback Jay Cutler got a lot of attention on Sunday afternoon, but it looks like the Bears are going to be without one of their defensive stalwarts longer than they might be without Cutler.

The Bears announced Monday that cornerback Charles Tillman has been placed on injured reserve with a triceps injury. Tillman has been given the Bears’ one annual IR/return spot, leaving open the possibility Tillman could return later in the season. It’s a serious blow to a defense that’s already reeling from injuries to defensive tackle Henry Melton and linebacker Lance Briggs.

“It hurts. I’m definitely sad. We have a lot of potential. My role is now to be the biggest cheerleader I can,” Tillman said, via the team.

With just seven weeks left in the regular season and an eight week minimum before Tillman would be eligible to play again, any Tillman return would have to wait until the playoffs. For the Bears to make that a possibility, they’ll likely need to have Jay Cutler healthy and playing at a high level.

It’s unclear when that will be. Cutler’s been diagnosed with a high left ankle sprain and his status is being considered “week-to-week.” That will probably keep him from playing against the Ravens in Week 11 as the Bears surely would like to avoid a repeat of Sunday’s hobbled Cutler in the lineup for games they’ll have to win to  make strides in the playoff chase.

49 responses to “Cutler has high ankle sprain, Tillman to IR/return with triceps injury

  1. In regards to Tillman’s injury, old players break down more often than young players. Tillman has most likely played his last game as a Bear. He is not the same Peanut he used to be. The only thing he can punch now is the seal on a jar of peanut butter.
    Let him walk for sure after the season is over. Hope Phil Emery has some Defensive drafting magic this coming spring.
    Go Bears.

  2. I know it’s a different injury, but I still would have rested Cutler for the Lions game.

    Losing Tillman is huge. The Bears defense is not the same … they miss Brian Urlacher more than they’ll ever admit.

    I think the Bears wildcard hopes just vanished, but you never know.

  3. Its a toss-up between the Bears and the Cowboys who have had the worst of it with defensive injuries….I hate to lose Peanut and he probly has played his last game as a Bear…we need a good draft this year even more desperately now….lets sit down Cutler and McCown can handle the next three games, home vs Baltimore, then road games vs Rams and Vikes….Lets Go Bears

  4. Emery is setting the Bears up for a transition to the 3-4 while trying to compete this year:

    Two MLBs in this draft;
    McClellin who is better suited as a OLB;
    Peppers will be cut;
    Briggs will be gone…maybe Tillman too.

    It’s been a fun ride but our vets are getting old and expensive. With that offense finally getting the tools we need, the defense shouldn’t be far behind.

  5. Emery has revamped the Offense this year, and will have to do the same for the D next. Plus, hopefully a good QB falls to the Bears next year. Cutler should’ve taken himself out of the game. What goes on around here. Bear down soccer fans.
    You really have to give it up to the Lions fans, after being bad for such a long time, and to still be a Lions fan is something to be said. Really, a winless season, and yet they still “troll” these web sites. Wow!
    I thought that the Bears were playing very poor ball on Sunday, and the Lions only won by 2 points. Again, wow.

  6. Cutler still wants to play regardless of the ankle situation, so I guess that means Trestman will just say ok? Jay is not going to be stopped from walking out onto that field unless Trestman physically stops him and clearly says “NO, you can’t do it today”. If he won’t take charge, then Cutler will.

  7. I see Lion fans are doing cartwheels over injuries, good for them anyway they can win the division right? As i always say you are paper winners if the team you are playing is not fielding the best of the best.

  8. Cutler should have been pulled at the end of the 1st half as it was clear that he was hurting and could not move around and his passes had no zip to them. If Mckown had started the 2nd half the Bears would probably have won the game. What was Trestman thinking?

  9. Quitler simply called “no mas”.

    Let’s hear all the comments about how tough he is.

    You’re actually luck. Your coach is too stupid to go with the better QB, now he’ll be forced to.

  10. Just one of those years where everything is bouncing the Lions’ way. However, this Cutler injury thing is as regular as the Lions’ Thanksgiving Day game.

  11. God I’d hate to see Tillman go out this way. Of all the current Bears in their contract year he is the one I’ll miss the most if he doesn’t come back. Outstanding player and person. This sucks.

  12. QUOTE: doe22us says:Nov 11, 2013 3:00 PM

    I see Lion fans are doing cartwheels over injuries, good for them anyway they can win the division right? As i always say you are paper winners if the team you are playing is not fielding the best of the best.


    Ya like when Bears fans were trolling about Stafford getting hurt. And then CJ, and then Best. If Best hadn’t been injured the game wouldn’t have been close. Reggie is great an all but no way was he faster than BEST who carved you up like a knife through hot butter!

  13. GBwomenrhot says:

    Nov 11, 2013 2:46 PM

    Bears can win their next 3 with McGown – B’more, Rams and Vikes.


    Agree ! But McCown going to have to put up 30+
    a game.


  14. No one wants to see injuries, but let’s be serious. Tillman is like the 3rd best corner in the division.

    He’s not elite.

    It’s not like you lost some stud defensive player.

    Maybe studly for the Bears, but not studly.

  15. The Cutler injury situation is getting dangerously close to being the football equivalent of Derrick Rose.

    As for Tillman, yeah, it’s just a coincidence that the best receiver in the league, Megatron, looks consistently mediocre when he’s on the field.

  16. belleby123 says: Nov 11, 2013 4:31 PM

    The Cutler injury situation is getting dangerously close to being the football equivalent of Derrick Rose.

    As for Tillman, yeah, it’s just a coincidence that the best receiver in the league, Megatron, looks consistently mediocre when he’s on the field.

    You mean no mas is prevalent across the entire Chicago sports scene?

    And good point about Tillman.

    You guys dominated the Lions.


  17. I am a Lions fan but it was a mistake for Chicago to even let Cutler play yesterday. I think he was worried about McCown keeping the job after he beat Green Bay. Now Cutler does not have to worry about him taking his job because he can’t play.

  18. Anybody else notice Detroit getting flagged for 4 personal fouls. A leopard never loses his spots. Was that the play were the WR was hanging onto the defense backs face mask or when Fairy or whatever his name is late hitting Cutler!

  19. <>

    Lions players respect the guy and say so all the time. But for us Lions fans, not so much.

    It sticks in our craw to watch Tony Siragusa COMPLIMENT Tillman for a horse collar tackle on Reggie Bush. A little later Tillman takes Megatron down by what the commentator called a “little” facemask. Just a coincidence this guy managed to nail Detroit’s two top offensive players? We don’t think so.

    I wish the NFL would treat him just once the way they treat the Lions players. Then at least he would get a hefty fine instead of bouquets for how great he is. But I would settle for FOX telling its commentators put their biased, pre-cripted comments aside so they can call the game that actually plays out on the field.

  20. Just in response to these “Detroit is so lucky” comments…
    Injuries are part of the game, when we played Green Bay at Lambeau and lost, Calvin did not play. Far as I know, he’s a decent receiver, but did anyone call the Packers lucky?
    We beat the Bears yesterday against a hobbled Cutler, and we beat the Bears with a healthy Cutler in September. Two W’s with no asterisks. If we win this division it will be because of our play, nothing else.

  21. Three great players, All-Pros, and still they play tough and never quit. That team with the stars on their helmets, you know, the one you can hear crying like week-old puppies over their injuries, that quit like grown up dogs last night although that’s way unfair to dogs, that team could learn a thing or two from the Bears. Brutal season for injuries, how you handle it defines you as a team.

  22. Well, stancat, the players obviously don’t know Tillman nearly so well as you… they don’t know who to respect like the guy sitting on his couch for heaven’s sake.

  23. To all of the Bears fans claiming the Lions only won because of injuries, you seem to forget that the Lions were playing without their #2 & #3 receivers, as well as, both starting defensive ends.

  24. realitycheckbaby says:
    Nov 11, 2013 4:47 PM

    >You guys dominated the Lions.


    I think you were trying to be sarcastic, but since the Bears outplayed the Lions, who the hell knows? The Bears has more scoring opportunities, more passing (isn’t Stafford supposed to be good at that?) more time of possession. The defense has looked bad this year, but looked pretty good against the Lions. If Cutler had been pulled sooner it would have been different, because even a moron (no offense) could see they had no answer for McCown.

  25. @thetruthcampaign:

    First of all, your comment that you’re glad Tillman is hurt shows a lack of class on your part.

    Second of all, Cutler has started 33 of the Bears’ 41 starts since the start of the 2011 season, with 6 of his 8 missed starts coming in that 2011 season. His record in those games is 21-12. Since joining the Bears in 2009 – the same year Stafford entered the league – Jay is 38-26 in 64 starts. (Nine missed starts since start of ’09 season.)

    As for Stafford, he has indeed started the last 41 games for Detroit, after missing 13 games in 2010 and 6 games in 2009. (Nineteen missed starts since start of ’09 season.) In those last 41, Stafford is 20-21, and 23-31 overall in his career since ’09.

    In the playoffs, Cutler is 1-1, while Stafford is 0-1.

    So I would argue that not only has Jay Cutler been more durable than Matthew Stafford since 2009, but that he has done much more to help his his team win.

    Anything else?

  26. thetruthcampaign says:
    Nov 11, 2013 7:04 PM
    Stafford has started the last 40 games. How many has Cutler started of the last 40?

    And what is Cutler and Stafford’s record during those 40 games?
    What is Cutler’s record vs. the Lions for his career?

    For a team that has not won anything yet this tear, and nothing since the 1950s you sure do spend a lot of time sniffing your own fingers.

  27. Stafford’s taken a losing franchise and given the Lions 2 winning seasons of the last three, and yes, that’s including this season projecting ahead. We don’t have the defense chi has had in that period of time. Cutler has been the more fragile the past few years. It’s just a fact you don’t like. Eat it.

  28. We also have not had the run game chi has had until this season. And, if you think CJ makes Staffords numbers, take away that 2000 yards, and you have a cutler. So, we’re winning despite a weak secondary that’s been getting burned most of the season and last and 2011.

  29. @the truthcampaign:

    Stafford has had CJ to throw to his whole career, while Cutler has never had anything but Forte until Marshall came last year. And only this year have the Bears given him an actual o-line, offensive-minded coaches, and more weapons to throw to.

    Cutler and Stafford are both franchise-caliber QBs, but Detroit has had the better offensive playmakers before this year, and a much better offensive line.

    CJ is a beast, and I’d love to see his numbers with Marshall across from him and Cutler throwing him the ball. I’d bet that his numbers would still be awesome, but that if you gave Stafford the lousy receivers and o-line Jay endured from ’09 through last year, he would have an even worse record than he does now.

  30. The “no mas” thing about Cutler is laughable. He comes off of a torn groin after 3 weeks, then gets a high ankle sprain and stays in the game. For a couple of years, Cutler was hit more and hurried more than quarterback. Those who call him soft clearly don’t have a grasp of football, nor do they watch Cutler play very often.

  31. Larry, one can only imagine the freakish numbers a good QB could put up with both CJ and Marshall running routes, but you guys have the better 2 right now. Megatron is the best, but we don’t have an Alshon. He’s a beast too.

  32. @thetruthcampaign:

    Agreed. Both our teams made strides this off-season to get better, for the Bears a revamped o-line, Martellus Bennett joining Marshall and Jeffery as targets for Cutler, and Trestman and Kromer made a big difference. Sadly, age and injuries decimated our top-5 defense from last year, and thus we are just 5-4 after 9 games. Only time will tell what the rest of this season holds for us. And too many guys are on 1-year deals, so 2014 may be a rebuilding year.

    Here’s hoping both our teams can somehow meet in this year’s playoffs.

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