Dez Bryant on two passes his way: I just do as asked


The condition of Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant’s back was an issue for much of last week as Bryant missed a practice amid reports that the team had concerns about disc problems.

Those reports were denied by both team and player, but there were more questions about the back after Bryant had just two passes thrown his way in Sunday night’s 49-17 loss to the Saints. Bryant, who caught one of those balls for 44 yards, said his back was fine after the game and that he wasn’t the man to answer questions about why the ball was going elsewhere.

“I just do as asked. That’s what I do. I can’t answer that,” Bryant said, via Tom Orsborn of the San Antonio Express-News.

The Saints devoted a lot of defensive attention to Bryant, double-teaming him on almost every snap and coach Jason Garrett pointed to that coverage as an explanation for the lack of targets. Garrett said the offense didn’t do a good enough job of making the Saints pay for doubling Bryant, which is certainly true but that’s not a good enough answer.

Teams are always going to devote extra attention to stopping Bryant and the Cowboys have to find ways to get the ball to him anyway. He’s too good a player to remain idle if the Cowboys are going to navigate the stretch run successfully.

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  1. Heads need to roll…
    Bill Callahan to be specific.
    All those rumors in the offseason about his inability to be consistent in the pass/run ratio comes into question, Callahan is looking very suspect right now.
    Maybe Jerry will put his GM hat on and hold him accountable. But knowing Jerry’s incompetence as a GM he’ll probably fire Garrett if this continues and the Boys aren’t in the postseason lol. It’s pretty been tough being a Cowboys fan. #WinLoseOrTie
    Oh and the couch General Managers at home save the cut Romo talk, you obviously don’t know jack about football.

  2. This doesn’t matter, the game was already lost a long time ago and before the Cowboys even stepped on the field. The Saints came prepared with a better strategy plan and the Cowboys don’t have the HC, the OC, or the QB that is capable of taking down the DC that they didn’t like from last year. And then of course the Saints had no problem abusing Monte Kiffin’s pathetic Defense. Dallas has too many weaknesses on both sides of the ball, just a complete mess and Dez can be asked to do nothing or everything and in neither event isn’t going to be enough for this team to be taken seriously.

    It is just not Dallas’ year. Maybe in 2014 if they can make some major changes to the coaching staff and roster.

  3. Take a page from the Lions & Megatron… just throw him the ball despite coverage… he’ll still make plays.

  4. AGREED! Callahan is not running this offense the way it needs to run! The offensive side of the ball is quite healthy. In my opinion he has no game plan! As pissed off at the defense as I am, I understand we are decimated by injuries! At least that side of the ball hustles on every play. Let Garrett run this offense again and lose Callahan!

  5. doomsdaydefensetx says: Nov 11, 2013 12:44 PM

    “Oh and the couch General Managers at home save the cut Romo talk, you obviously don’t know jack about football.”

    The Cowboys seem to have a couch GM who doesn’t know anything about football.

    He’s a good businessman though.

  6. The Garrett experiment is over.

    3 full seasons now, counting his mid-season take over for wade, and he can’t get out of his own way. This season was lost against KC in the second quarter. You have Dez singled up at the 8 yrd line and instead get cute and throw a quick screen into a trips formation. For what?!?!?!

    The Cowboys offense lacks the creativity that pretty much every other OC/HC seems to be able to produce. Jerry makes money win, lose or draw, but we all know he wants to win. I really think it’s time to shake the foundation of this team. I love what Marinelli is bringing to the table, but everyone else should go. Jerry should hire Lovie Smith with hopes of keeping Marinelli as the DC, and hire Gus Malzhan to run the O. I know everyone will say you’re nuts, but the guy has gone from a HS head coach to bringing Auburn back from that terrible year. He’s an innovator and with the pieces DAL has, if you find the right OG and a TE with muscles not named Escobar, I see no reason they can’t be top 10 in every offensive category.

    The defense is a whole ‘nother bag of bananas, however if they for once just emphasize the Dline in the drafty and find a free safety I think things could turn around quickly on that side of the ball as well.

    Dallas is who they are, bunch of crybaby losers. No matter what, Dez is dizzy. I see that he is maturing after the media ran with their story about his tantrum. I am so happy that they (Saints) had a game plan for those sorry girls. I am tired of hearing anything about Jenny Jones and her female offsprings…They need to move that whole entire organization to Mexico City where most of his illegal fans are located…

  8. 1. Callahan is worse than Garrett. He hears heat about passing too much and becomes predictable calling a running game the next game or predictable plays. Even calling running plays in the fourth quarter down a lot. No point in using balance then, you have to throw.

    2. Dez, take it as respect. He’s a beast and teams know it. This is the time the others need to step up and make plays so other teams have to respect other receivers like Murray, Williams, Whitten and Beasley! If others execute, they can’t double him all game.

    3. As said above, sometimes, just throw him the ball. He is talented enough to beat double teams or out jump the secondary players. Romo may be worried about turnovers though.

    4. Did I mention Callahan is terrible??

  9. The Cowboys – offensively and defensively – made me very happy last night. Laying down and letting the Saints offensive line pound them into the turf in the last quarter was delicious. Laying down and letting the Saints defensive line sack Romo twice in a row to end the game was scrumptious.

    Please, Jerry, keep doing what you’re doing.

  10. Let’s call it like we see it….between Callahan, Garrett and Romo they are treating Dez like just another guy. They are acting like he’s merely one option among many, and there’s nothing special about him. They say all this positive stuff about how special he is to use him as a decoy.

  11. How many times did Collinsworth mention the loss of Sean Lee,like that was the main reason for the Cowboys being blown out? Not only did no one step up on defense,the offense just flat out never showed up. It must have been fun playing for the Saints last night.

  12. Play calling or not, Romo still should throw it to Bryant more, why go through all the drama having Bryant and not use the stud? This year Romo is supposed to be more involved with the offense and strategy, hmm not throwing it to the TD monster, good plan. Oh well, another mediocre season, thanks JJ.

  13. My,My,My… I can’t remember when I enjoyed watching a game so much!! Drew is my fantasy QB and I am a Skins fan. Dallas looked like a girls high school field hockey team playing the Chicago Blackhawks. Believe me Drew was taking it easy on the boys for the last third of the game. He easily could have thrown three more TD’s. I have never heard any team play the injury card more than Dallas.

  14. Not passing ball to Dez is like in soccer not passing to Landon Donavon to get all the goals he has
    Must pass to the main man
    It’s not going to work all the time but Dez is a Megtron type will win a high percentage of attempts if given the chance

  15. 40 first downs and 600 total yards.!!!!!! LOL and LMAO way to go HOW ABOUT THEM COWBOYS.!!!!!!! JJ NEVER GIVE UP CONTROL OF YOUR TEAM.

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