Incognito will be back with the Dolphins or cut by December 2

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At a time when we’re learning more about things that happened in the past regarding Dolphins guard Richie Incognito, the future remains a mystery.

Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, Incognito’s suspension for conduct detrimental to the Dolphins is indefinite.  Under the labor deal between the NFL and the players’ union, however, the suspension can last a maximum of four games.

This means that, unless the Dolphins suspend Incognito for fewer than four games, the Dolphins will have to decide what to do with him by Monday, December 2 — the day after the fourth game of any suspension.

The options are limited.  The Dolphins will have to reinstate him to the roster or cut him.  (In theory, he also could be suspended again, if he gives them grounds to do so.)

If he’s cut, he’d be subject to waivers.  Since Incognito is in the final year of his contract, it’s unlikely that any non-contender would want him.  As Peter King reported on Football Night in America, at least one playoff contender would be interested in adding him to the roster.

Absent a suspension from the NFL that would sideline Incognito for the rest of the year, he’ll have a chance to play in 2013.  If the Dolphins don’t want him, chances are someone else will.

48 responses to “Incognito will be back with the Dolphins or cut by December 2

  1. Yeah the new team can just include offset language that says he needs to behave like the perfect gentleman we saw on TV. Just call it an acting so it’s less confusing. No football at all. We are hiring you to be an actor that pretends to be drama-free all the time. You want the gig?

  2. I’m pretty sure they can do what the Buccaneers did to Keyshawn or the Eagles did with Terrell Owens- bring them back from suspension and then pay but deactivate them for the rest of the season.

  3. I predict he’ll be cut, IF it does NOT hurt them against the cap and/or they’d still have to pay some or all the money. Another team will pick him up and he will do just fine, provided he stays out of trouble. If he becomes a leader, you know the team is bad or a cancer.

  4. Goofballs like Incognito feedoff of the high profile media coverage and attention.

    Less attention from the media results in less fanfare and player value. Instead now Richie Incognito is well-known and in turn valuable to certain NFL ownership. Any player guilty of violating any NFLPA conduct rules should have their name suspended from all NFL apparel, team apparel and game highlights. Loss of money deters any potential copycat.

  5. Enough of this crap. There are always two sides to every story. I’m sick of the poor Jonathan boohoo BS. I hope my team picks up Incognito so I can watch him pound the hell out of defensive lineman every week.

  6. or they can put him on IR like the vikings did with bobby felder and decide what they want to do at the end of the year.

    and that “playoff contender” that would sign him is obviously the seahawks.

  7. The Ravens could seriously use a guy who’s not afraid to block like he’s scared of contact. Would be a nice change of pace. Apparently we have a bunch of Martins out there pretending to be NFL o-linemen that are too scared to play like they have some pride. I don’t condone picking on people and incognito seems like a grade A a-hole..but in a dog fight id rather have the bully then the shy runt. Is all I’m saying. Let them work out their feelings when the season’s over. Inbetween man up and earn ur millions like u have a pair.

  8. the eagles will give him a 2nd chance and use him to toughen up danny Watkins maybe they should trade for him so they don’t have to wait till dec 2

  9. Incognito should be reinstated immediately and he should play tonight. These two guys were busting each other’s chops over the course of many months. That’s all that happened. The text that Martin sent to Incognito with the dog proves it. These guys were comfortable making jokes with each other about murdering their families. Is it funny to us? No. But real world sensibilities about proper language do not apply here.

    Guys/Friends have done this type of stuff to/with each other forever. Would any of you want things you said to your Army buddies, fraternity brothers, or former teammates published for public scrutiny?

    This has all been a media driven circus. Incognito used a racial slur, and that is obviously a no-no, but if the NFL can say that using the name “Redskin” is okay because there’s no intent to defame, then why can’t Incognito when he didn’t intend to defame? (Also, I saw Riley Cooper had a pretty good day yesterday.)

    So are we done now? Jeff Ireland still has to go, though; but that’s because he sucks. Not because of this.

  10. ejm845 says:
    Nov 11, 2013 8:02 AM
    the eagles will give him a 2nd chance and use him to toughen up danny Watkins maybe they should trade for him so they don’t have to wait till dec 2

    LOL- Danny Watkins plays for the Dolphins.

  11. Common, give me a massive break! The guy was suspended and murdered by the media. That’s enough punishment. Let him come back and play. And you Incognito, common man, grow up!

  12. He will be a Patriot. Mark my words.

    Didn’t they lose Vollmer? If it happens, Belicheck will be hailed as a genius and Dolphins will be ridiculed as idiots for releasing him.

  13. 1972wasalongtimeago @ 8:50 AM – the BEST post I’ve read on the entire subject yet. Everyone needs to back off now and just leave this alone and let it play out with the investigators. I am predicting this will end bad for Ireland and Philbin although I don’t believe they deserve it (although Ireland does suck). I hope Jon Martin can sleep at night.

  14. nfl head coaches talk about avoiding distractions ad nauseum.

    what bigger distraction could there be than putting serial harasser Richie Incognito on your roster in the midst of this “media circus”?

    IMHO, the Dolphins will cut him and he will not play for an NFL.

  15. Riley Cooper srvived, so will Incognito.

    Incognito will probably not play the rest of the year because the NFL will suspend him, or the Dolphins will deactivate and pay him. I see him on a team, with a VERY short leash.

    I hate to say it, but what got exposed probably happens in every NFL lockeroom to some extent. This one just got leaked.

  16. The more I read and hear on this whole thing, the more I think there is no reason he should not be back sooner than later. Sure he’s a jerk, but thats been known for years. Let the man play football, no reason he shouldn’t.

  17. After the rest of the detains about Incognito are made public this week including the already known but a more detailed account of the female molestation issue.. as well as other Ritchie issues…..he will never play again in the NFL……take it to the bank……

  18. Does anyone else see why this situation is seeing so much time in the media the way the league wants it to be? Yes, what he did was wrong and yes something should be done and said about it, but to the level it is? C’mon, does anyone else see this?

    The reason this is seeing so much light is the simple fact that the league does not want the light to shine on the BIGGEST problem the league has. The light has been pointed away from something else that should have it shined upon.

    What is that? The simple fact that the officiating in the league is going down the toilet quicker than a space satelite falling to the earth. The league does not want that talked about, so they take the light away from that to this.

  19. Someone help me out please. I’m still wondering what exactly did Incognito do to get him suspended and to get the media to talk about him nonstopped?

  20. There are two sides to poor little Richie getting kicked out of Nebraska and booted from a couple of NFL teams. All of this guy ‘s problems are Martin’s fault.

  21. Wow only the naive or those who have never been inside a locker room would think that Incognito should be suspended. The Dolphins will have to suspend Center Pouncey and many other players if this suspension holds up after the investigation.

    Carter, Jackson and Johnson commenting for ESPN on Sunday all admitted using the “N” word. They all swore never to misuse the word again. Martin’s agent and all the players know that Ireland wanted Martin to be toughened up. The players all realize that Incognito is not a racist. The “N” word should not be misused by white or black people ever.

  22. Richie Incognito will be welcomed and wanted back in the NFL before Martin….While Richie is (UNjustly) suspended he is no doubt lifting weights getting himself ready to help his team when allowed back. The soft quitter Martin. His version of getting ready is hiding at Mommy & Daddy’s house huddled with lawyers……

    There is no justice just-us. Incognito should be playing tonight….

  23. The best stories in the NFL are not from what happens on the field but rather locker room talk.
    How did we get to this point?

    The media in this country is out of line, they are owned and they only look out for themselves.

  24. Him not playing is far more detrimental to the team than his conduct. I think we’ve seen that his conduct was only a detriment to Jonathan Martin who is no longer with the team anyway. Bring him back. The players want him back and you want to keep the players happy

  25. Someone ask him, If his daughter was the female at the golf course tournament he was poking in the genitals with a golf club would he just laugh it off. He’s a rhoid head a-hole and should be sitting at home watching. Scru him

  26. From what I hear the players saying, I’m betting this guy (Incognito) is back on the field with someone sooner rather than later. It sounds like Martin is the guy that might have a hard time finding a spot in the league.

  27. He is an average player at best and isn’t worth the trouble but their is always somebody desperate enough to take a chance. To whoever signs this clown I wish you nothing but bad Karma.

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