Irsay sees glass as half full


After the Colts lost their preseason opener against the Bills, owner Jim Irsay ripped them on Twitter.  So with a 38-8 home loss against the lowly Rams, Irsay was poised to go bonkers, right?

Unfortunately, no.

With nothing from Irsay as the Rams scored touchdown after touchdown, I thought it was coming.  It had to be coming.

After the game ended, it started with some promise:  “I hear the pain in Colts Nation n share n feel the pissed off feelings! Crap performance.”

Oh yeah.  Here it comes.  Unless it doesn’t.

“Not crap effort..we’re n 1st place by 2 games,” Irsay said.  “A lot of teams would dance n be filled with joy to be n our position! Shake it off, Man up n get ready 4 Thursday night! Horrible game,1 game.”

He’s right to be looking at the bigger picture.  But part of Irsay’s charm is that he rarely looks at the bigger picture.

“16 game season n when this season started, to be n 1st place with a 2 game lead n be 6-3 with our schedule n injuries, I’d take it in a second,” Irsay said.

Again, he’s right.  But there’s hope for a looming explosion.

“I promise I’m more angry and pissed off than you can imagine..I will express all fan’s rage to franchise,then move on and support our team!”

We’ll see how long he supports them if they keep playing like they did on Sunday.

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  1. He takes a lot of crap for it, but I think its cool that Irsay is such a huge fan of his own team and is always pushing them to get better. He doesn’t meddle to a Jerry Jones level and he doesn’t treat it purely as a revenue stream like the Glazers. Sure, he’s good for an embarrassing quote once in a while, but so is everyone else involved in the NFL.

  2. I think it’s hilarious, that everyone thinks the dude is drunk when he posts. He’s stated many times he hasn’t drank in 12 years.

  3. Quick, name another owner who tweets like a 12 year old. curtispaintersbackup, you complain his positive tweets never make the news. Are you telling me he tweets about his charitable work? That would make him even more pathetic. Almost as pathetic as the Trent Richardson trade. Wow, a 1st round pick for under 3 yards per rush. The NFL should punish the Browns for taking advantage of an attention seeking owner.

  4. Irsay is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t on this site.

    He could simply declare water to be wet. But because he would do so on Twitter, IN ALL CAPS, at least half of you would have a problem with the statement.

  5. Jimmy “Billy Madison” Irsay is a fine depiction of the typical Colts fan(well, weren’t given the keys to a billion dollar business), but there is no surprise that they follow him like blind sheep.

    He is as petty, ungrateful and hypocritical as the best of them.

  6. Did you see the monster game that T-Rich had against the Rams?

    Just confirms that Mike Holmgren is the only life form in the galaxy that can make Mike Lombardturd, the Cleveland GM, look intelligent!

  7. Before this weekend when I looked at the Colts schedule I thought that they had it pretty easy. Toughest 3 games were @TEN, @CIN, @KC.

    I figured they would lose 1 or max 2 of the rest of their games.

    Now I look at it differently… To get clobbered at home by STL was horrible… Barely beating a pretty bad Houston team looks lucky.

    Looks like losing Wayne really hurt after all.

    I think 11-5 looks like their record to finish the season at best. They will win the division and be the 3rd or 4th seed.

  8. Irsay Tweets before and after Richardson trade:

    This day of MONSTER TRADE,The Tidal Wave Of Deal making…Shocks the system of “..Didn’t see THIS ONE COMING!!!!!!” Grig’s Rollin’ Dice!

    EARTH-SHAKING Donald Brown is kicking butt Colts Fans!!! OH MAN!!! this is going to be SO AWESOME!!!

  9. I’d suggest to the good people of Indianapolis to sit up and take note of what he says and does. This is the same thing his father did here in Baltimore. He ranted all the time to any media people who would listen to him and you see what happened to us.

    His father swore he wasn’t drinking any longer as well. However, I will never forget the night he spoke to our media on the tarmac at BWI airport with Donald Shaeffer right at his side. He was so drunk he was swaying all the while yelling at our media that the Colts weren’t going anywhere and how dare anyone suggest that he would do such a thing.

    And then it happened, on a very cold, snowy night we watched as the Mayflower moving vans packed our Colts up and drove away in the dark of the night. All of our history went with it.

    I feel sorry for y’all there in Indy. We know all too well the strange owner of your team.

  10. “part of Irsay’s charm is that he rarely looks at the bigger picture.”


    Okay, THAT gave me a good laugh.
    It’s funny ’cause it’s true! 🙂

  11. Irsay is one of those guys that thinks he is much smarter than he is…..”part of Irsay’s charm is that he rarely looks at the big picture”………………………………..

    Dudley Moores character in Arthur was charming. A guy jumping on Twitter after a half of bottle of Scotch, not so much.

  12. Irasy – thanks for giving Cleveland a first round pick for Richardson. He’s work out great for Indy. He had 5 carries for 2 yards. He sounds like he’s making an impact.

  13. SusieB, After living through the awful Robert Irsay years you opened the door and invited in Art Modell and did the same thing to Cleveland.

    You folks in Baltimore claim that leaving the name behind makes it okay.

    Whatever allows you to look in the mirror without seeing a hypocrite.

  14. colts wont give up a number three pick like the
    crap hole browns of the armpit of Cleveland did.
    25th – 32nd pick at best. eat that armpit Cleveland. lol. wait until we actually have a oline to block then you’ll eat your words browns fans. its sad when your only glory is getting rid of your franchise running back and giving him to us for a late! first rounder. hilarious.

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