Marc Trestman: I might have stayed with Cutler too long


Immediately after the Bears lost 21-19 to the Lions, Bears coach Marc Trestman said that he didn’t take quarterback Jay Cutler out until the final offensive series because he thought Cutler could still do the job despite an ankle injury that further limited his mobility in his first game back from a groin injury.

After watching film of the game, however, Trestman again praised Cutler’s courage for playing through the injury and listed several missed opportunities on offense that went beyond Cutler’s limited status to explain why the offense couldn’t get the job done. However, Trestman also said that he might have erred by not turning to Josh McCown a little bit earlier in the fourth quarter.

“I went through the tape closely this morning and watched Jay’s performance, and I thought he did well into the fourth quarter,” Trestman said on WBBM, via “But at the end of the day, if we had to do it all over again, maybe it would be one series before the two-minute drill [that Cutler comes out].”

Trestman said it is too early in the week to know what Cutler’s status will be for the Week 11 game against the Ravens.

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  1. NO, you LOST the game by over-coaching it. Your arrogance and stubbornness got in the way of winning the game. Even McCown was quietly shouting at him to put him in earlier in the game. This was nuts and Cutler is lucky he didn’t die out there. Now he is MORE banged up than he was before. They needed to rest him and let him get healthy and count on their backup QB. If you can’t count on your backup QB to play in the game then you need to find one!

    Trestman just gave this one to us and I thank him for it. Hopefully though the Bears fire him because he is a god-awful coach and I don’t want to play against him next year, it’s just not fun or competitive enough. Get somebody good and give us a real game and make us EARN the win!

  2. Mc Cown should have started the second half, and Trestman should have trusted Robbie Gould to make a FG on that 4th.-and-1 play that failed. ‘Nuff said.

    Still love Trestman as HC, though.

  3. It was obvious to anyone watching the game that Cutler was a mess and McCown should have started the third quarter.

    That being said…I’m really glad your coach is an arrogant a$$. Go Lions!

  4. Other understated 2013 NFL hindsight revelations:

    Colts: A first round pick for Trent Richardson might’ve been too much.

    Packers: Our backup QBs might not be good enough to help us win the division.

    Aaron Hernandez: I might’ve been to rough on Odin Lloyd.

  5. thepftpoet:

    The Vikings are harmless as long as they have Spielman and Frazier running things. Those guys don’t know good football and are ruining Peterson’s potential legacy that he COULD have had. Too bad now.

  6. I like that Trestman will admit it. He made a few mistakes yesterday, but all in all, I love what I see. So many years of Lovie being horribly stubborn and never willing to admit that he didn’t always make the right call with personal or decision making.

    And for everyone getting on Trestman, remember that the Bears were a half second bobble by Alshon away from being taking the lead in the fourth with Cutler in at QB.

  7. At least Marc is admitting now that he made a mistake. Lovie would have told us that he would do the same thing over again.
    I think giving this game a way to the Lions have sealed the Bears season. With San Fran and Carolina doing as well as they are I do not see the Bears even getting a wild card berth at this point. It is a shame since with McCown they can move the ball quite well and score points. Getting Briggs back soon and hoping that Jay Ratliff can bring something to the D Line you never know what could happen in the big dance. Hopefully this mistake makes Trestman a better coach in the years to come with making player decisions. I really do think that the Bears need to let Cutler walk after the season, draft a QB in the draft, start McCown next season and in 2015 the new era will start in Chicago. Go Bears!!

  8. Trestman had a brain fart and forgot he was in the NFL. Not the minor league CFL.

    Detroit thanks you for giving them a win on a silver platter.

  9. I heard Rothelesberger is going to be traded next year for Cutler.

    I think it is a good trade..Two old QBs going to new teams that like old players.

  10. wyboemail:

    He can’t even admit a mistake properly. He only “might” have left him in too long, and beyond that he is talking about only taking him out like one drive earlier, he just doesn’t get it!

    This guy is just a natural loser, from a professional football standpoint. Anything else is irrelevant, people like this don’t belong in the league.

  11. As a Packers fan, I dislike Cutler greatly; but to call him soft or question his toughness is completely asinine. I’d venture to say he’s one of the tougher QB’s in the league, even. Unfortunately for him, the Bears keep hiring coaches that apparently want to see him killed.

  12. Jay Cutler with no hands is still better than Seneca Wallace or Scott Tolzie

    that doesnt even make sense.. How would he take a snap, much less complete a pass.

  13. After nine years of Lovie, it is so great to see our HC admit a mistake…And hopefully learn from it.

  14. And even more costly was Trestman’s decision to pass up a FG try with Gould on 4th. down, in a game the Bears ultimately lost by two points.

  15. StrategyExpert, One series sooner would have been enough due to the fact that the bears only lost by two. McCown probably would have driven them down to at least a FG on that drive.
    Know one is bringing up the fact that the stale peanut gave up a touchdown to Mega Millions that put the Lions back up by two scores. If the D holds them to a FG there the Bears win with that TD from McCown.
    My opinion, which counts for nothing, is the Bears need to let Tillman and Peppers walk after this year as well. Lovie stayed with this old D too long and now it is killing this new coaching staff.
    If you keep Tillman put him at FS.

  16. Better than lovie with the in Rex we trust and of course starting Jamarcus Webb instead of bringing in offense tackle

  17. Bringing in a mobile QB for one series is like bring in a relief pitcher to face one batter. After a while you get the pace of his fastball—maybe the next hitter tags it. No telling what would have happen if Trestman had gone to the bullpen earlier. The Lions possibly figure McKown out…who knows. It is what it is.

  18. The Bears are sad to say, done. Now Tillman out for the rest of the regular season. Briggs, Melton, McClellan, and Cutler…… There is no way they will catch the Lions.
    Not to take anything from the Lions, but you have as many number 1 and 2 draft picks for 10 years, you should be good once in a while. The Bears always are in the second half of the draft.

  19. Cutler is not fragile and he is not soft. Often times the crowd noise is the only way he knows if a pass is complete — he gets clobbered and put on his back a lot. The Bears offensive line is not great.

    The ankle is a different injury and he played ok, but the extra week of rest would have helped.

  20. Wow, we got Steeler, and Viking Trolls. Words of wisdom for “upnort”, and a bunch of would’ve, should’ve, could’ve (s)…
    The Lions in Chicago reminds me of the Blind Squirrel (you know the story). It was fun to see the Zibra’s let the dirty physical play go on with out flags (for the most part).
    Trestman’s first year has been fun and is showing lots of potential for the next 10. Bear down soccer fans.

  21. wyboemail:

    Yes it could have been enough to only take Cutler out one series earlier, but I still think the right decision was to take him out sooner than that still. Heck, even a better play call than the 2 lousy plays they ran on the 2-pt conversion could have been enough, so they could have won the game by waiting as long as they did to take Cutler out.

    This was one of Tillman’s worst games he has played in a LONG time. He just got abused and destroyed out there on a few key big plays. I would move on from Peppers and Tillman as well if I was the GM, so I fully agree with your idea to reinvent the Defensive side of the ball. From what Tillman showed though, his athleticism and instincts and ball skills wouldn’t be good enough to even fill in at FS. Plus he’s expensive somewhat so better to let somebody else worry about him.

    Good comments sir!

  22. Unfortunately Custer, unlike Trestman, was not available right after the Little Bighorn to discuss with the media his decision to attack without waiting for more help.

  23. If this is the multitude of excuses Bears fans are giving for a coach pissing away a chance at division lead, then you all deserve your place as a midlevel team.

  24. Strategyexpert,

    Yes, I agree. I would have started McCown if I was able to make that choice. As Bears fans it has been difficult the past three seasons.
    Starting 7-1, 7-3 and the potential this season to have possibly been 7-0 going into the bye week. Woulda, coulda, shoulda does not win games though. I just hope the Defense can now catch up to the offense before that side of the ball gets too old to produce. I think the right guys are in place as far as management now.
    Emery and George McCaskey know what they are doing. Trestman is a good and could be a great head coach. Get some pieces in the draft and we could be talking dynasty.

  25. wyboemail:

    Well at least you can sleep at night knowing you would have made the smart choice! Football isn’t just about winning, it’s about winning for yourself and as long as you stay football smart then that’s all that matters, just don’t let the failed decisions of some of these people to discourage you. There’s plenty of problems with a lack of roster personnel depth that will discourage you well enough. They have a shortage of bodies right now on Defense in particular with their front-7 of which a few inexperienced guys and journeymen have to fill in just to have bodies to use. I just don’t think they can be a threat any more this season with the lack of depth and coaching intellect. That’s going to be too much to overcome.

    Next year they will surely get better as there’s not a ton of big pieces for them to lose and a wide open opportunity to get a LOT better.

  26. Love the Bears the nostalgia, soldier field.
    I root for the Bears unless they are playing my team. They still have a shot at making the playoffs, and yeah Cutler needs to heal up McKnown can get it done, but da Bears have injuries all over.

    But, I also root for the poor Lions and want to see the downtrodden win, and rise up. I’m a sucka for the lost causes, only if they are longSUFFERING. The lions aren’t a lost cause, but yet have to get over the hump. Barry Sanders did a lot for the game.

    Sometimes the matchups are a dilemma and it makes for some great NFL.

    Rooted for the Saints everytime they made the playoffs, in the bad years, unless they were playing my team. Jim Mora cooler than the other side of the pillow and when he went off, we seen it coming, what he said, we were thinking.

    Still root for the saints, even though they got it done. Because of Drew Brees and their plucky team.

    Best of luck to da Bears. Hope everyone has a good November, and thanks to all our Veterans!

  27. “The Bears are sad to say, done. Now Tillman out for the rest of the regular season. Briggs, Melton, McClellan, and Cutler…… There is no way they will catch the Lions.
    Not to take anything from the Lions, but you have as many number 1 and 2 draft picks for 10 years, you should be good once in a while. The Bears always are in the second half of the draft.”

    LOL! So what is Chicago’s excuse for being a vastly subpar franchise with substantially higher picks compared to ours?

    – New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers

  28. Bears wont miss Tillman – he’s not that well respected and he’s still overrated. The guy is a one trick pony, punching at the ball on every play at the expense of quality tackling. He figures if he knocks a ball out every three games, people will forget about the 8 missed tackles each game.

  29. thepftpoet says: Nov 11, 2013 1:00 PM

    Jay Cutler with no hands is still better than Seneca Wallace or Scott Tolzien


    I wouldnt close the book on Scott Tolzien so fast. He made some rookie mistakes sure, but with some additional practice time with the 1’s, he might be OK. (Just keepin it positive)…

  30. Even though I’m sure that the networks tell their announcers to remain neutral and not too crticial of the play on the field by the middle of the 3d quarter even Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, and Tony Siragusa were commenting on why Cutler was still in the game. If thye could see it what was missing on Trestman’s part?

    Cutler will cost too much money to resign and he appears too brittle. No question about his toughness though. Play Josh, sign Tebow as a back-up and draft some young college QB with potential. At least Tebow will give us something to post about during the years it will take to rebuild the Bears as they need help at 5 or 6 spots minimum.

  31. IF the Raiders had drafted Culter and Megatron they would not be suffering right now. They also passed on LT Eugene Monroe. Not a Culter fan but the guy is a type 1 diabetic and has to shoot insulin every day. so his immune system is weak . he doesn’t heal well like normal QB’s. He ‘s gone from Chicago for sure . maybe the Titans will sign him next year. he went to Vandy.

  32. If the current pattern continues, Trestman will be a coaching god next week against the Ravens, then blow the game on stupid decisions against the Rams in week.

    By the end of the season, this pattern would have the Bears at 9-7, which is practically a lock for a Wildcard in the AFC, but is 12th or 13th seed in the NFC.

    Suck to be Ron Rivera, he’s on pace to be the guy who will win 10 games, miss the playoffs and get fired this year.

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