Mike James starts fast, then gets carted off


Buccaneers running back Mike James got off to a great start on Monday night against the Dolphins. But it didn’t last long.

On Tampa Bay’s first drive, James was the focal point of the offense, and he looked great. James carried five times and gained 41 yards, but after helping the Bucs get deep in Miami territory, he went down with an ankle injury.

James was carted off the field, and the team initially said he’s questionable to return but announced shortly after that he would not be back.

Without James the Buccaneers scored on a great tackle-eligible pass to Donald Penn (who showed off a great vertical jump in celebrating), and on Tampa Bay’s next drive, backup running back Brian Leonard helped march the Buccaneers into field goal range, where they took a 10-0 lead.

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  1. I know this is way of the subject, but has there been a Logicalvoicesays sighting since Thursday?

    Somebody better go check on him….

    He probably hasn’t eaten in days and is just squatting in the corner sucking his thumb

  2. Everyone remember that just because you make big free agent signings doesn’t mean you’ll be successful when the offseason rolls around. Especially when those signings consist of a one trick pony WR and a couple of LBs. I know Lane Johnson hasn’t been great so far in Philly, but it didn’t make sense then or now for Miami to draft a pass rusher over an offensive lineman.

  3. Sucks. He looked like a great back up for Martin. Just the way it goes. I wonder how the Buccaneers will mess this up…hopefully they get off the snide tonight though but I just don’t trust them after the way they’ve blown games this year.

  4. The Bucs looked at least this dominant for the first half last week in Seattle before Schiano does what Schiano does and completely shutdown the offense and went ultraconservative.

    Lets see if for the first time in the entire time that Schiano has been here if he does something different. I’m guessing not. Miami isn’t a good team so maybe they won’t beat the Bucs, but I have a feeling it will come right down to the end – and if that’s true it ALWAYS ends with a Bucs L.

  5. Ross states that he is appalled at the situation with Incognito. He should also be appall at his team performance! It is hard to be a Dolphins fan!!!!

  6. Highly talented roster. Had high hopes coming into this season.

    Mental breakdowns/game losing penalties will happen…and are normally corrected by week 2 or so of the regular season.

    Mind boggling how intelligent folks would waste millions on that talented roster, with the current coaching staff.

    Get a competent coaching staff in place so you can work on getting your fan base back.

    Long time fan (Testaverde’s rookie season), zero faith in current coaching staff. ugh.

  7. BTW my comment was written when the Bucs were up 15-0 and Miami had done nothing. I know Greg Schiano. He’s an idiot. I think it would still be close if they were up 150-0.

  8. Honestly, I wouldn’t normally be interested in a dolphins/bucs game, but figured I’d watch hoping for a train wreck while rooting for the bucs. They looked pretty dominant initially, but the coaching made me want to pull my hair out to the point of now pulling for the dolphins. That guy onebucplace hit the nail on the head it would seem (don’t watch many Buc games, but what he states sure sounds accurate from what I’m seeing).

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