ProFootballTalk: Big Ben wants to be ‘Steeler for life’

The PFT crew discusses the trade rumors surrounding Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Both Roethlisberger and Steelers owner Art Rooney denied these allegations, but Mike Florio believes there’s some ‘smoke floating around’ as the Steelers may soon realize they want to move on from Big Ben.

17 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Big Ben wants to be ‘Steeler for life’

  1. It was painful to watch Rodney Harrison try to pronounce Roethlisberger two different times, fail both times and then both times awkwardly switch to calling Roethlisberger Big Ben.

  2. Interesting point Florio made about the Steelers taking the ball out of Roethlisberger’s hands and resorting to the wildcat. I hate the wildcat. Let’s just fire everyone.

  3. Steelers have a long history of clinging to players long past their prime. Keeping Roethlisbooger ensures their rightful place in the AFCN basement.

  4. Roethlisberger will remain a Steeler as long as he’s willing to accept a dramatic pay cut, a reduced salary in the neighborhood of around $8 million per season. But if he wants to be paid like Flacco, forget about it. That’s not going to happen in Pittsburgh.
    It’s a matter of economics.
    I’m guessing “Steelers loyal” Roethlisberger will be eventually raising his “kids” with Uncle Bruce in Arizona.

  5. jmf, good to see you bro. Though you seem obsessed recently with basement references. Foreshadowing perhaps?

  6. bobzilla, let me get this straight, you think Big Ben is only worth $4M/yr? You are officially off your rocker my friend. Steelers will have him play out his contract at $12M/yr, then thank him for his legendary service.

  7. @mlarkin70 …

    No, it isn’t a crime that Flacco is getting paid more than Ben. It’s a crime that Flacco–a good quarterback–is being overpaid to the point that it’s crippled his team. And it’s a crime that Roethlisberger–a good quarterback–is being overpaid to the point that it’s crippled his team.

    Meanwhile, Tom Brady–arguably the best quarterback in the league–took an actual paycut to help his team. That’s not a restructuring where the money is still paid but in another year. That’s a paycut where he turns back the money to the team.

    Do you guys actually think Roethlisberger is worth more to the Steelers than Brady is worth to the Pats?

  8. If the Steelers allow Roethlisberger to play out his contract, he will become a free agent, which means they will get NOTHING. Plus, I’m pretty sure I said $8 million per season might keep him in Pittsburgh. Might.
    It’s also possible the Rooneys have had a gutful of all the distractions Roethlisberger has brought to the team: motorcycle accident, Barroom romances, conjured-up injuries, berating his OC, and now this, his “wants traded talk.”
    Should be an interesting offseason.

  9. Big Ben is not the man….. he’s
    a god…. ALL HAIL BIG BEN..
    Who started this madness? i bet u it was that evil genius Landry Jones… Yeahh …lol..

  10. Sorry bobzilla, I misread your post as a reduction of $8M per season from his current. But either way, you’re wrong. Ben knows he is still a Top 5 QB, no way you’re even sniffing his services for $8M per.

    Comparatively speaking, Ben’s gotta be worth more than $20M.

  11. crown:
    If Roethlisberger places as high a value on himself, as you apparently do, he will be gone. It’s just that simple.
    Secondly, top-5 quarterback?
    Now who’s off his rocker?

  12. crown …

    Ben has a short window of opportunity left in his career. He may have some success in Arizona since he and BA are sympatico, AZ has strong receivers, and their defense is okay. I’ll be sad to see the Big Ben era end, but a Roethlisberger trade would free some cap room, give us some extra draft picks, let us start rebuilding where it’s desperately needed. So I hope Ben sees himself through your eyes. It’s not a realistic view.

  13. Sound logic Deb, except for one point: the Steelers don’t rebuild. And letting a top-flight QB hit the streets while he still is one of the best in the business would be a colossal mistake. Almost as big of a mistake as letting Keenan Lewis leave.

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