Saints think their offense just getting started

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The Saints were so dominant last night, the only questions by the second quarter was whether they could break all the records.

Or whether their offense could get any better.

Saints coach Sean Payton wasn’t ready to declare it their best performance of the year, but they did set a franchise record with 625 yards and a new NFL record with 40 first downs. But afterward, they were thinking they could do more.

“Oh definitely,” running back Pierre Thomas said, via Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “There’s plenty more to come. We’re not done yet.”

The Cowboys will be relieved to know they don’t have to be the victims any more, after they were picked apart in every way imaginable. Not only was Drew Brees himself, but they also ran for 242 yards, the most in the Payton era and the Saints’ most since 1990, and Marques Colston broke out of a slump with a 100-yard game and a touchdown.

“Everybody was clicking today,” Thomas said. “Offense was doing a good job of moving the ball. We were up tempo, especially in the first half like we wanted to be. We just kept pressing at them. We didn’t give up. It shows what we can do as an offense when we’re clicking on all cylinders.”

The task will get much tougher over the next month, as they play three playoff contenders with actual defenses (the 49ers, the Seahawks and the first of their meetings with the Panthers).

But the way the Saints are moving the ball, it’s almost hard to imagine anyone stopping them.

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  1. I think the bigger story here is that the Saints Defense didn’t allow the Cowboys to go toe to toe with them scoring. The Cowboys have but up some pretty sick numbers this year, so to hold them to 17 points was a nice accomplishment for the Saints D.

  2. The Cowboys getting their butts handed to them on a platter and Jerruh’s sour look are priceless. Loving it.

  3. I cannot overstate how much I dislike the Dallas Cowboys. The highlight of this game for me was the Saints’ final drive, starting inside their own 10, when they simply ran it into the line time after time and pounded the Dallas defense all way down the field.

    Under Ryan I saw Dallas’ defense get beat from time to time at the end of games, but I never saw them flat out quit like they did last night.

  4. Saints have the 49’ers, Seahawks and Panthers (x2). I think Dallas stunk the place up more so than the Saints with an epiphany on run blocking. I would love to see the running game contribute, it has been missed.

  5. When you watch the Saints practice during the week, you are amazed at what they can do. If they remain in their groove and execute like they normally do, no team can match them. Not even the Seahawks in Seattle. Expect the playoffs to go through New Orleans.

  6. captainvilfo says:
    Nov 11, 2013 8:29 AM
    Yeah but only at home #lol

    Yep…averaging 371.5 yards per game on the road, but I see your point. They have absolutely no offense outside of the dome. Got it.

  7. Not sure this put them ahead of the 9-1 Seahawks, but of course we will soon get to see exactly what they’re made of against some real D. I could see them losing all 4 games frankly—with the way the Panthers have been playing. Its why they play the games.

  8. Lol , no saints dont win any games on the road , Saints are giving up less than like 18 pts per game , while they are 7-2 , never getting any respect . Going to Fox sports blaming the cowboys loss on hurt key players like lee yet vilma got put on IR before the game. Well did Dallas Def stop tony romo for only having 20 passing yards at halftime , get over it nfl wanna be’s Saints are for real & to the Seattle fans and Panthers fans you are not goin to beat New Orleans by coring 10 or 12 pts …… hate it for you

  9. Folk are talking about the Niners, Seahawks and Panthers’ defenses, like the Saints D is a chopped liver po-boy sandwich with no onions or cayenne pepper!

    Keep in mind: None of those teams have dominating offenses. The Saints do~with a good defense. So, even if the Saints don’t run up the score, the other team’s offense won’t dominate our Saints D.

    In fact, the Saints D is better than those team’s O. None of them scare us. But the Saints O will have some defensive coordinators Sleepless in Seattle~San Fran and Carolina.

    Geaux Saints!

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