Sean Lee expected to miss 3-4 weeks


The bad news for a Cowboys defense that doesn’t need it keeps coming in.

According to Mike Garafolo of the FOX Sports, Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee will miss three to four weeks because of a hamstring injury suffered last night.

That’s the last thing the Cowboys needed after giving up 625 yards and 40 first downs to the Saints, as they try to recover and realize they’re still tied for the NFC East lead.

But it also fits with the profile of the season, as injuries have decimated them from the start, mostly in the front of a revamped 4-3 defense.

22 responses to “Sean Lee expected to miss 3-4 weeks

  1. It will take Jerry Jones to fire everyone and declare himself finally publically as head coach to realize he needs to be fired as well.


  2. At what point in time do you start replacing your training staff. Sorry I know teams get injuries but I will bet the world Dallas has the most hamstring injuries in the nfl. Either way who cares this team is a joke and I am a cowboy fan it’s the same story the last 3 seasons including this one. Bad penalties barely ever beating anyone over 500 barely ever being over 500 themselves. I for one am sick of this loser team

  3. I have no idea how a professional defense can be as freakishly bad as the Cowboys this year. I think it has to be an issue of scheme rather than talent/personnel. Monte Kiffin is going to have to go, he fielded an amazing defense in Tampa but times have changed.

  4. The Glass Linebacker… Always hurt, never plays a whole 16 game season. What good is talent when you’re made of glass?

  5. Will miss watching him. Plays the game like each play will be his last. Clearly a candidate for Defensive MVP.

    Lasted until the 2nd round due to his limited size and sadly he can’t seem to finish out a season without health issues.

    Obvious that Dallas is not the same team without him.

  6. And there goes the season, no lee (as you can see from last yr) no playoff hopes! This cowboy team is finished for the yr period! Thanks to the NON existing D w/o LEE and ware being a gimp boys r done sorry Dallas fans its just the facts! And I’ve been in my eyes the biggest cowboys fan since 76….

  7. From a non-cowboys fan: The cowboys seem to lack the “mean” streak. It appears that they are soft at most times. I think that they need to take lessons from my wife (die hard cowboys fan). I about got beat to death watching the game last nite. Started when they never covered their hearts during the Anthem, and got worse as the game went on. She would even volunteer to coach them. All you commenters who have “pull” with jerrah please get him to try her, Hell, I have more bruises and contusions from last night than the players have today. Another game like last night and I will be either in the hospital or deceased. I need help!!!!!!! Thanks

  8. You may criticize Lee for missing games, however, you must keep in mind his effort play after play. Other factors include a scheme that does not include a large nose tackle protecting him or defensive scheme like the steelers and many others that have all down lineman
    Protecting the linebackers. Another factor is how many plays the Dallas defense have played this year. The defense seems to be always on the field. Lee takes on a lot of lineman and is always in the thick plays.
    You could take a linebacker who runs around blocks and takes plays off. I will take a guy like Lee all the time. If the cowboys ever get a big powerful line in front of Lee , watch out!

  9. I wonder how Troy and Buck will ever get on with this season. Their team is absolutely terrible, and they will have to temper their obvious fanboy announcing because there is no shot in hell that the remainder of Bill Parcells team is going to do squat. Please cowgirls whatever you do….. don’t fire your GM. He is awesome!

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