Sean Lee headed for MRI on hamstring

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The Cowboys were up 10-7 in the second quarter on Sunday night when linebacker Sean Lee was forced out of the game with a hamstring injury.

It’s hard to blame everything that happened in the game from that point on Lee’s absence, but the Saints outscored the Cowboys 42-7 the rest of the way in what turned out to be an easy home win for New Orleans. Lee is having an MRI on Monday to determine how bad an injury he sustained.

“I don’t know the severity, but obviously it’s not good,” Lee said, via “So, we got to figure it out and do whatever I can to rehab and get back as fast as possible.”

Lee was followed out of the game by linebacker Justin Durant, who also suffered a hamstring injury, and the team was already missing defensive tackle Jason Hatcher, safety J.J. Wilcox and cornerback Morris Claiborne from the lineup. Those absences were too much for the defense to overcome and the Cowboys will have to hope that the bye week does some of those bodies good because they’ll need all hands on deck to remain on top in the NFC East down the stretch.

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  1. The Cowboys organization needs to do something about the training staff, all these injuries, especially the hamstring injuries, have to have a common denominator and my guess is that it’s Kevin Woicik

  2. I just don’t understand who two years in a row this team is decimated by injuries. I mean really its comical at this point that miles can never get in the field Murray is always hurt lee is hurt again I mean we are down to a third string d end and like a 5th string tackle lol. It was even more commical that the offense was such a joke and basically has been since the broncos game. Watching receivers be so wide open in games when stops need to be made is also hilarious. I’m a Dallas fan and there is just nothing to do any more but throw my hands up and laugh out loud

  3. Heads need to roll…
    Bill Callahan to be specific.
    All those rumors in the offseason about his inability to be consistent in the pass/run ratio comes into question, Callahan is looking very suspect right now.
    Maybe Jerry will put his GM hat on and hold him accountable. But knowing Jerry’s incompetence as a GM he’ll probably fire Garrett if this continues and the Boys aren’t in the postseason lol. It’s pretty been tough being a Cowboys fan. #WinLoseOrTie
    Oh and the couch General Managers at home save the cut Romo talk, you obviously don’t know jack about football.

  4. I really do think Jones needs to consider putting his ego aside and do what is right for Dallas–hire a true GM. If they do fire Garrett, that means the rest of the coaching staff (usually, not always but usually) would follow so Callahan would be gone too. Thought him and Kiffin hires were odd myself. I stated earlier the game has kind of passed Kiffin by–although as a Buccsfan and knowing that he, Dungy, and Maraneli all were the main reasons we won our lone Superbowl, I will forever appreciate that he once was the great DC for that team for many years. I miss that defense. I wish we had a nasty, tough and swarming defense like Seattle and the Panthers have right now, followed closely by the Chiefs. To me those are the three best defenses at the halfway point of the season.

  5. @doomsdaydefensetx, no better words have ever been spoken. Heads need to roll but that doesn’t necessarily means the head coach’s. Owner Jerry needs to fire GM Jerry, IMO. Oh, and the Romo comment, PRICELESS!!! Great words there sir, Romo is NOT the problem.

  6. Why does Jason Garret and Romo always face the press
    Get all the Coaches to face and explain to the press what they are doing right and wrong

  7. My comment is from a Uk Dallas fan
    The way that Jerry Jones behaves would not be accepted in the Uk
    The Glazers who own Tampa Bay and also Manchester United
    The Jaguars owner owns Fulham soccer you never hear about them
    The fans would get rid of them if they were dragging down their team

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