Thomas Dimitroff: Mike Smith isn’t going anywhere


Before action got underway on the field on Sunday, there was a report about Jon Gruden’s future that included a reference to the Falcons.

Jason LaCanfora of reported that Gruden’s likeliest targets for a return to coaching are the Raiders and Falcons in the event that those jobs open up. The Falcons fell to 2-7 against the Seahawks on Sunday, but General Manager Thomas Dimitroff said after the game that Smith’s job is secure when he was asked about the “agitating” report regarding Gruden.

“Mike Smith is a hell of a football coach; he’s the leader of this team,” Dimitroff said, via “Mike’s going nowhere.”

Smith has a 58-31 record since taking over the Falcons and he’s led the team to the playoffs four times, which makes it hard to believe that Dimitroff is just posturing. The Falcons’ season has gone south with a lot of help from injuries, something that Smith can’t control, and there have been plenty of personnel decisions that haven’t worked out in the Falcons’ advantage this season.

Nothing should be ruled out until the season comes to an end, especially if things go from bad to worse in Atlanta, but, for now, it seems unlikely that Smith’s going to be on the chopping block.

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  1. Shouldn’t Dimitrioff be the one shown the door? He never built a sufficient defense!

  2. I like Mike Smith. I mean, the Falcons lost the following starters: Both WRs, RB, DE, RT, 2 LBs and LT. Kinda hard to overcome that. I’m a Falcons and Steelers fan, so this season has sucked. However, I see it as they both get a high pick so hopefully they can bring in some solid players and get right back on top.

  3. A Gruden return to Oakland is inevitable. Just depends on how quickly M Davis will show McKenzie and Allen the door. If it was me, I’d get the ball rolling already.

  4. All the eggs were put in one basket (passing game). They thought that with the passing attack that everything else would fall into place and that teams just wouldn’t be able to win the track meet. THEN INJURIES. The OL has been shown to be weak. They can’t pass protect or open holes for SJ. They should’ve never let Clabo go and should’ve asked McClure to come back one more year. And since I’m pretending to be GM, they should’ve waited to pay Matt Ryan. That gamble paid off well for the Ravens and would be a welcomed problem to have if he played well this year. But like most, I have the 20-20 vision of hindsight when posting on here.

  5. He’s lead the Falcons to the playoffs 4 times. ’08, ’10, ’11, ’12. They missed the playoffs in ’09. And oh yea 2013 too. Definitely missed the playoffs in 2013.

  6. As a Panther fan, I’d be happy to see Smith canned, because that would be the stupidest thing the Falcons have ever done.

    The Falcons never had 2 consecutive winning seasons before Smith got there, and now they’re having their first losing season under them. The idea he should be fired after 1 bad season is perposterous.

  7. Easily the best coach the Falcons have ever had. A slew of injuries have decimated this team. They took a flyer on S. Jackson, and it didn’t pay off. Tony Gonzalez isn’t gonna be around next year. But I don’t doubt they will be back to prominence next year.

  8. Dimitroff, Smith and Ryan should all get the heave-ho. Falcons will never see progress as long as Moe, Larry & Curley are in place.

  9. as a saints fan, I do agree 100% with TD..Mike Smith is one hell of a coach and deserves to keep his job..Failcants are just having a down year and every team goes thru that..Failcants will have a top 10 pick in the draft next year and can build on the existing talent that they already have…see ya next year failcant fans

  10. The Falcons need to draft in the 1st rd. with their top 5 pick is either a DE or OT which will help out immensely. The other spots need a DT, G, LB, RB, S & get a FA that’s kinda sorta young to round out the gaps. Subtract injuries hopefully & WHAMMO back to 8-8 or better in 2014.

  11. And neither are the Falcons. Doesn’t it feel like their window has closed before it ever really opened?!? It feels like 3-4 teams in the NFC have left them in the dust, overnight, and they don’t have any chance to catch them.

    I predict 4-5 straight 3rd-place finishes in the NFC South for them. There’s no way they’ll be able to hang with the Saints or the Panthers in the foreseeable future.

  12. Can’t have a winning team when you lose your #1 and #2 WRs, your #1 RB stays nicked up and your D-Line suffers injuries, FA losses (Abraham was worth the $ he held out for) and your secondary starts 2 rookies. The Falcon model is to be able to score enough to outlast your defense and it was first to go.

    Just not their year. If the Chiefs can go 2-14 and be undefeated after week 10 this year, the Falcons can come back to camp next season confident that they can contend.

  13. It goes like this. Championship coaches like a Belichek get 2 years to right the ship after a bad year. A successful coach who hasn’t one the big one like Smith gets one year. Unproven coach get no guarantees whatsoever.

  14. Dimitroff wouldn’t consider trading Gonzalez a couple of weeks ago to a contender for some draft picks. If he wouldn’t do that then there is no way Mike Smith is going anywhere- even if they go winless the rest of the season.

  15. This is good news, I was hoping Atlanta wouldn’t get serious and look for positive ways to change the team. Dimitroff will keep this team non-competitive for a long time so the playoff spots can be focused on by a few select and more privileged teams.

    I just hope they don’t wisen up and get a hell of a GM.

  16. elwaysagenius says:

    Smith can’t be blamed for injuries

    No but he can be blamed for poor cap management and roster depth. Pats have had terrible injury problems this year but the next men up have kept doing well.

  17. The Falcons cycling down after having a very good 3-4 year stretch is the norm in the NFL during the salary cap era. The only teams that defy the cycling ups and downs are the Browns and Patriots.

  18. Wow. I’m a Saints fan, and the only reason I’d agree with the Falcons firing Mike Smith is bias. One bad season (plagued with injuries, by the way) is not the basis on which to judge a coach. He’s done fantastic with Matt Ryan in Atlanta.

  19. I think Gruden is considering the Dolphins before any other teams start calling. Ross (Miami’s owner ) needs to react quickly to this public relations nightmare by parting ways with the idiots that allowed the atmosphere to exist.

  20. They lost 2 linebackers,2 tackles,2 receivers,1 rb,1de, they have a second yr guy at center and 2 ufa starting at linebacker. They are starting 2 rookie corners. That would be a lot for any team to overcome.
    I don’t get the Ryan bashing, the only Qb to win more games in the past 5 years is Brady. News flash, defense is soft and Ryan doesn’t play D. Ryan is reported the first man in the building and the last to leave. In his press conference he never says the word “i” unless to take the blame.

  21. therolandobottom says: Nov 11, 2013 9:44 AM

    A Gruden return to Oakland is inevitable. Just depends on how quickly M Davis will show McKenzie and Allen the door. If it was me, I’d get the ball rolling already.

    I disagree. For what McKenzie started with it would have been tempting to mortgage the future like they have been doing forever to get warm bodies on this team that anyone has ever heard of. Instead he’s paying down the debt and Mr.Allen’s doing a bang up job of being competitive with a bunch of no- names. That is the mark of a good coach.

  22. Jon Gruden is welcome back as Head Coach in Tampa Bay anytime! It’s been a disaster ever since the Glazers fired him after consecutive 9-7 seasons. Schiano won’t win 9 games over TWO seasons!

    I think there is a reasonable shot of him landing in Dallas because that current staff is stocked with his former assistants. That’s the kind of team that he could invigorate to huge successes for a couple of years, until he burns them out.

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