Tommy Smith wants Titans to have a “tough, hard-nosed” identity

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When Titans owner Bud Adams died, control of the team shifted to his son-in-law Tommy Smith.

It’s a big change for an organization that Adams built over decades and Smith, who has the titles of president and CEO, gave some sense of what he’s looking for after Sunday’s loss to the Jaguars. Smith said the team has been inconsistent this season and needs to “strap it up and go” with seven games left in the season.

“I want a tough, hard-nosed football team, and that’s what we’re going to get to,” Smith said, via David Climer of the Tennessean. “We’ve got a lot of work to do yet. … We want to build something that wins now and in the future. We want an identity that I think we’ve sort of been lacking.”

It’s hard to hear a decision makers say things about a team having “a lot of work to do” and lacking an identity without wondering what that means for the current head coach. Smith said that coach Mike Munchak’s status will be up for evaluation along with most other members of the organization.

Tight end Delanie Walker gave a Jim Mora-style response to a question about the playoffs after Sunday’s loss and another loss on Thursday to the Colts would leave the Titans at 4-6 with everyone expecting quarterback Jake Locker to miss the rest of the season. That’s not a great recipe for winning now and it might mean someone else gets a chance to win in the future.

8 responses to “Tommy Smith wants Titans to have a “tough, hard-nosed” identity

  1. He should strive to want a winning team. This is just another owner that thinks that toughening up his players is the most important thing to do. You don’t need to be tough to put points on the board. You think Tavon Austin is tough? He had 3 monster plays and he did it without having needing to be tough or hard-nosed. This owner is looking for a style or means to vent his anger, but he’s not ready to play the game from a strategic level, and if you can’t be strategic in football, then you’re just a regular loser.

  2. It’s particularly hard to be a Titans fan living in the city of Charlotte right now. The incredible force the Panthers’ defense has become is exactly what the Titans seemed on track to do during the 3 and 1 start. Yes, Jake Locker was quite impressive before his injuries, but even more defining was the Titans’ punishing, disciplined defense.

    What happened? Seriously, where did it go?

    And our special teams not showing up this year? That’s easy–after an impressive 13-year run, literally up until he was fired for some mysterious reason, special teams coach Alan Lowry left the gaping hole we see.

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