Bucs confirm Mike James is out for season with broken ankle

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The Buccaneers may have to turn to Warrick Dunn or James Wilder at this rate.

Coach Greg Schiano confirmed during his Tuesday press conference that running back Mike James broke his left ankle in Monday night’s victory over the Dolphins and that James would miss the rest of the season as a result. James’ injury comes less than a week after they placed Doug Martin on injured reserve with a shoulder injury.

James ran the ball well over the last two weeks, picking up 158 yards in a Week Nine loss to the Seahawks and then gaining 41 more on five carries before getting hurt against Miami. The 2012 sixth-round pick should have every opportunity to reclaim a backup role to Martin next season.

For the rest of this season, Schiano said that Bobby Rainey and Brian Leonard will handle the running duties. They combined for 102 yards on Monday night and Rainey scored the game-winning touchdown in the fourth quarter.

10 responses to “Bucs confirm Mike James is out for season with broken ankle

  1. thepftpoet says:
    Nov 12, 2013 4:03 PM
    The Packers laugh at your misfortunes

    This is so ironic I don’t even know where to start, other than you had to sign Matt Flynn as a potential legit season saver….

  2. It’s a shame because he looked great since being given carries. Makes you wonder why Schiano insisted on giving Martin 50 carries a game with such a potentially good one-two punch available to him. I know who is happy about this, the next Buc coach. Don’t want Greg to use up all of your players before you take over.

  3. so i guess the sideline reporter who said his return was “questionable” was a little off?

    can we all admit that sideline reporting is useless and only serves to annoy coaches right before half time of college games?

    Q – Coach what do you think you need to improve on in the second half?

    A – We need to get more first downs.

    does ANYONE feel enlightened from that kind of useless banter?

  4. Damn shame, seems he was just getting started. Hopefully it’s a quick heal and he’s back to 100 percent by the start of training camp.

  5. .

    ”it makes you wonder why Schiano…. ”

    Besides running with the football the position requires pro level blitz pickup. Very few rookie RBs have these skills coming into the league. Blitz pickup is even more important when you have a rookie QB.


  6. 6ball,
    Oh, I know as I’ve said the same to Bengal and Cardinal fans who want their rookies to be the primary backs. I was unaware that James was a rookie, so that’s my bad.

    I remember him from Miami but thought this was his second year. Even still, Schiano could have been sprinkling him in like Cincinnati is with Benard and the Cardinals are with Ellington, especially considering how unimaginative the Buc offense is (run the ball on 1st and 2nd down after getting any lead). I don’t recall ever seeing him until Martin got hurt.

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