Darrelle Revis tells “bitter” Jets fans to “let it go”

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Darrelle Revis’ new football team picked up their first win of the season Monday night.

It was Revis’ old team, or rather the fans of his old team, that were the focus in the locker room after the game.

Revis vented to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post over “bitter” New York Jets fans that have constantly sent him threatening messages and harassed him on Twitter.

“You’ve got to have a backbone, because guys are saying, ‘F–k you!’ and ‘I want to kill you!’ It’s crazy, but I’ve been getting death threats from them since my first holdout [in 2010]. It’s just bitter Jets fans,” Revis said.

Revis lashed out last week at a Jets’ fan on Twitter who questioned whether Revis would rather have the $16 million contract he had on a winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers team or the $12 million deal he was under with the 5-4 Jets. Revis said he’d rather have the extra $4 million and didn’t back off of what he said on Twitter Monday night.

Revis said he’s not bitter at the Jets organization, just Jets’ fans that can’t let go of the fact that he no longer plays for the team and wants to blame him for that fact.

“They’re still not over the fact that I’m not there no more, and they give me crap all the time on Twitter,” Revis said. “If they would understand the business of it and understand what happened, then maybe they would know and maybe they would quit trying to point the finger at me. That’s where it is.”

Revis sealed the Buccaneers’ first victory of the season with an interception of Ryan Tannehill with less than two minutes to play. Revis said he doesn’t regret any of the circumstances that led to him playing for Tampa Bay this year.

“No regrets at all,” Revis said “Definitely no regrets. I’m fine. I’m going to make plays regardless of where I play. It doesn’t matter where I play.”

72 responses to “Darrelle Revis tells “bitter” Jets fans to “let it go”

  1. Death threats over a game, eh? Man that makes me miss Thanksgiving with the family back home.

  2. Just New York being New York. It’s not like the jets are winning the bowl anytime soon, so revis would be an idiot not to take the money. Being financially secure for life > slim to none chance at superbowl. Or even a decent chance for that matter. Your rings won’t mean crap if you go bankrupt, ask ray guy.

  3. Okay, ummmm…….so, revis is getting all puffed out chest now, cuz his new team finally scored a W in their 10th game? That pick wasn’t even that special, everybody and their mom knew tannehill had to throw a bomb deep. It was 4th and 28. Man, not only is he not the best CB in the NFL, he’s not even top ten.

  4. I’m a Jets fan and I have no problem with Darrelle leaving.. love Sheldon Richardson and hopefully we get another promising player with an early 3rd round pick this year. Good luck Darrelle, hope you make it to the Hall cause all of us in the New Jersey/New York area know that you deserve it. When you do, we’ll always remember Revis Island as a Jet.

  5. Another great player from Pittsburgh!!!! His uncle Sean Gilbert. TY Law who I think is revis’s god father. All from aliquippa h.s. they churn out great f.b. players.
    Sean lee. Paul pazlusny. Lavar Arrington. Marino. Montana. Johnny U. Joe Namath. Curtis martin. Just to name a few….there are some great ones in that short list I list gave. We’re talking a few of the ALL-TIME GREAT Q’S THE GAMES EVER SEEN. TALKING TOP 5-10 ALLTIME


  6. Hope he enjoys counting his money while he’s sat at home watching the Jets in the playoffs.

    Tampa are seeing that paying quarterback money to a corner doesn’t make a great deal of difference in the W column; just on the balance sheet and the salary cap.

  7. Revis has always been about the money and nothing else, but I do see where he’s coming from. Jet fans need to let it go. He’s clearly telling you that his passion is not playing the game it’s making money. And that’s fine. I can understand that. What I can’t understand is people that are so hung up on a game that they are willing to threaten someone’s life over it. I don’t want guys like that on my team but it’s the nature of the beast. Not everybody is going to be able to have the passion for the game like brian dawkins or ray lewis. Revis views football as a meal ticket. He doesn’t care about winning he cares about his bank account. And I can’t fault him because everyone (myself included) that is glued to their tv on any given sunday is at fault.

  8. Say what you will about the higher salary he’s earning, but how much money did he lose over the long haul due to his short-term greed? Advertisers tend pay a lot more for players in bigger markets whose teams have a chance to, like, win on occasion. A horrible team in a city that doesn’t matter won’t exactly raise too many eyebrows.

  9. if anyone out there says they would take 4million less and play for the jets is either a liar or just plain stupid.jets fans who stalk this guy need a life.losers at life.lol

  10. Football players are no deferent from any other worker they change places of work for a lot of deferent reasons, money being a biggy. Most fans I would guess don’t like their best players moving on and get over it quickly but some think the top players should stay until their skills start to fade and then they can’t wait to see the back of them. Jets fans of this ilk do seem to be particularly nasty but then they are Jets fans.

  11. I agree with Revis. It’s about making bank. The Jets aren’t going to the Super Bowl anytime soon, and a player has to make money before his stock drops due to age and injury.

  12. He makes one play and he talks like he is king of defensive backs again. he has not been bad by any means but with 1 ACL tear in the bag he is closer to being cut than playing that contract out. they signed knowing the back end years can be derailed by injury quite easily. Not to say it is a guarantee but he is fighting long odds. He is a freak though so maybe he can fight it off for a while. i do know this. Exercise without complete, total, and optimal mineral supplementation is suicide.

  13. You’ll always have crazy fans but taking that aside, I don’t think the majority of Jet’s fans are ‘bitter’ or are the ones piling in on Revis.

    Everybody is kind of doing it.

  14. I think the person who needs to get over this is Darrelle. As a Jets fan I am happy he is no longer a Jet- no more threats of a hold out or anything. If anything Jets fans are glad the Mevis train is in Tampa- we are 5-4 and a bright outlook for the season. He and his uncle Sean can no pull their crap on a 1-8 team with a dreary future. His a absence has given us a ton of cap space – so thank you Darrelle for leaving.

  15. I wonder if the Jets would be 5-4 if Mevis was on the team. His talent is indisputable, but you have to consider the “me first” approach to football as having a negative affect on the team. The jets are Damn lucky to have 5 wins this season… and the no circus atmosphere has helped too…

    If Revis wants his 4 million, I’m sure the Jets will take the 6 days a week they don’t have Revis in the locker room.

  16. Revis wants to take fan’s money and not deal with criticism for his decision to turn on them for more money?!?

    Absolutely hate the NY teamsm but…

    Sounds like Revis is the one who needs to grow a backbone or have one put in with the extra four million to play on the Bucs that suck…

  17. You have to respect Revis’ honesty. The man wants to get paid for his services there is nothing wrong with that. Then again we are talking to Jets fans, intelligence doesn’t run deep with them.

  18. Wow is he puffing his chest over that interception it was a poorly thrown ball the equivalency of a punt !

  19. I agree, they’re like a girl that got dumped and just can’t move on. Jets fans, the NFL gave you a victory in week 1, what more do you want? Just go away Jets fans, it’s over.

  20. Well all jet fans bitter. Bitter at not winning a thing in 45 years.

    Bitter that NE owns their division year after year after year.

    Bitter at being one of NFL’s 5 worst franchises..all time.

    Bitter at life….loud too.

  21. haha bitter?! yeah, as a jets fan i’m really bitter about drafting sheldon richardson with the bucs first round pick and getting an early 3rd or 4th round pick in the 2014 draft.

    i’ve thanked revis’ agents on twitter a few times for that trade.

  22. And as a jets fan I don’t regret that trade the jets did not have to spend that much money on one player which would set back their offense because there would be less money to spend. Also since we got a good player with Richardson, I think it worked out for both sides.

  23. It’s 10 thirteen year old kids on their iPads. Revis is the one that should let it go. Jet fans will take Sheldon Richardson harassing quarterbacks and stuffing the run any day of the week. ( note ..see standings)

  24. Lashed out? He said $16 million is better than 12.

    I guess on the plus side, you didn’t say he bullied the fan.

  25. He’s going to really miss the attention he got in New York.

    He’ll never admit it though, that’s for sure.

  26. The NYC circus, the lame coach, the wacko fans …who can blame the guy for not wanting to be there anymore…..

  27. “It doesn’t matter where I play.” That quote sums up MEvi$ perfectly. No loyalty to anyone but himself. That is his prerogative, but I wish he’d stop obsessing over the Jets and their fans. I think it’s been proven now that paying a CB 16 million a year is not conducive to winning. Let it go already…

  28. Revis might have sealed the Bucs win with an interception on a 4th and 28 long pass, but, if instead of padding his INT stats he let the ball drop incomplete the Bucs would have had the ball in the red zone, and an easier job of running out the clock. But, it IS all about me.

  29. You are most likely making the extreme stuff up to make yourself the center of a marketplace you miss & are desperate to keep yourself relevant again.

    Nobody cares that you are not in New York Mevis…
    You’ll be harassed because of ‘the way’ you did business…

    Congrats on the interception of the now Hapless Dolphins.
    About time you did something this season & it so happens to benefit the Jets… Ha Ha

  30. Bitter about what?Last I checked the Jets had a winning record while the Bucs were wallowing in the cellar.

  31. Mevis should relax.. He was beaten for a huge Td tannehill missed the wr.. And his game sealing pic came on a Hail Mary on 4th n 28 or so.. It’s a pic and it counts but it was hardly a great play..

    1-8 you go Mevis!

  32. I’ve been a Jet fan for long enough to actually remember their SB win and as far as Revis leaving goes; what happens on the field and to an extent in the locker room is football, .. the rest is business. The man made a business decision no different than when a team decides that a player needs to be cut. For fans to threaten him is childish and stupid. Not to mention since the Jet season is going fairly well this year so what’s the point?

    If he got what he considers a better deal from the Buc and would rather have have an additional $4 mil than be on a team with a better record, … well I’d rather have him being a part time player else where than chewing up $12-16 mil of cap room for the Jets. And, that’s not being bitter. When he was here Revis was great, .. but he’s not. So, hail and fair well.

  33. sounds to me like Darelle Revis is the bitter one…if I was making 16 million a year I wouldn’t constantly be bringing this situation up, especially after my team just got their first win of the season.

  34. how in the hell do you go through 20 or so years of organized football without understanding the concept of “team”.

  35. If I didn’t want to hear people trash me on Twitter I would shut it down. Is it just me that thinks Twitter is for 15 year old girls?

    Fans sending death threats and stuff like that is far from cool but Revis has such a lack of respect for fans and it was evident in his multiple holdouts. I think next year he gets back to more to form but watching these games he doesn’t look like a top 10 CB to me right now.

  36. I love these wannabe Patriots fans like “mizztressrachael” thinking they know something. Constantly acting like the Pats have this storied history over the Jets. Prior to the Brady era, the Pats winning percentage was .464, while the Jets slightly trailed at .446. Two underwhelming teams bordering at mediocre.

    One HOF-bound QB changed things for a decade. It can disappear that quickly. Enjoy the fall when Tom retires sweetheart.

  37. To make death threats and all this stuff is ridiculous for any reason. This is a game, not life! It’s probably a bunch of infants on their periods or something who are taking their pain out on Revis leaving.

    Am I bitter that he’s gone? Yes, I’ll admit it. I loved him when he was on my Jets. He was my favorite player here. I like what we have now on our defense, save for our pitiful secondary. We could definitely use him. I would have liked to take that 1st Round, 9th pick draft bust Dee Milliner back and used it on Sheldon Richardon (since the 9th pick was ours and the 13th pick was for the Revis trade).

  38. There is a segment of crazies from every fan base in the league and as a big name player you have to be prepared to deal with it. As a Jets fan I was sad to see his skill set (not his attitude)walk out the door, no doubt about that, but after week one and the TB game was in the books I haven’t given him another thought. Out of sight, out of mind. And 1-8 Tampa Bay is very much out of sight.

  39. First off, sadly enough, there are nuts and idiots everywhere. But what surprises me is that Revis actually listens to them, and reacts to them.

    Second, Revis should take the advice he freely gave Richard Sherman. Quit thinking about New York. It makes you look like you miss them.

    Lastly, to be perfectly honest, nobody, other than nuts and no-lifes, really thinks about Revis up here. Not the media, in the middle of a swoon over the Giants 3 game winning streak. Nor Jets fans, that are truly pumped over the Jets exceeding expectations, and the play of rookie Richardson, the player they got for shipping Revis out.

    Darryl, your still one of the top cbs in football, and your getting paid. Let it go, the NY media and the Jets certainly have.

  40. So does following the Jets make you this kind of fan, or is this kind of fan just naturally attracted to the Jets? It’s like the old chicken and the egg quandry.

  41. Revis is a great CB, no doubt. But this is the ugly side of him, the selfishness intangible, that makes you wonder whether its worth it to have him.

    You enjoy that Tampa Bay. I’m sure your next coach and GM will as well.

  42. Dear Jets Fans:

    When it was known the Jets were shopping Revis, we thought he was a selfish slug.

    After it happened we stuck by him with the short-term picture because who the heck ever expected the Jets to win more than 2 games, and there are still 7 games left?


    Jealous of anything New York and/or the Jets

  43. JETS 5-4/BUCS 1-8

    Bite the big one Revis. You’ll be hard pressed to find a real Jets supporter who isn’t glad he is gone. The guy was a cancer and needed to be cut out.

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