Distractions aside, Dolphins were a mess last night

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He could have easily been talking about the surrounding drama.

But Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill was speaking in a football-only sense as well, after his team lost a bizarre 22-19 decision to the previously winless Buccaneers last night.

“It’s tough, but the more and more adversity hits you in the face, the more you have to step up and face it,” Tannehill said, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald. “[But] we can’t keep dropping games.”

It would be easy to blame the whole thing on the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin story, which has engulfed them in the past two weeks.

But that would excuse a lot of bad football, and seems far too convenient an excuse.

The loss was their fifth in their last six games, and came to a team that was 0-8 and finding ways to lose.

The Dolphins allowed long drives, gave up sacks when they couldn’t afford to and a safety, missed a two-point coversion, Tannehill threw a late pick and they ran for a grand total of 2 yards.

“The biggest thing I was disappointed was our lack of a running game,” Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said. “I told the team: ‘There’s a lot of football left to be play. November and December will determine who moves forward.”

Who’s part of the Dolphins moving forward will be as interesting as anything, but after the way they played last night, it’s hard for many of their players to make a convincing case.

24 responses to “Distractions aside, Dolphins were a mess last night

  1. Should have traded for Brandon Albert.

    Now you’re going to spend a 1st or 2nd looking for a rookie LT… or overpaying in free agency when Branden hits the market.

    Real bright saving that 2nd round pick last year for Jamar Taylor… However, I don’t think his 2 tackles all year are helping you win more than Branden would have.

  2. As a Dolphins fan, I can say that I am disgusted by out current team. It’s not that we’re a talentless team, it’s that we’re a completely mismanaged and uncoached team. Run after run to the left, when it was our weak side. Only leaving 5 in to protect Tannehill on the 2 late sacks. Just bad play calling all around. I really hope Ireland goes. He hasn’t done as poor a job as some make it to be but his lack of building a competent(and emotionally stable) offensive line this off-season probably ruined any chances we had. I could see Philbin going, and definitely Sherman. Also, the “late pick” by Tannehill the article mentions was on a 4th and 28 and an excellent play by Darrele Revis, so you can’t really hold that against him.

  3. The Dolphins O-line was terrible without Incognito and Martin. Its really sickening what the media has done to this team.

  4. Ross states that he is appalled at the situation with Incognito. He should also be appall at his team performance! As a fan since I was 8 in 1970, I am sick and tired of how much they suck. Owner sucks, GM has always sucked, and the OC sucks! What other team in NFL history had 2 yards rushing in an entire game? Lucky for Reggie Bush he escaped this circus. The Dolphins make the Tebow thing in NY look mild by comparison.

  5. I’m so disappointed in this team that it is time to get rid of Jeff Ireland. His ability to put a team together that can win more than 7 games is never going to happen. Plus with the mess that is surrounding this team and his past mistakes makes him a liability as a GM. Please Mr. Ross open your eyes.

  6. U DOLPHINS SUCK! Mike Wallace is laughing all the way to the bank with 60 MILLION and 4 TDs this year…,not to mention his terrible production this year and terrible yrds per catch average..lol…and he said TANNEHILL HAS A BETTER ARM THAN ROETHELIBERGER..hahahahahhaha JOKES on Miami for blowing money

  7. What color is the sky in Philbin’s world? A lot of football left to play?! This team is a total disaster from the top to the bottom. The only thing this team is playing for is what order in the draft they will end up. A long time Fins fan here who is COMPLETELY fed up and disgusted with this bunch of underachievers. This season hurts more then that 62-7 playoff loss to Jacksonville and I thought that was as bad as it could get.

  8. “It would be easy to blame the whole thing on the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin story, which has engulfed them in the past two weeks.”

    When your offensive line gives up two sacks when you’re down by 3 with two minutes left, the loss of Incognito-Martin is pretty evident. Even if Miami gets its act together in the locker room, the organization will have to focus in that area.

  9. We saw a guy who needs to ‘toughen up’ get bullied last night – Mike Pouncey. Face it, the Fins aren’t as tough without Jonathan Martin.

  10. The entire offense was seemingly ok with the standard -2 yard run play result last night. Unacceptable!

  11. despite the o line and run blocking, the biggest problem was the d line and run defense. i believe that was the biggest reason they lost that game. prop’s to tannehill and the offense to put them ahead and give them a chance to win despite the run game. can’t allow 2nd and 3rd sting rb’s to gash the d for that many yards and big play.

  12. Anybody else think Revis should have just knocked down or dropped that interception? Situational football…because it was 4th down, he cost the Bucs 30-40 yards of field position…

  13. And this is the team EVERYONE was expecting to knock off the Patriots for the AFC EAST crown? What a joke! 2 Rushing yards? Smh, time to throw in the towel!

  14. jonsilver1947 says: Nov 12, 2013 10:08 AM

    Anybody else think Revis should have just knocked down or dropped that interception? Situational football…because it was 4th down, he cost the Bucs 30-40 yards of field position…

    LOL at you trying to find something to complain about with Revis last night.

    Bucs weren’t going to try to score anyway, so what do those yards matter?


  15. jax9113 says: it’s pathetic, they actually have some pretty good players, but Sherman sucks, his play calling is out there, when the RB is on his game this guy starts calling up passes let the freaking RB go man, smae thing with the passing game, he just needs to go, but as with most everything else in the NFL it all comes down to who is your buddy, not if you’re any good just who knows and who blows! and Sherman blows

  16. Listen Doll Fans….the two sacks at the end of the game came from the right side and middle of the O line. Incognito and Martin couldn’t have done anything about it. McKinney played exceptionally better than Martin in pass protection.

    The dolphins were just outplayed….plain and simple. The Bucs have been dealing with drama. They were missing their “best lineman”…their 2nd WR has been with the team for 4 wks, their top two RBs are both out…etc etc. The Bucs beat them straight up.

  17. To the guy who said the bucs had the snap count figured out, not sure if they did or didn’t….but I could certainly tell when Miami will run or pass……tannehill yells “go go” and it’s a pass play….he yells “go” and they run……might wanna work on their snap calls down there

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