Doug Marrone isn’t asking for patience

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Bills coach Doug Marrone took over a team without a recent history of success this season and has found that there’s no overnight fix to all that needs repair in Buffalo.

The Bills have lost five of their last six games and they turned in one of their worst performances of the season against the Steelers last Sunday. Some coaches might greet such results with discussions about how the team is working hard and making progress that isn’t showing up on the scoreboard, but Marrone has decided to go a different way.

During his meeting with the media on Monday, Marrone said he wanted to be held accountable for the team’s struggles and that he welcomes the pressure that comes with getting the team on a better track. He also said that the fact that it is his first year does nothing to limit his sense of urgency.

“I want to make sure we’re clear, do I have feel like I have time to turn this thing around? Hell no. Hell no,” Marrone said, via the team’s website. “I know I have to turn this thing around now, today in what we do. So let’s make sure we’re all on the same page here. I understand this, it’s my responsibility. You know what? This is what I love. I love it. I want to be in this position.”

A complete turnaround before the end of the season isn’t going to happen, so the Bills will have to grade things differently. Getting back to a place where it feels like they have a plan moving the team in the right direction, somewhere it looked like the Bills were heading early this season, would be enough to make Marrone look like the right guy for the position.

11 responses to “Doug Marrone isn’t asking for patience

  1. Hey Dumb Dumb (Marrone),

    Life would be much easier for you if put the ball in the hands of your best player more often! His Name is C.J. Spiller!

    -Every Spiller fantasy owner and/or Bills fan

  2. I like the job Doug and his staff have done so far, but if you’re going to punt from inside the Pitt 40 down 2 TD’s in the 4th….well, we can get Jauron back to do that….

  3. Marrone IS the right guy for this job.
    He is the best coach for this, and any team right now. He’s a rare kind of guy, as the rest of the NFL will find out in a couple of years.
    This team was a 300 car train wreck, and the quality pieces are starting to come. Now, a big receiver and a play making tight end, and it’s going to straighten out. One more draft…
    What a mess he inherited.

  4. Not to sound however, but just hearing a Buffalo Bills Head Coach say the words “hell no” and show some fire and passion is a step in the right direction for me.

  5. From the looks of their flat performance against Pittsburgh it may be the team had its collective heart ripped out the week before vs KC when they clearly outplayed them and should’ve won. The last 6 weeks of the season will tell a lot about the character and leadership on this Bills team as well as whether EJ Manuel is the QB to build on for the future.

  6. I’ve got no horse in this race but limiting your most talented football player to 8 carries is a solid way to keep on losing.

  7. Absolutely Marrone is the right guy for the job. I mean, anyone who can coach Syracuse to a college football National Championship …
    Never mind.
    Let’s look at the Bills’ most recent effort: They scored 3 meaningful points against the Steelers’ 19th-ranked scoring defense. And they allowed the Steelers’ 28th-scoring offense to score 23 points. They were shellacked by a 2-6 team.
    Doug Marrone is in way over his head.
    The NFL isn’t the Big East.

  8. Bobzilla clearly hasnt watched any other games this year. The bills have been in every game except two this year. They should have beaten the chiefs, browns, patriots, bengals all while having three different starting quarterbacks with a combined 1 NFL start going into the season. To say he’s over his head is just plain retarded.

  9. Bobzilla, stop making comments on issues you dont know anything about.

    Anyone who has watched this team play this year knows that with a solid QB this team would turn losses to Cleveland and KC into wins, and more than likely Cincinnatti and New England games into wins. All of a sudden with a QB theyr 7-3 with wins over some real solid teams.

    They played flat out awful Sunday. So did the Colts. You think Pagano’s in over his head too?

    Pieces are definitely in place for this team. How they makeup for the pieces that are missing and bounce back from some tough losses will define if those pieces can actualy be put to use.

  10. No, I haven’t watched the Bills play any other games this season, and apparently Marrone didn’t watch game film of this season’s Steelers defense.
    The Steelers’ defense is 27th against the run. They are soft up the middle. Yet the Bills tried to run wide the entire game.
    Horrible coaching, which is probably going to cost my horribly-coached team a high draft pick.

  11. @bobzilla you must not know anything about Spiller’s tendencies. I watched more than a few times against Pittsburgh there was a big hole up the middle and CJ decided to bounce out wide. That’s a bad habit of Spiller’s: trying to cut loose and make the big play every single time. More often than not, Spiller dances and gets -1 yards. Fred Jackson, though, fights for those hard yards and gets 4 or 5 yards. Who would you give the ball to more?

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